U Babci Maliny

U Babci Maliny
ul. Sławkowska 17

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Editor's review

You could write a book about the charms of this place. There's the ambassadorial entrance through Slawkowska 17, the jaunt downstairs into the cavernous cellars, the twee peasanty style decor, the charming babcia who might launch into a bedtime story at any moment, the large fish tank that recalls Mr.Largo of James Bond fame, the vast soldierly portions - the list goes on.... Try the tasty Placki po Wegiersku, or the epic Zurek w Chlebie. Did I mention the wild boar? That is the actual wild boar, fur, tusks and all, who maintains a highly dignified presense over by the fireplace. Classic Cracow.

Editor & Krakow Local


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United Kingdom

We were on a city break in March 2016 and the local tour guide told us about Raspberry Grandmother. Full of character and brilliant local food with the bonus of being dirt cheap, 4 adult meals with drinks 122 zloty!!!

Reply Apr 1st, 2016
United Kingdom

Grandma Raspberry's is the place to head in Krakow whenever the rumblings in your stomach are hitting the high end of the Richter scale. Epic portions of Polski classics like zurek and pierogi are complemented by ye olde dishes like beefsteak with hunter's sauce and wild boar ragout. They're all delicious and the temptation to carry on eating long after you're full will doubtless precipitate a visit to the chemist's afterwards. The restaurant itself is decked out in rural kitsch style and the shared benches are particularly cool, if even you're sharing them with a bunch of fidgeters. A fish tank in the middle keeps kids blissfully mesmerised and quiet.

Reply Dec 27th, 2013

Strasznie !! Zamowilam jajka sadzone z ziemniakami i szpinakiem, dostalam spalone jajkopodobne placki na frytach i obrzydliwy niejadalny szpinak, bura zawiesina z cukru i maki, obrzydliwe i nie tanie, polecam szczerze rest we francuskim, 100 m dalej, serwowane do stolu swieze potrawy, schowalam sie do babci bo w piwnicy a ja biegalam w krotkich spodenlach i nie chcialam robic obviachu i Gesslera...blad !

Reply Oct 8th, 2013
Segun Adeoye

I was at the Babci Maliny restaurant in July this year, courtesy of my friend Anna Korzec. It's not doubt a wonderful place to enjoy traditional Polish meal, in a most traditional setting. Check more for my take at- http://bit.ly/eYrGA7

Reply Dec 9th, 2010
Jerry Lawrence
United Kingdom

At the time of our visit the premises was closed for refurbishment so we frequented the second restaurant at Ul. Szpitalna 38. The traditional Polish dishes were generous, superb and cheap. Three of us could eat for under 50PLN. The menu is subtitled in English. If you eat on the ground or first floors you will be called to the counter to collect your food and sit on benches at large picnic style tables. Eat downstairs and the setting is much more formal with servers and in the evening, live piano. You will pay more! That the place gets very busy at peak times comes as no surprise. Highly recommended.

Reply Sep 24th, 2009
United Kingdom

Tricky to find. The building is a formal looking place ie university building. Walk through the building until you see glass automatic doors on left which lead to a courtyard. The sign for the restaurant should be there and it is located downstairs. Very unexpected. Excellent!

Reply Aug 3rd, 2009
Dave in Poland
United States

That thing with the change is a very Polish thing. Having a pocketful of coins is essential if you don't want to "upset" girls behind the cashier... Babcia Malina great though. Must go back!

Reply Jun 3rd, 2009
Mart & Sar
United Kingdom

Hmmm... True, it's quite dark to read the (English) menu or to see what you're eating. Glad we beat the lunchtime rush. Got the 'hint' (not very subtle) that they REALLY hate tourists paying in large notes. I thought it was reasonable to pay with a 50 for a 48Zt meal, but there you go... Food good but salty. Huge portions! Worth going for the experience & decor.

Reply May 20th, 2009
United Kingdom

Simply brilliant!!! Very Hearty portions very well priced, we went twice!! Polish Pork Chops - Lovely. Beefsteak lovely! Fried Dummplings - Superb. Mushroom soup served in a cob of bread - lovely! Great Decor, brilliant atmosphere. GO GO GO!!

Reply Oct 11th, 2008

excellent resturant,food service and decor all good!!

Reply Jul 3rd, 2008
United Kingdom

I always visit this place when I'm in Krakow. It's very different to other places, but you get very good food at very good price.

Reply Feb 16th, 2008
United Kingdom

The atmosphere was quite a bit more subdued than what I expected from the crazy website. The placed was packed with somewhat sombre university students enjoying delicious looking plates of home cooked food. We had stopped in for a quick snack and tried the 'baked' perogis recommended by another reviewer on this board. They were actually a very stodgy deep friend bread dish, more like small pastys than perogis. The flavour was o.k. but we found them too heavy and greasy for our tastes. I didn't enjoy the beet we had ordered dish either. I would go definitely go back again but just order regular perogis instead. Be sure to order sauce with them or you'll just get a plate of lonely dumplings. The egg garlic sauce I had at a Polakowski was to die for as was all their food. Polakowski's prices are similar and the atmosphere very different.

