CK Browar

CK Browar
+48 12 429 25 05
CK Browar
ul. Podwale 6-7

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Editor's review

This lively restaurant-cum-pub is something of a landmark in its own right in this part of town. Proudly bearing the Habsburg seal, CK Browar (The Royal Emperor's Brewery) doffs its hat to the grand days of the moustachioed Franz Josef. Besides the smart and cheerful decor, CK does indeed have its own brewery, and here you can put the world to rights over a flagon or five of cool Polish ales. A suitably Austrian restaurant is on hand should you be feeling peckish, whilst the bar's T.V may save the day if there's a key match on the box.

Editor & Krakow Local


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Loved the Place & specially the Ambience....Best place to go with friends, @ night on a cold winter day :) High chances of missing this place as its not very attractive from outside but you will be surprised when you enter that small leads to a tunnel of awsomeness :)

Reply Jan 12th, 2016
ray molyneux
United Kingdom

great bar always drink here in Krakow prompt service the pipes of beer are great.the food is very good large portions.and prices are great.nice décor and always feels friendly.

Reply Nov 12th, 2015

Awesome place to visit...I love honey beer served over there. \m/

Reply Jul 7th, 2015
United Kingdom

Don't be put off by the scruffy outside. Inside is OK and great for a bunch of mates wanting to watch a match.

Reply Aug 20th, 2013
United Kingdom

Always come here with my mates when we visit Krakow, as it is the only place to get proper freshly brewed beer. Good for watching sports too...

Reply Jul 5th, 2013
Czech Republic

I recommend this place for everyone. The best beer in Cracow!

Reply Sep 18th, 2012
gabriel power

Very good place nice crowd no hassle; great beer @ good food, staff sound. got free desert after dinner one night @ a free cocktail another complaints

Reply Feb 26th, 2012
Mark Boyle
United Kingdom

definitely recommend this place and a 'pipe' of beer is a must. If you want to eat here I recommend booking ahead as it does get busy.

Reply Oct 4th, 2010
New Zealand

Try the wheat beer in a tube. Enough for all your mates!

Reply Jun 13th, 2010
Louise Roberts
United Kingdom

We had a delicious couple of pints in here after walking around all morning. Their variety of fresh brewed beers was great, I loved the ginger beer and my boyfriend loved the dark ale! Good prices, plenty of room, clean toilets, enjoyable drinking in the afternoon!

Reply Mar 18th, 2010
Naz Flora
United Kingdom

Superb find - the tube of beer is fun if you have a big group - otherwise stick to the pints. Food is good but if you have steak, ask for it well done otherwise itll be a very red inside. They even do a minispit roast thing! One barmaid though was the only downside - she just didnt want to be there, or she had a bad day, or doesnt like stag groups

Reply Feb 11th, 2010

Nice pub atmosphere, and really good beer.

I recommend the wheat one (and of course 3.3 or 5 liters tubes)

Reply Nov 25th, 2009
United Kingdom

Found this pub by accident. Great atmosphere, decent beer, excellent food and good service. Recommended

Reply Oct 20th, 2009
United Kingdom

They stiffed us on New Years Eve. 350zl each was supposed to include 1 bottle per person (500ml of wine or 300ml of vodka)however after 5(tiny, defintely not 500ml) bottles for 10 people we were told we'd had our lot. Conversations with 3 different people including the manager which resulted in about 9 different explanations finally ended with us getting some of what we were owed. The accusations against us of lying, and the limited food or the promised unlimited soft drinks left a bad taste in the mouth.

We were the only table of foreigners there(English, Aussie, Korean and one Pole)and we were the only people getting conned. Not unexpected as apparently this has become the norm in central Krakow if you're a group of foreigners, as my Polish wife has informed me.

Reply Jan 5th, 2009

a unique place for krakow with great beer... unfortunately the service is one of the worst in the city and the music is loud, annoying, and totally inappropriate! so sad as this place could really be a gem.

Reply Oct 16th, 2008
United Kingdom

Great potential but could be much better. Good things: 1. They brew their own beer, inlcuding a dark beer and wheat beer. 2. Interior is cool - downstairs in brick cellar type rooms, an arch i think. Beer vats visible behind bar. 3. Although we didn't eat here, food looks great. Bad things 1. The music was awful - totally inappropriate cheesy pop music blasting out. Was so annoying we had to leave! So inappropriate for a stylish pub with decent clientel. 2. Beer is decent but you get better in UK and elsewhere. 3. Fairly central so would expect you will get big groups of English at night.

Reply Oct 9th, 2008
United Kingdom

Really enjoyed my evening here didn't go for one of the tubes, bit of a gimmick & like my beer fresh from the tap. Good atmosphere mostly people in their 30's. I drank the light beer which was slightly cloudy to the eye but actually very nice. Service was swift from the table waitresses, but unfortunately once again not service with a smile & that was the same for every customer not just me!!!! Even the 35 Zlotny tip didn't crack the ice maidens face! This was actually my favorite bar i've reviewed on here, there was a few which were better but i stumbled upon them later when alcohol had taken effect. Great time in krakow, managed to dodge a few stag parties which was a bonus.

Reply Oct 1st, 2008

You should be aware of the "selling practice" of the drinks!

Once in the while you should choose the "real man" option (3.3 or 5.0 Liter option)! It will not make a hero out of you but it will save you save some money, as G-Man told you before...

Otherwise I can recommend the Club!

