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ul. Szczepanska 4

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Editor's review

A splendid fin-de-siecle building provides the home to this American styled restaurant. Here you'll find tasty portions of tucker for very reasonable prices, as well as a gaggle of smiling waitresses who are rather 'easy on the eye' as the expression goes. Contented looking fellows are often seen emerging from Rooster's doors after a hearty business lunch. Clearly they enjoyed their 'Farmer burger', washed down, no doubt, by a jar or two of Polish ale. Rooster has also proved something of a trusty place to kick off stag nights, the reasons for which we can't quite fathom.

Editor & Krakow Local


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I have eaten at Rooster in Krakow 7 or 8 times and at Rooster in Zacopane as well. The food in both restaurants was excellent, with a reasonably comprehensive menu. The scantily clad waitresses were not only stunning, but friendly and helpful as well. This is a business concept which works extremely well, perhaps not the place to take your lady for a romantic meal, but plenty of women dining in the restaurant seemed totally un- phased by the 'sex on a plate'nature of the restaurant! Already looking forward to my next visit!!

Reply Oct 2nd, 2013
United States

Cant believe the last 3 posts. This is a very clean place with excellent food and great service. I have been in this place loads and i have not had a rude waitress yet. And the food has always been amazing. And it is not too expensive.

Reply Mar 3rd, 2013

I oredered a polish speciality called "golonko". It was awful, it' s a big piece of pork, tastes awfull and I almost through up when I bite a piece of frozen meat... minimum quality of food, rude waitresses but pretty.

Reply Jan 19th, 2012
United States

Me no likey:(

Reply Nov 25th, 2011

Terrible place ! When i was in Cracow a few weeks ago i was trying to find place where I could eat something other than a kebab after 10pm . So I arrived at this nasty and dirty place, most of the customers were drunk . But the worst thing was the food, the waitress served food so disgusting, I couldn't eat it, so I left Rooster and i will never come back.

Reply Nov 25th, 2011
United Kingdom

We had Salmon dish and spag bol and it was nice. Really packed which I think is a good sign that they sell good food.Service was good and was very good value for money... Would dine there again and the view while you are waiting for the food is quite enjoyable...

Reply Oct 22nd, 2011
United Kingdom

This place is great. The roosters burger is lovely and the soups are tasty too. The staff are friendly and the big screen was even on for footy. All in all a good night.

Reply Aug 30th, 2011
Brian Law
United Kingdom

Visited this restaurant on the 5th March 2011. The food was inexpensive, good and well presented. The staff were efficent, friendly and well turned out. Would recommend a visit

Reply Mar 6th, 2011
United Kingdom

You seem to have forgotten that it was you who started with the insults aimed at British and Americans. "Heat things up", violent as well by the sounds of it.

Reply Apr 12th, 2010

That didn't make any sense. If you're trying to heat things up though, I'm still here:) But I suggest you stick to something you're good at, instead of pathetic attempts at insulting and/or trying to act adult. A rewiew, maybe, which this site is for:)

Reply Apr 11th, 2010
United Kingdom

Re Sebastion, what are you going on about man, have you not got better things to complain about, very very sad man, as for a litre of beer they only sell half litres you fool, trying to big yourself up over beer, what a pathetic excuse you are.

Reply Apr 9th, 2010

First of all I have to say it's funny with the americans and some british here who rate it bad. Why? Because they ordered a burger they didn't like. A BURGER. On a restaurant. A CHICKEN oriented restaurant. I had to laugh out loud^^ If you want a real burger, go to a STEAK house, or put out the bbq yourself! :D You don't go to a restaurant just to buy junk food! Jesus..

About the food: I ordered the Rooster platter and it was HUGE. I ate it all. Alongside a litre (yes that's about the size of those mugs) of beer and a tasty vodka shot. Yes I am fit. It was one og my best meals all time! Maybe I was lucky? Or maybe I was not stupid enough to order junk food at a restaurant, but rather one of their specialties.

The service was good. I never got to feel I was waiting for the food to arrive, and I was very(!) hungry. Maybe one of the reasons I ate it all.(trust me those portions are enormous). The service didn't have to be good though. Not as long as the staff continue to have the equipment and facade for that outfit...

