Bombaj Tandoori

Bombaj Tandoori
ul. Szeroka 7-8

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Editor's review

A taste of India in the heart of Poland! Visitors on the look-out for an excellent curry to end off the evening need look no further than Bombaj, a cosy joint in the Old Town offering all the Indian favourites. Indian cuisine has not been particularly well-known in Poland, but is rapidly gaining in popularity, with restaurants like Bombaj pioneering this trend. The menu will be familiar to curry-lovers, and there is an excellent range of Polish draught beers on tap to round things off, as well bottles of the classic Indian Kingfisher brew. A very reasonably priced lunch menu will please backpackers, and air-conditioning ensures that only the spices will make you overheat!

Editor & Krakow Local


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A couple of us ordered food to be delivered to our office, and it was a total disappointment. They charged each of us what would buy a full meal elsewhere for just a small container with a few bits of chicken meat, with no rice, not to mention a shred of salad to go with it, and delivered it an hour later than expected. No more rip-offs at this place for me, that's for sure.

Reply Dec 19th, 2017
United States

polecam ! bardzo dobra kuchnia

Reply Jan 31st, 2013
United States

Worst restaurant in Krakow.Not at all authentic indian.I never seen indian food like this in any other country.Service is so slow when not many people around.So called Naan is like Thin Crust PIZZA...Never tried Crispy Naan in my life.

Reply Aug 3rd, 2012
Michael Sobol

I lived a couple of streets from this place. I went there at least 3 times and waited 5 to 10 minutes without being attended. Seeing the review, it seems not to be worth it...

Reply Apr 9th, 2012

This place is terrible, mostly beause of the staff. If you are unlucky, you may be very disappointed by the service you get for your money. The food is tasty, but it's not worth it. Trust me.

Reply Jul 12th, 2011

This place is really a catastrof. It is dirty inside and the food is really bad. I never in my life recieved sutch a bad meal in an Indian restaurant.

Reply May 8th, 2011
United States

The food seems to be heavy on tomato. This isn't the worst thing in the world but also is not super authentic. In the end, I ordered chicken samosa and some sort of chicken masala bhuna gosht (A Paki-Indian dish). I was rather satisfied. I ordered spicy and got exactly that. My mate ordered a lamb vindaloo and his was even hotter. I also had a mango lassi which was pretty good. Overall, I am rather pleased to have two decent Indian places to go to in Kraków.

Reply Feb 25th, 2011

Food was bad. Beer was sour.

Reply Jan 1st, 2011

Not good at all. It was the first place we went to after being back from India, and we wanted something that will vaguely remain us of Indian food. Being realistic about Asian Cuisine in PL I didn't expect Mumbai style dishes, but what we got was a most sad food on a planet. Not fresh, tasting like it came out of packet. The taste had nothing to do with curry or dhal or nan bread, but the most disappointing thing was that it was just not fresh and bland. Sad interior too and it just seems like no one cares about this place:(. It desperately needs some love and hmm, maybe, I should have gone for lassi.

Reply Nov 28th, 2010

Lassi was good, but food wasn't good.

Reply Nov 23rd, 2010
United Kingdom

Eat here last night. We were asked if we wanted light, medium or hot. We selected medium and it was tasteless. When i complained i was told that we could have put some chilli powder in. The manager also said that he cooks for lots of Indian people . I doubt this. The waitress was very busy and never came to check if we liked the meal. This was the first disappointing meal in Krakow and we were so looking forward to a curry. I note that some people liked the food so thats a relief but perhaps we like better standards in YORKSHIRE.

Reply Aug 26th, 2010

What a tasty food. But taste was much like a polish food.

Reply Sep 30th, 2009
Gerry Gaviola
United States

A jewel of India in a trendy Jewish quarter neighborhood. Pleased with the entrees which have a slightly different taste from typical Indian food. The nan was not the usual soft texture but on the hard side. The waitress provided good service with a smile and spoke English pretty well.

