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With the average income in Belarus significantly lower than countries in Western Europe, luxury shops and stylish boutiques are few and far between in Minsk.

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Nezavisimosti 23

1. GUM

5 reviews
Karla Marxa 21

2. Gurman's Coffee & Tea

1 review
Nezavisimosti Square

3. Stolica

1 review
Oktyabrskaya Square

4. Minsky Vernisazh

0 reviews

But that doesn't mean there's nowhere interesting to leave your rubles - unique handmade crafts can be found in markets and shops across the city, and there are several fashionable stores here that you wouldn't find in western cities. In general, expensive items are priced quite a bit higher here, however, the opposite is also true - simple items from practical clothes to simple accessories are incredibly cheap. And if you're truly on a tight budget, don't forget - window shopping is always free!

Reviews about Shops, Malls, and Markets

I tried many different type of Gurmans tea..I may tell you that this is the best tea in the world..Perfectly delicious and i believe just like a good medical for body.

Gurman's Coffee & Tea

Bought a Luch watch from GUM in late November 2013 during a trip from the United States. Thought I was getting something special. The damn battery died after two months. Two months!! Should have lasted at least two years. I am pissed!! And, of course, since I'm on the other side of the planet now I can't do much about it. On the whole, it was a large, ok store. The coolest thing about it is that the staff wear uniforms.....sort of a throwback.


is there a phone number to call for mugs of minsk?

United States,

An institution!


I was disappointed. Kind of grubby / shabby to be honest. It still has a sort of faded 'Soviet chic' look about it which might appeal to some!

United Kingdom,

The most famous shops in the Eastern Bloc! Check out GUM in Moscow too - the Harrods of the East!

United States,

A real blast from the past! Cool place to fish around for quirky souvenirs.