PS: drunk brits: Being the best drinkers in the world(in foreign countries) doesn't make you more charming.. Just a tip based on experience;)

Reply Apr 8th, 2010

Some guide recomended the burger here. I don't! It tasted like it was pre-cooked and re-heated in microwave. Sauces was not freshly made in restaurant.

Reply Mar 24th, 2009
United Kingdom

rossters was great very friendly and the best food in krakow but the night life was awful and most of the people rude

Reply Jan 26th, 2009

Krakow was my home for 18 months and Rooster was my dinner place at least two times per week, the food is nice, the are good but the waitresses are wonderul specially Evelyn,Ana (she speaks very good spanish),Magda; best regards from Monterrey, Mexico

Reply Dec 22nd, 2008
United States

An obvious knockoff from the famed Hooters restaurant chains in the US. The ladies were very nice looking and thin, which is true for a good portion of Poland. The food was problematic but most people go to this place to check out hot girls in hotpants, not to eat quality food. The English menu states something like, "Service is NOT included in the price".

Reply Nov 7th, 2008
United Kingdom

Fit! Jaw dropping! I couldn't eat!

I was sick several times from my eye!

Reply Apr 23rd, 2008
United Kingdom

Amazing night out there! Top waitress Caroline! good food great beer!

Reply Apr 23rd, 2008
Ciara Rudshop
United Kingdom

Dear Polski friends. I am delighted that you have taken it upon yourselves to track down this magnificant restaurant/hooker bar - fun for all the family. I recommend all the cabbage dishes - especially if you don't like cabbage.

Reply Apr 17th, 2008

The food is good and the prices too.

Reply Apr 1st, 2008
Neil Geller
United Kingdom

Agree with the previous poster - the food really needs improving. Friendly service, pretty girls etc etc and they can't really cock up the beer but the chicken and burgers are pretty tasteless and dry.

Reply Mar 26th, 2008
United Kingdom

Food was nice, service was good, I liked it...

Reply Feb 25th, 2008
United Kingdom

Food was pretty good and reasonably priced. Beer was cheap and the waitresses werent wearing much,

Reply Feb 25th, 2008
Masta P
United Kingdom

Food was good, big portions. Women were good looking but not very friendly. Beer was cheap.

Reply Nov 3rd, 2007
Fran Byrne & Tom Jones

Ah Jasus!!!! Best place in the world!!

Dont Bring women with you as you will not need them. Ah Jasus!!!!

Reply Oct 19th, 2007

la décoration est dediée aux states avec la vieille moto perchée au dessus de bar on peut la voir sur le site internet avec la webcam pour vous donner une idée.

la nourriture est basique et pas donnée mais on s'en fout car le plus important c'est les serveuses , c'est une tuerie !

j'y ai failli perdre un oeil et mon sang froid p: qu'elles sont belles !

j'étais avec ma mère ce jour là , sinon je ne serai pas retenu de les brancher toutes . les mecs faut pas manquer ça!

je note les serveuses pas la nourriture !ok

Reply Jul 21st, 2007
United Kingdom

Sat down and read the menu in Polish, checked out the prices which were very reasonable, then the waitress came along and give us menu's in English. Everything had gone up in price! Being charged extra just because you are British didn't make me feel good so i left!!

Reply May 29th, 2007
United Kingdom


Reply Apr 10th, 2007
United Kingdom

Amazing!! Beautiful waitresses wearing next to nothing. the food is not top notch but good for the money. we visited twice just to make sure it wasn't the beer making us see things.

Reply Mar 20th, 2007

Best food we ate in Poland! Both in Krakow and in Zakopane! Highly recommendable!

Reply Mar 5th, 2007

This Place is very crappy I would never sugest it to anyone in the world!!!!!!!!!

Reply Feb 12th, 2007
United States

Does anyone have any Idea on when Polish people eat Breadfast lunch and Dinner

Reply Feb 12th, 2007
United Kingdom

The food was fantastic! The "views" even better."

Reply Jan 23rd, 2007

yagshemash very good, we disco dance and have sexy time!!!!! in my country girls like this very expensive but here, free!!!!!!

Reply Dec 15th, 2006
Drew peacock
United Kingdom

well what can i say, the girls are awsome great bodies the lot, i nearly fell off my chairs when i the came over woth their short tops on and cheeky little hot pants. the food was also good but it wouldnt have mattered if it werent due to the fact that the girls were incredible. top notch.

