Chlopskie Jadlo

Chlopskie Jadlo
ul. św. Jana 3

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Editor's review

Chlopskie Jadlo (Peasant kitchen) is one of the most well-known destinations in Cracow, popular with visitors and locals alike. The food is well-cooked, simple and delicious, and the portions suitably hearty to match the authentic peasant decor. Favourites for us are the golabki and the fried potatoes with garlic sauce that are utterly delicious, but will have you gulping litres of water (or something stronger) for the rest of the night. A big hit for the children is the hunk of bread complete with intimidating knife that arrives unbidden on your table. A must visit, but you should reserve one of their long bench tables or cosy sleighs in advance if you plan to eat at the weekend.

Editor & Krakow Local


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United Kingdom

food is really good. we went twice. (but steak needs to be ordered well done if you like it medium).

our second visit was not so good as we had to wait 1 hour for our meal to arrive.

very dissapointed at this and the manageress did not seem bothered. but great food., shame about the wait.

Reply Aug 23rd, 2012
Debbie Shaw
United Kingdom

Fantastic traditional Polish food and great value for money. So good we went twice in one weekend.

Reply Feb 27th, 2012
United States

Good food, although the waiter grossly overcharged for ordering a side of mushrooms (not listed on menu). 30 zlotys (about 10 USD) for a small skillet is not a fair price, especially that he did not mention the price during ordering.

Reply Jul 18th, 2011
United States


Reply May 7th, 2011
United Kingdom


Reply May 7th, 2011
United States

Unfortunately, restaurants and food quality can change quicker than the skin color of a chameleon.

A couple of years ago, I truly thought it was a unique dining experience, and in fact, I just recommended it to friends.

I just hope they have not let their guard down. I love this restaurant. It is the epitome of what is so great about Krakow.

If there is a problem, please please, please fix it!

Reply Apr 12th, 2011
Yo mama!
United States

Terrible. Absolutely terrible. Food poisoning, whole family sick for days. Water was filthy, foor was worse. Ugh!

Reply Nov 11th, 2010
United Kingdom

Been there twice with family and each time one of our number got food poisoning. This was during the summer time so I'm guessing it was an issue of how they keep the meat cool. Honestly you're better with Macdonalds (and even that's pretty diabolical).

Reply Sep 28th, 2010
Jean-Pierre Abrahams
United Kingdom

Those who want fine dining and five star service should go elsewhere, but those who want a taste of traditional peasant grub, this is the place to go.

The meals are generously portioned and the variety is great. A bit pricey for locals, but clearly aimed at the tourist market, I found the price comparitively cheap, at about £10 for a two course meal and a drink, not incluing the all-you-can-eat salad bar and free apple pie (apparently served only on Sundays)

The service was not the greatest I've ever had, but was friendly and polite, and spoke english far better than my Polish.

To those who claim this is Polish Mcdonalds I say simply - I wish I went to your mcdonalds, becuase my happy meals are nowhere near as good as this wholesome and fullfilling meal.

Reply Jul 14th, 2009
Nina Chambry

horrible poor food...a shame to represent polish traditional food.

Was a very very nice amazing place last year, but the manager changes and there is no respect of the customer.

(4,5 zl a glass of water with a slice of lemon or slice of apple = polish traditional drink according to them !!!!!!)

Reply Jun 1st, 2009
United States

horrible horrible food.. Polish version of mac donalds.

Reply Feb 28th, 2009
Andie Mercer
United Kingdom

Great meal, atmosphere very good. Had blini to start and was the best I have ever tasted. Veal wasnt too great though, very peppery and tough but everything else good

Reply Feb 28th, 2009
Paul Forsyth
United Kingdom

We ate here twice in four days, once for dinner and once for a late afternoon meal before our flight. The food and drink is excellent with generous portions and very reasonably priced. Dont miss it.

Reply Feb 19th, 2008

When I'm abroad, it's my prerogative to eat local food. Here I ate and drank divinely. Excellent prices, great food. Recommended!

Reply Jan 26th, 2008
Brian Halliday
United Kingdom

I thought the food here was fantastic! I really enjoyed the gulas with potato pancakes, my girlfriend devoured the cabbage rolls (with minced pork/rice, smothered in a spicy tomato sauce), a friend highly recommended the Bigos casserole and another mate loved the bacon roulade! Somehow we had room for a pudding - the yummiest pancakes with apple and ice cream! Mmmmmm!

4 beers and 4 fruit juice (compote)'s later the bill came to about £18 for the 4 of us! Outstanding value for money!

We will definiely eat here next time we visit Krakow (ul. Jana)

Reply Nov 26th, 2007
Matt Lang
United Kingdom

Had two fantastic meals tehre this week. Fabulous food, especially the soups. Recommended.

Reply Sep 20th, 2007
angie gurr
United Kingdom

had two fantastic meals in this lovely restaurant and loved the rustic charms of the cellar.the staff were very friendly.we will certainly be visiting chlopskie jadlo again.

