Restaurant Monarchia

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Restaurant Monarchia
ul. Jozefa 6

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Editor's review

A hundred years ago, almost every house in Cracow owned a little portrait of the Emperor Franz Jozef. You can still find a few today. This restaurant explores the gastronomic world of 'MittelEuropa' as crystallized in the years of the Habsburg Empire. Dominika Maklowicz-Nikli�ska aims to bring back the delights of that era, producing fresh and modern takes on the classic dishes of the times. Find the restaurant in Kazimierz on the atmospheric ul. Jozefa, itself named after the Emperor Joseph II, who visited the district in the late eighteenth century.

Editor & Krakow Local


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This is my favourite restaurant that I always visit in Krakow! You cannot miss this place! First of all it is a place where you can find a real Krakow s life with the real relaxing atmosphere! You will see the real Kazimierz environment.. Second of all, the service is fast and even the management is always there to help you! ;-) It is a good place for eat, but you can also just have a break and for example read or study, if you are student. As far I know there is a good place for a businness people that want to find some space in their life... The most important thing is the FOOD that IS REALLY DELICIOUS!!!! You can taste the real Central Europe cuisine! Not only the polish food! You have to taste the rabbit and the veal cutlet! Its delicious! I will never forget these meals!;-) And you will not spend a lot of money! Its an excellent restaurant where you can forget yourself! Really! ;-) And the chocolate and walnut torte was the better dessert I have ever eaten in my life!! You can always phone and book from your country to be sure to have a place. I dont believe the opinions saying there is no good service in this restaurant. My polish friends knew this place very well and told me I can be sure of this service, that s why I can truly recommend it! I visited the first time because of a recommendation from one of my polish friends in Ireland, but I came back the next time with my folks. All because of the excellent atmosphere, food and quality of the service! =============================

Thank you, guys, you are doing great job there! Greetings from Ireland!



Reply Jan 15th, 2007
United States

Very nice place! I had a perfect dinner with my polish friends, perfect food and service.

Reply Jan 3rd, 2007

I am seconding Dan below - can't say about the food but we went to this place last week, it was completely empty, the waiter saw us but did not greet us, instead he waited for us to sit down at one of the tables before he came over to tell us that they were "fully booked" for the night. Not a good first impression.

Reply Oct 11th, 2006

This was a colossal disappointment. I'd read positive reviews both on this website and in the "In Your Pocket" guide, and so took my visiting friend to try "Kazimerz's newest gem."

Gem?! This piece of charcoal has yet to even start its diamondization process. The fun started when the waiter failed to bring us menus for 10-15 minutes. It continued when he told us he didn't know what many of the things on the menu were (in English and in Polish). (Finally we asked him if he could ask someone else, and he did so, reluctantly.) Almost every time we wanted anything -- to order, for example, or to look at the wine menu, or to ask for some salt -- we had to get up and walk over to the kitchen to ask. One would think that after the first time we'd done this, a manager or chef might have instructed his/her waiter to start, um, waiting on us -- but no such luck. (And to be clear, it's *not* that big a restaurant -- there are six or seven tables in the entire place -- so there's no excuse for such lackluster service.)

It got worse. We accidentally got served mushrooms (the waiter had told us, when we asked, that "rydze" were like pierogi [note: I speak fluent Polish, though I only know the words for about four of the Polish mushrooms -- rydze, unfortunately, not being among them. So we asked what they were, and were told that they were a type of Silesian pierogi. The waiter, of course, was thinking of pysy....) The mushrooms were a) decidedly un-pierogi-like, and b) indifferently prepared in an oily cream sauce, or a creamy oil sauce. We also tried the cucumber chlodnik, which while edible was uninspired, and then moved on to our main courses of rabbit (dry and flavorless, served on a bed of lukewarm fried potatoes) and pork loin (served with apricots, it tasted as though it had been reheated).

Our service could not have been worse, and there was not a single high point in the four dishes we ordered. This restaurant may eventually get its act together (it has a nice interior, although it's totally unventilated, and so felt like a sauna on this particular August night), but for now I would advise other restaurant-goers to steer clear of this one.

Reply Aug 2nd, 2006
United Kingdom

very good indeed !

Reply May 22nd, 2006
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