Przypiecek Pierogi 24 h

Przypiecek Pierogi 24 h
ul. Sławkowska 32

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Editor's review

If you have yet to be introduced to the venerable world of pierogi (a special type of Polish dumpling) then you have a rite of passage in store. Pierogi to the Pole is what pasta is to the Italian - that homeliest of homely dishes, and Poles will wax lyrical about the merits and subtleties of the various fillings (both sweet and savoury), that contribute to the galaxy of pierogi. This little bar is certainly one of the best places in town to get acquainted with the dish. Here you'll find everything from the classic cabbage and mushroom dumpling to black pudding, cottage cheese or plum. This veritable paradise for pierogi lovers is open around the clock!

Editor & Krakow Local


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Polecam serdecznie :) świetne pierogi ale nie tylko, menu jest obszerne i każdy coś dla siebie imho znajdzie, miła obsługa, dobre ceny, warto się wybrać i spróbować.

Reply Jun 7th, 2014

super jedzenie, wybór naprawdę duży, miła obsługa, warto się wybrać i porządnie zjeść!

Reply May 2nd, 2014
United Kingdom

good points

- very cheap

- great choice of food

- cosy atmosphere

- fantastic pierogi! especially spinach (ze szpinakiem)

bad points

- slightly unfriendly staff (didn't ruin my meal though!)

- plastic cutlery and plates

if i want pierogi when i'm in krakow, this is where i go, every time!

Reply Jan 2nd, 2012
Luisa& Eli from Barcelona

Yep, good pierogis, bad service. Worth a try...

Reply Oct 16th, 2011
Kasia C.

You can't beat the pierogis there. Simply the best in town. I wish I could say the same about the service:(

Good option for a quick take away and now they're open over night too.

Reply Jan 2nd, 2011
Sam Troughton
United Kingdom

A trusty spot, and about the only 24 hour spot in town! Wish there was one of these in my part of town...

Reply Feb 26th, 2010
United Kingdom

If you do not like to eat with plastic cutlery, the restaurant next door will oblige you with real ( if you ask nicely), as they are both own by the same firm.

Reply Jun 22nd, 2009
Andrew Gadomski
United States

Nice little spot this. The meat pierogi (z miesem) are my fave. Catch an outside table if the suns shinin.

Reply May 27th, 2009
David Brighouse
United Kingdom

Have to say the pierogi here bought an actual tear to my eye! The memories came flooding back of visiting my polish grandparents house as a child and being served pierogi till I thought my belly would burst. You won't find a more authentic pierogi anywhere and they are delicious!

Reply Mar 31st, 2009
Elaine J
United States

With a group of friends, had a late lunch after the carriage ride. Pierogi like mamma used to make, but more variety. Ordered several kinds and didn't leave any behind!

Reply May 28th, 2008
Andrew Hankiewicz
United States

Always a good'un for a quick lunch. You have to try pierogi at least once if you're coming to Poland.

Reply Mar 12th, 2008
Italy preferisco spalanga

Reply Aug 31st, 2006
Mr. Riga

It was the 1st time 4 me to taste such a wonderful delight!Maybe it was also better than...our italian spaghetti!

Reply Aug 31st, 2006

very gud! nice atmosphere, good people in this paradise of pierogi! don't miss it!

Reply Aug 31st, 2006
Federated States Of Micronesia

People are saying that the plastic cutlery etc sucks well try taking it away and eating it in the middle of the square so you don’t have to look at the crappy interior.

Reply Dec 1st, 2005

Had some ruskie pierogi from there yesterday and was pretty underwhelmed. Too much shell, not enough stuffing, boring seasoning.

Reply Oct 16th, 2005
Dian Crane
United States

Fabulous! The pierogi are excellent and they taste like grandma is in the kitchen making them. A comfortable, home-like restuarant. Very nice. This was my first meal in Krakow along with many others at Pierogarnia. It just can't be beat for the best pierogi at the best price. A delightful experience!

Reply Oct 15th, 2005

We have eaten here for our first evening in Krakow. It's very very good and tasty, for that little money. Really an recommended place!

Reply Jul 29th, 2005
United Kingdom

Pierogi were very tasty. Shame everything was served on plastic plates with plastic cutlery. Didn't really add to the lovely interior.

Reply Apr 19th, 2005
United States

Very tasty and inexpensive food! We ordered zurek and several varieties of pierogi and all were delicious. The one negative was the vast amount of styrofoam products used.

Reply Mar 17th, 2005
United Kingdom

This place in my opinion is the best for value for money. You can go home with a full stomach only spending about 6zl!! Best bargain in town too....

Reply Dec 18th, 2004

Perfect place for a quick lunch. I recommend 'z miesem'. Delicious!

Reply Nov 18th, 2004

A much appreciated place where you can eat the typical "pierogi". The only problem is that this place is REALLY SMALL so you normally have to wait if you want to sit down but, believe me, it's worth the wait!!

Reply Nov 3rd, 2004
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