Reply Jul 11th, 2007

I notice that all the negative comments come from the UK. Enough said. We ate at this restaurant 2 weeks ago and loved it. Highly recommended.

Reply May 10th, 2007
Jeff Niemski

I can't see what all the negativity is about. On a recent holiday in Poland we ate there twice. The staff were great and even though they were extremely busy. I found the selection of food to be really tasty. And so what that you have to pay extra if you want potatoes etc. where don't you pay extra for an additional item?

The selection of food was great which made our selection difficult, so the result, they made a platter for us with a selection of meats, pierogi, cheese, potatoes, bread. FANTASTIC! Maybe I couldn't tell what was on my plate either, but seriously, I'm travelling the world and I don't most of the dishes around.....who cares. It tasted great and the portions were more than generous. You may pay a little more than elsewhere and maybe that's what's ticked a lot of the people off, but it was well worth it. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to experience traditional Polish food.

Reply Mar 30th, 2007
Barry Stephen Gallagher
United Kingdom

Not very impressed with this place, dreary atmosphere and dull tasteless food, much better places to eat in krakow if you explore.

Reply Mar 9th, 2007

A few weeks ago, we spent 10 days at Krakow. During this time, we had the most wonderful food - with one exception: Chlopskie Jadlo. Not only was it twice as expensive as the other restaurants, but also couldn't we define what we had on our plates. The taste was really miserable, as well as the whole appearance. After a bite we paided and had a wonderful hot aplle cake somewhere else.

My conclusion: Only go there, if you have a addiction to non-tasting food.

Reply Dec 11th, 2006
Keith Jennings
United Kingdom

I agree MICHAEL, wholeheartedly. Never had so much salt on my food - probably has a trowel-full of monosodiumglutamate thrown in for good measure. I used to visit this place quite frequently, but found I had such a terrible thirst afterwards that I gave up on it. There are LOTS of better places to eat traditional Polish fare.

Reply Dec 5th, 2006
United Kingdom

Do they have shares in the Wieliczka salt mine? Whilst all the food we had looked appetising, it was horrifically oversalted. I would think that if you ate there for a week, you would die of kidney failure and hypertension. The four of us had a much better lunch in Kazimierz for a fifth of the price!

(The review is on Chlopskie Jadlo off Grodzka - The deathly figure at the entrance door says it all - BEWARE!)

Reply Dec 4th, 2006
United Kingdom

Chlopskie Jadlo What can I say service is quick, Staff could smile a bit more. The food is nice but they do charge you for everything if you want potatoes with your kotlet they charge you extra same for if you want Veg. But thing that made me laugh was it cost 18 zloty for my wife's meal not to bad.... but it cost me 14 zloty for 2 waters I can get 4 zapikanka for that. All in all the food was good and on a sunday you get free cake not that we had any because we were still full from the zapikanka we had in kazimierz at lunch time. Vist the zapikanka stall its much better and the price of water is better

Reply Nov 24th, 2006
United Kingdom

Been Here a number of times found the staff to be fine and the food always plentiful, typically meaty menu but also good for the vegetarians too (which i am) the help yourself salad is brilliant the smoked sheeps cheese with redcurrant jam is great and the pierogi with cabbage and mushrooms are great, the one near the main square has a labyrinth of rooms and is a stunning place, gets full though and the other branch the food was not as good, but overall great polish food and dont forget to try the hot beer with rasberry juice.

Reply Nov 10th, 2006
Jan Zielinski
United Kingdom

Grossly overpriced for the quality, indifferent service & food, shan't return.

Good bread & dripping which arrived unbidden (and was then charged for.....)

'Nuff said.

Reply Oct 29th, 2006
Kristina Merolli

Not bad. It's true the service can be bad. I've been each time I've visited krakow and the first visit it was great, second visit so so and third visit not so great. Each of the meals I ordered were good but not the best Polish food you can get in the Old Town.

Reply Jul 2nd, 2006
Kasha and Mathew
United Kingdom

This place has gone down hill in the last few years.The prices have rocketed! The quality of the food hasn't. If you're looking for good polish food, there are much better places. Unfortunately, Chlopskie Jadlo has become a tourist trap!

Reply May 29th, 2006

Very nice place. Awful service, the worst behaviored waiters I've ever met. Greasy food. I wouldn't recommend it, there are a lot of better places in Krakow

Reply Apr 19th, 2006
Federated States Of Micronesia

My opinion it is over prised for poland. You should only go once, after the first time the novelty wares off. We have polish friends that will not go there because it realy is "Chlopskie Jadlo" or transleted into english "Peasents Grub" priced as iff it were something amazing.

Reply Dec 1st, 2005
Federated States Of Micronesia

My opinion it is over prised for poland. You should only go once, after the first time the novelty wares off. We have polish friends that will not go there because it realy is "Chlopskie Jadlo" or transleted into english "Peasents Grub" priced as iff it were something amazing.

Reply Dec 1st, 2005
United Kingdom

Having read the reviews on this site, I phoned from England and BOOKED a table to ensure a seat on my first night in Krakow. The food and service were excellent. So good infact that we returned a few days later. This time the service was poor, the food was cold and infact not even cooked properly. Perhaps it all comes down to the staff, but I wouldnt go back again.

