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Reviews about Post Offices in Lviv

Post code is a 5-digit code that helps to speed up the sorting and delivery of items. All Ukrposhta offices and all settlements of Ukraine have a post code.

Central Post Office

if you see that your parcel will go through Lviv, don't send your parcel. People are stealing from parcels there. my relatives just received parcel and a few items, pricey ones, are missing.

Central Post Office

I need may parcel back it's been in LVIV post office sense February 7 and no update information on it supposed to send back to US please give me information when I'm going to receive it my tracking number is : CH010459649US

United States,
Central Post Office

It definitely helps to have a Ukrainian friend here for any complicated mailings, but it's easy enough to get stamps to mail a postcard.

Central Post Office

hello, i send a percel to my friend in ukkriane and iwas told by the duetsch post that it arrive since last year december,but he has not gotten the percel till now.i am not happy about the situation, pls control and get back to me RECEIVERS NAME;;PETER MADU SENDERS NAME;; AYANDEJI KAMORU DHL TRACKING NUMBER cl405401085de

Central Post Office