Reply Dec 15th, 2006
Neil Tooley
United Kingdom

The waitresses were nice (my wife told me to put my eyes back in and one point!), but quite frankly the farmer burger I ordered tasted more of 'farmer' than 'burger'. But at those prices I was not expecting the Hard Rock Cafe.

Reply Nov 28th, 2006
United Kingdom

My wife and like it because of the food, The fast service and you can have a meal two for about 83 zloty (not bad). After a visit to Rooster we're all ways stuffed. The only bad thing is the girls have to put up with comments from stupid english guys. However zapiekanka rocks you can get in kazimierz best in the world and its less than 4 zloty. I love you Domi

Reply Nov 24th, 2006

Sorry to disagree with all the hype but, average food, served by average looking waitresses.

Reply Jul 29th, 2006

Wow! This is maybe the greatest place in Krakow to eat :-)Nice, not too expensive food and the :-). For those girls: WE COME BACK TOMORROW :D. I would give it 6/5 but that rating doesn't excist...

Reply Jul 28th, 2006
United Kingdom

Very accommodating of stag parties, excellent food, cheap beer and beautiful, friendly staff. A note to all stags... the ladies look much better in the hotpants than any one of you! ;-)

Reply Jul 4th, 2006
Cafer Zorkun

The service is nice, quick and friendly. The food was good and tasteful enough.

Reply Jun 17th, 2006
Joel Reyes
United States

INTERESTING PLACE... THe food was good. The garden on the roof-top is awesome during the summer. The service is great (quick and friendly). Not recommendable if you're going with a first date ;o) I would definitely go back there.

Reply May 26th, 2006

Very good restaurant... i had dinner twice their and it was Superb! Very good service as well :)

Reply Apr 30th, 2006
ani wilde
United Kingdom

great food very quick service friendly and of course my husband loved the waitresses in there little red hotpants try to go when you in town

Reply Mar 24th, 2006
United Kingdom

The only place in Poland that i have found that does ribs (very good). But it's speciality is chicken oh and the waitress' of course. If you are scared of polish cuisine this is the place to hang out, specially in the summer with the roof terrace.

Reply Dec 1st, 2005
United States

Had a cheeseburger here, was a bit like spicy kebab meat pressed into a patty, had a rubbery feel to it. Tasted good in the way kebab-flavored chewing gum would taste good. The fries are thin-sliced, mickey D style, but tasted like they'd been sitting for a bit. The waitresses are overly tan but not overly friendly, which makes it halfway as annoying as its cousin in the States, Hooters. There are American license plates on the wall, roadhouse feel. If you must go, don't ogle, and get chicken instead of beef.

Reply Nov 26th, 2005
Charles Dimple
United Kingdom

I'm lovin this place. I wish to have breakfast, lunch and dinner here 7 days a week. A big thank you to all the staff for making it a night to remember. Keep up the good work...see you all in the morning..

Reply Nov 26th, 2005

it is a nice place for eat and drik someting. it was very good.

Reply Oct 9th, 2005

A very strange place for eat... perhaps the food is good, perhaps it's a nice restaurant, perhaps it isn't very nice... I don't know what I think of this; this...thing.

Reply Sep 4th, 2005

nice place with good and huge food but its impossible to concentrate on what you are eating :) especially if you are french

Reply Sep 1st, 2005

The steak was fantastic! The "views" even better.

Reply Jul 22nd, 2005

In my search for a good burger in Krakow, I visited Roosters with a couple of friends. Unfortunately, a good burger I did not find. Otherwise, the rest of the food was pretty good, the service ok. Be sure to check out the rooftop patio on warm days.

Reply Jun 25th, 2005

They have,probably, the best salads in the whole Cracow.I highly recommend "grilled chicken salad". The dishes are HUGE!( Maybe because it is American-like place).

For those who like to eat in Sphinx I suggest to change the place for Rooster.U won't regret!:)

Reply Jun 15th, 2005
Berto Moraves

Very tasty - and the food was nice also!

Reply Mar 29th, 2005

I've been there several time during my trips to Krakow, andI think it's an excellent place! The food is great, better than many other places, and (of course) the service is almost perfect (and....nice to see). There is also a summer terrace on the higher floor, what else can you desire?

Reply Nov 3rd, 2004
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