Reply Nov 7th, 2007
United States

Babcia malina is hard to find... good food but there is a old women at the entrance who looks like Babcia Malina who is a grumpy old bat... she needs to learn some manners... other wise very dark inside hard to read menu and very confusing with orders, you do not get served, selfservice restuarant... good old fashion polish food... enjoy..just watch out for the old bat she will yell at you ....

Reply Jul 31st, 2007

Bêd±c u Was z przyjació³mi, na ul Szpitalnej by³am ¶wiadkiem chamstwa jakiego jeszcze nie s³ysza³am w stosunku do kobiet. Pewien kucharz rzuca³ takimi wyzwiskami do barmanki ¿e s³uchaæ siê tego nie da³o. Wprawdzie robi³ to na zapleczu, ale wszyscy to s³yszeli, moi przyjaciele i ja byli¶my zaskoczeni takim zachowaniem i dali¶my sobie spokój z jedzeniem, pewnie ju¿ nigdy tam nie dotrê, skoro tak traktuj± siê pracownicy, to co robi± z klientami.

Reply Apr 13th, 2007
charlotte ashley-roberts
United Kingdom

I forgot to pick up an english menu and so we guessed! the pierogi were recommended to us by one of our tour guides as the best in Krakow. They cost around £1.50 and the portion was so huge it filled two of us all day! Definately worth tring to find this place!

Reply Apr 4th, 2007
United Kingdom

Don't be put off trying to find this place. You will feel like you're walking through an office building, but when u go down thos stairs and open the door..... How cute! The place is wonderful. It's decorated as if you're in a wooden house and the food is great too. If you dont read polish remeber to pick up the little leaflet outside, it has an english menu on it (which we found afetr we'd eaten....!)

Reply Feb 21st, 2007
United Kingdom

This place was worth the search! Very, very inexpensive for very tasty food - huge variety and enormous portions. We all had different meals which were ALL yummy. Very 'different' place - basic but in a nice way. Recommended - especially the baked pierogi with mushrooms and cabbage. English menu supplied upon request.

Reply Dec 10th, 2006
United Kingdom

Delightful place with OVERWHELMING choice of food. Everything we tried was a feast for the eyes, tastebuds & stomach. The interior is great- especially for those folks with children. Our three year old ADORED it & kept asking to go to 'Grandma's'. The service was lightening fast, patient & friendly (unlike their other venture on ul. Szpitalna- with surly, grumpy staff).

Food was delicious, well cooked, HUGE and cheap as chips (but a million times tastier). Pierogi was YUMM, as was the stew in bread. We will definately visit here everytime we are Krakow way. You'll spot us sitting watchin the fishtank with an amazed little boy!!

Reply Nov 28th, 2006
Richard, Lou and Jennie
United Kingdom

As said before, a little hard to find but go through the courtyard and down some steps. They do have an English menu if you ask. You order at the bar and pay, then your number comes up and you collect your food. Huge portions, cheap prices and no alcohol. Decor is definitely 'Little Red Riding Hood/Grandma's House',which adds to the atmoshpere. Certainly worth trying at least once for the experience.

Reply Nov 26th, 2006
Robert Szczesniak
United States

I agree with all the previous posts. Hard to find, but worth it. Homey, delicious, inexpensive, great experience. Linger time depends on what time you are there. We were there later in the evening with a large group and had plenty of time to linger. Definitely ask for an English menu - it exists though in limited supply.

Reply Nov 22nd, 2006

did somebody bother asking for a menu in english? because there is one!!!!!

it is true that it's quite difficult to find but what a discovery! decoration is very cute, food is absolutely fantastic, servings are massive and so so cheap! order compot to drink, you,ll love it!!

i highly recommend this restaurant


Reply Nov 20th, 2006
Jan Zielinski
United Kingdom

Absolutely fantastic, well worth the trouble to find. Welcoming and warming, but geared towards a good understanding of Polish Language. No menu translations so hang back from the queue a little and allow time to decipher the menu & make your choices. Very atmospheric but not a place to linger & savour it- we felt we should vacate our table fairly quickly after finishing to allow incoming diners somewhere to sit.

Reply Oct 29th, 2006

Good place if you wanna taste some polish food with some kind of "polish atmosphere", the price are good but it's something like self-services, not good for people tired from the trip around the city :) ... but you have to try it... so....

Reply Oct 11th, 2006
Anna Newman
United Kingdom

Its such a wierd little place! Wanted to eat here after reading other reviews on this website, it was really hard to find. Don't go looking for it at 9pm as we did - its shut! Its open until 8pm and serves no alcohol, but for a really cheap meal, massive portions, and "grandmas house" decor its worth the trouble. You need to go through the big building located 15-17, through the courtyard and down the stairs! good luck!

Reply Aug 30th, 2006
Julie Beaman
United Kingdom

Quite difficult to find - not somewhere you will stumble across unless you are actively looking for it. Once inside, you will be amazed - twee is not the word. However, our children loved the surroundings. Ordering from the menu can take some time, especially if you don't speak any Polish as the staff we encountered did not speak any English. When the food arrived, we were very satisfied with our choices, large portions, very tasty and I can recommend the 'soup in bread' which actually comes served inside a carved out loaf of bread - delicious! Worth the struggle with the language and menu. Excellent value - meal for 4 with drinks £10.

Reply Aug 18th, 2006
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