Reply Oct 9th, 2005
dilip cherian

To be able to stumble on to a place that is a pure delight is perhaps one of the great joys of unguided travel. This is the perfect jewel of a restaurant with the right level of a casual ambience combined with superb local pace and tastes. The soups are particularly recommended and so is the baked cheese. It is rare, in a place like Krakow to want to eat in the same place thrice over three days. But that's exactly what happened.

Reply Jul 21st, 2005
United Kingdom

had to book for this one .well worth the next nights wait.fantastic food .large portions and very good prices!bread and dripping well what can i say.just like the old days.

Reply Jul 5th, 2005
United Kingdom

BOOK YOUR TABLE!! This place gets very busy in the evening. We managed to get the last table on the second night of trying. But well worth the wait! Massive portions of true Polish food... just like my mum makes at home! Try the bread and lard... it's an experience not to be missed.

Reply Apr 19th, 2005
Valerie and Stephen Wilson
United Kingdom

We did a walking tour of Krakow through Stay Poland which was wonderful and our guide recommended this restaurant. We went on a Friday evening and were very lucky to get the last free table as we didn't book in advance (would definitely recommend booking). The food and the service was fantastic and we'd recommend it to everyone.

Reply Apr 11th, 2005
United Kingdom

Good fun and great hearty food. Perfect for stockpiling the body against the wintry elements that await outside.

Don't be put off by the look of the "Dripping", slap it on the bread, sprinkle it with salt, superb !

Krakow has a great choice of restaurants, but "Chlopskie Jadlo" is definitely one that should not be missed.

Reply Mar 8th, 2005
United Kingdom

Fantastic, great atmosphere, the food was something else. Do not be frightened to try the lard starters I enjoyed it (missus wouldn't try it).

Hot beer Mmmmmmmmmm!

Back for the Wales game in September !

Reply Feb 24th, 2005
Claudia Nelson-Chojnacka
South Africa

SUBLIME. It was my (newly wed) husband's first experience with Smalec... Chlopkie Jadlo and Krakow you'll see us soon again !!!!!

Reply Feb 11th, 2005
United Kingdom

What a place!! We were in Krakow a few weeks ago & found the Borscht a lovely treat!!!

If u r going, its so worth a visit , :)

Reply Feb 2nd, 2005
Rod Lipscombe
United Kingdom

This is a fun place to eat. It's just so different. Well worth a visit, just for the experience - and good wholesome food too. The bread is excellent. It would probably be even more fun if you went in a group.

Reply Nov 1st, 2004
United Kingdom

I recommend you book a table if you want to eat here.The food is a superb.If you want to try traditional polish food this is the place to go.The menu is the same thickness as a novel with so much to choose from.I had a meal with a Polish friend with drinks and the bill came to 15GBP.You really cant go wrong.

Reply Oct 13th, 2004
Loma-ääliöt 2004

You cannot believe that hangover we had after drinking the day before in Krakow. When walking around the town we just had to get something to drink and eat aswell. Just by accident we stepped in to this rstaurant that nearly changed our lives. Because of my hangover my liver was screaming so, that people in restaurant thought there was a fire alarm. But as I eat those Boars Ribs I became totally a new man. I have newer eaten such master piece of gourmet art. I defenetely have to come back to Krakow just because of this restaurant. The Boars Ribs are the only thing I can remember of that day.

Reply Aug 12th, 2004
Carla Tomaszewski
United States

We were overjoyed that Chlopskie Jadlo was located just 3 doors down from Nathan's Villa Hostel, not far from Wawel hill, where our family of 4 was staying. Twice we walked in without reservations and were able to be seated. As you walked through the door, it was like stepping into another world - sitting down for a meal at your grandma's village cottage, complete with bed linens draped over chairs and religious icons and carvings on the wall.

We feasted on fantastically prepared lamb cutlets, mushroom soup, barszcz with small meat-filled dumplings, luscious salmon in creamy wine sauce, pickled herring in onions and apples and trout covered in an interesting walnut sauce. We sat in a peasant cottage, eating like kings! The service was very attentive but not rushed. My only disappointment was that I could not get Golabki.

After our meal we wandered over to the corner of one of the cozy dining rooms which was set up as a mini store from which you could buy rustic breads, smoked sausages and meats, jarred pickles,mushrooms and jams and jellies. Yes, just like grandma's, you can take food home with you for that picnic the next day in the park!

Thank you Chlopksie Jadlo for a memorable Polish dining experience.

Reply Jul 30th, 2004


Reply Jan 5th, 2004
Alex S.
United Kingdom

We had some good creamed mushrooms here. And the Russian white sausages, were tasty. The complimentary lard with crackling is a love it or hate it dish. But you are not expected to eat the whole mug so never fear.

Reply Oct 11th, 2003

This is a great place to get a good taste of polish food in a great setting. strongly recommend it!!

Reply Sep 3rd, 2003
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