Reply Sep 10th, 2009
Afaba Boomboom

Curry not hot i like boom boom hot i go bradford u get boom boom there

Reply Jun 17th, 2009

This isn't Indian food at all. I went to this restaurant, I can bet they do not have Indian chefs. Only thing Indian is the names of dishes on the menu card (well British Indian with Vindaloo not being a Goan curry but a chilli rating!). The Naans are a saving grace but even the simplest things like Raita are a big let down.

I see some positive reviews, and as long as someone likes the food it is great. But this is not Indian food by any measure.

Reply May 12th, 2009
United Kingdom

I ate here twice in the last two days - and have to say it was great both times. They give you really decent portions of delicious rice and the curries themselves are good. An even berr thing - finally a place where you can get a nice cold Cobra beer!

Reply Nov 27th, 2008
adnan terrortaj
United Kingdom

curry not as gud as my packi food

Reply Nov 27th, 2008
Clive Morrison
United Kingdom

Really impressed. Was worried that a Polish curry house would not give me a hot curry.Asked for a vindaloo anf yo make it hot and believe me it was hot. Nose and eyes were streaming a bit. Good stuff. Service good. Lost a point for the naan bread which was a bit too hard and crispy. Recommended nonetheless

Reply Jun 27th, 2008
United Kingdom

Unexpected pleasure finding this place whilst wandering round the Jewish quarter in a large group of Brits on a Stag weekend. We had the impression we swamped the place and it seemed to take forever to get our meals. They were worth waiting for, however. Not as hot as us Brits are used to, but the food was just as tasty and spices used well. Good value for money and I would certainly visit again.

Reply Jan 25th, 2008
United States

My friends and I a traveling, we had a very average meal at Bombaj. This place definitly fell short of our expectations. Especially the nan bread. It was not the typical style, we also ordered some that was supposed to be stuffed with potatoes and it was not, and just not very good at all.

Reply Jul 24th, 2007
m winspear
United Kingdom

after reading such good reviews about the bombaj, i was really dissapointed!we waited 1o minutes for a menu,then ordered wine, which after 20 minutes it still hadnt arrived or had anyone taken our order. i dont know if this was a one off, but i will not be going there again.

Reply May 19th, 2007
United Kingdom

Just back from visiting Cracow for the second time to discover the Bombaj Tandoori is now closed down and boarded up! hope it's just a temporary thing, but unfortunately i don't think so. Luckily we found the Indy restaurant half way up slawkowska, which was just as fantastic and well worth a try.

Reply Sep 12th, 2006
ani wilde
United Kingdom

not bad for europe i am big curry lover menu bit limited only small choice but had chicken madras spicy and tasty and fried rice lovely could do with bit more choice on menu other wise no bad

Reply Mar 24th, 2006
Jamie Wilson
United Kingdom

I dont want to seem over the top but I was litrally blown away by this place. I was tralleving europe for the whole summer and really found it difficult to get a decent curry anywhere. Being from Glasgow curry is (surely) our adopted national dish, and I'm spoilt for choice at home. The curry at the Bombaj Tandoori though was terrific, I went 2 seperate nights during my time in Krakow and both times were first class. The vegetarian selection was more than adequate, and you get to pick how spicy you want your curry. I got the hottest and it gave me a waterfall of sweat on my back as well as floods of tears down my face (this is a good thing). I would highly recommend this restauant to anyone, in particular to the Brits who can handle a hot hot curry. The price though, unbelievable, comparable to other restaurants in Krakow but in comparison to back home absolutely ridiculous. You get your whole meal and drink for the price of just your curry dish back home. Which leaves you plenty of money to tip the first class waitress. If you want to blow your face of with spices then go here believe me. If you don't then just get a mild curry, but still go here. I've not been to every curry place in Poland but I will happily say that the Bombaj Tandoori make the best and hottest curry in Poland.

Reply Oct 26th, 2005
Stephen Phillips

Noticed the poor remarks about other curry houses. I know and I agree - this is the best place in Cracow without a doubt if you're looking for a curry. Overall the standard in Poland is nothing like you'd get maybe in other countries in western Europe, but this place at least makes a good pitch. The chef is Indian and the food is fresh and tasty. Beer tastes damn good too!

Reply May 13th, 2005

This restaurant is the best, because Magda works here !! :)

Reply Jul 28th, 2004
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