Cathedrals in Lviv

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Katedralna Square
Virmenska 7
St. Yura Square 5

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It is very much of interest to me because my fathers family were from very near Lviv known as Lwow when was Poland before the 2nd world war. My father being Armenian. I was about to book a trip to go the place where my father and family once lived but war was announced. There is a very rich history of Armenians and Jews who lived along side each other and Poland was kind to those who came to live in their country. People today do not know the history and lands far away and life as it once was all taken away from those who were land owners and wealthy Jewish people. War is never a good thing and is only evil. To walk in the places where my family once lived would of been something memorable for me as I know the terrible things that happened there at the hands of the Russians and Germans

Armenian Catholic Cathedral

Yes, I would like to have some information about the Roman Catholics for connection, to make some friends passively, I am hoping to come and visit in Lviv, Ukraine some day. Thank you and God bless, David G. Michaelson from Alaska, USA,

United States,
Roman Catholic Cathedral

Church buffs will enjoy this one.

United Kingdom,
Armenian Catholic Cathedral

Orhnyal e Asztvadz!

Armenian Catholic Cathedral