Reply Sep 9th, 2008

The pub is OK.

If you want to drink a lot, you should consider to order the 3.3 or 5 Liter "Option"...otherwise they let you pay the "REGULAR" price for for 3.3/5.0Liter! It' not THAT much more but it sucks!!!

I was able to drink he 3.3L Option without having any problems ;-)

Be aware - you have to pay your debt in local currency!

I did not test the food but it was looking very tasteful.

Reply Sep 9th, 2008

Fantastic pub.Food/drink and staff can't be pub I was in last weekend.

Reply Sep 8th, 2008
United Kingdom

Grat pub to start and end any night, beer fantastic and as it's just off the main square really cheap. Worked out about £1 a pint!!! Really friendly staff and locals. Also just down the road from the fan zone will was great to catch all the Euro 2008 action.

Reply Jun 26th, 2008
United States

bel pub con ottima birra!

Reply Feb 25th, 2008
United Kingdom

If you only have one beer in Poland you'd be a fool, but make sure it's a Dunkel from C K Browar.

Reply Feb 18th, 2008
United Kingdom

It used to be a great place but not any more. The standart and quality are not the same as few years ago. Some changes deffinitly have to be done because I used to really enjoy bear there!

Reply Oct 17th, 2007
gill h
United Kingdom

not to be missed on a visit to krakow.

Reply Jun 17th, 2007
Charlie Barrett
United Kingdom

I went to Krakow on a errr ahem school trip :) and we trailed the city one night looking for a place. We found it! This place or PUB as it says over the door was brilliant! The 5 litre tubes of beer were novelty and the beer was great! We had a bit too much but yes Id recomend this place straight away to people of any age, the pub caters for anyone while the club is great for younger people! Awesome!!

Reply Jun 5th, 2007
United States

their hefeweizen (wheat beer) is the best outside of belgium! i definitely recommend ck browar if you want a little more variety than just tyskie vs. zywiec.

Reply May 9th, 2007
Barry Stephen Gallagher
United Kingdom

this place is fantastic, found it purely by accident, try the tall beers,

Reply Mar 9th, 2007
United Kingdom

spedzilam tam 2 sylwestry z rzedu ze znajomumi pierwszy byl super drugi troche mnie rozczarowal nie bylo fajerwerkow hejnalu jak rok temu mniej jedzenia i wyzsza cena. Chyba kierownictwo sie zmienilo na gorsze. Za rok nie wracam tam

Reply Jan 4th, 2007
United Kingdom

Lovely friendly staff, good beer. Inexpensive and very good food-better than 'Alef's'! I particularly found the ginger beer nice-not like the ginger beer in England I might add! My favourite 'reliable' eating and drinking place in Krakow, always with a good atmosphere whatever the time of day or weather!

Reply Aug 29th, 2006

fine place with special not filtered beer in Cracow, but only early, because music is to loud. toilet it's not free!

Reply May 21st, 2006
ani wilde
United Kingdom

went here several times the beer excellant bar staff brilliant spoke good english ver helpfull stayed till 5 in morning with barstaff left very drunk but had great time

Reply Mar 24th, 2006
United States

The place is a work of art. Food is inexpensive and quite good. The beer however is lousy, I could not understand how anyone can give it a passing grade.

Reply Mar 19th, 2006
andy p
United Kingdom

nice beer, a little more commercial than some of the better places we went. i find it funny though that an american is commenting on the quality of beer though - miller anyone?

Reply Mar 15th, 2006
United Kingdom

Always a regular watering hole for me when in Kracow. The food is wonderful and Cheap and the company is great.

Reply Jan 10th, 2006
United States

The place is a work of art! The food is good and inexpensive. The beer is horrible. Otherwise recommended.

Reply Dec 28th, 2005
rod reese
United States

we visited on dec 26, 2005.

the dunkel beer which is why i went was not available. the light beer was good, but i was not overwhelmed. (i am a homebrewer etc....)

the food however was better than expected. the mushroom soup in a bread bowl was excellent and the greek salad was also good. the generous amounts of creamy feta was very nice. greek olives rather than spanish would have improved it. it was not overdressed as is often the case. they brought oil and vinegar to the table. they could use a better quality oil and olive at that.

for any beer enthusiast it is a must.

Reply Dec 27th, 2005
Elwyn Williams
United Kingdom

A Cracow must. Great atmosphere, even at 6pm on a Monday night in December. Home brewed (ginger) beer really good. Good friendly service.

Reply Dec 7th, 2005
United Kingdom

Great beer (try the Imbirowe) food and atmosphere

Reply May 16th, 2005
United Kingdom

Michal !!! I have huge 'kac' !!

Wisla rule !!

Reply Feb 6th, 2005
Ricky P

One of the few places where you can watch live sport on a BIG screen. Also try Rooster's and the Irish Arms (best for football and rugby, but on a small screen). Beer here is, well, the best. Can get a bit crazy late at night at the weekends!

Reply Jan 28th, 2005
Kev Banting
United Kingdom

This is a great place ! It's always my first stop when in Krakow. Great beer , pretty barmaids . I love it !!

Reply Jan 25th, 2005
Nathan Worsley
United States

The only thing better than a cold pint of beer is a cold meter of beer! Very sweet.

Reply Nov 22nd, 2004
Angela & Grahame
United Kingdom

Lively atmosphere and very friendly service. The beer served here is absolutely delicious - well worth a visit or two!!

Reply Oct 9th, 2004
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