Prestige Night Club

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Prestige Night Club
ul. Zwierzyniecka 50

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Editor's review

Prestige prides itself on its pleasant and professional service, its congenial atmosphere as well as its perfectly equipped bar. The club is delighted to help organize closed parties, especially those for young bachelors. Guests will no doubt be delighted to hear that Prestige is safe and discreet, whilst in summer, bon vivants are invited onto the terrace, which has a sweeping view over the city. Scantily clad ladies were also spotted in the club's whereabouts, often engaged in dancing of an exotic nature.

Editor & Krakow Local


not shown

Lovely place and awsome music! DJ Nad Jee fire up the place with lovely tunes :)

Reply May 29th, 2013

The Best.

Isa, Love you =P

Reply Oct 5th, 2012
United Kingdom

This club was the worst i've been to. I've been there for almost 2 hours and only saw five dances, one of the two girls should really think about getting retired (almost 45). Litteraly paid for nothing.

Reply Sep 17th, 2012

I was there in the summer of 2009 and it was a great place. Reasonable prices, sweet young girls and good lapdances for 100 szloty. I'm coming BACK! :D

Reply Nov 11th, 2011
United States

great women and cheap.

Reply Nov 10th, 2011
Ant H
United Kingdom

This is the first time I've ever been to a strip club and not felt ripped off! Really professional service, the club looks great with views both inside and out.

The stunning Joanna gave a great dance and had a top laugh at the same time! No better club to visit in krakow!

Reply Oct 25th, 2011

Nice club, a little tricky to find at first but(mostly cause the taxi driver didn't speak English)when inside we loved it - sexy girls and good music. Pleasant start of a wonderful night in Kraków!

Love from Sweden

Reply Mar 15th, 2011

best strip club in Krakow, dancers are first class!!

Reply Oct 19th, 2010
United Kingdom

All of the strip clubs are a con in Krakow & the brothels are no good as well. You will pay big money for very little. Be careful as well.

Reply Oct 5th, 2010
United States

i love this place pity ewa ania and ola are gone but many a good hard on giving in this place

Reply May 29th, 2010
United Kingdom

Dan, Australia, that's why thousands of the women are here in the UK - our men are easier for them to get to. Break a jaw? in your dreams, finnoccio, as the italisn would have it. Anyway, your unwarranted and somewhat bovinely neanderthal attitude is a bit rich coming from knuckle-scraping convict stock.

Reply Mar 19th, 2010
United States

thought about going,now never after hearing many stories about the crooks and cheaters and women with horrible attitudes. Keep it.

Reply Jan 17th, 2010
United Kingdom

Re Dan/Jan, one word, CONVICT.

Reply Dec 17th, 2009
United States

Polish people are some of the most street smart society there is. You Poms come here and get ripped off at every corner and we love you for it. However if you step out of line (feeling up our girls without consent etc) we will gladly break your jaw.

Reply Dec 17th, 2009

Hey all you Poms stay in your chav country we don't want you in here. All you do is cause trouble and run amuck. Even our girls think you're ugly and think you suck.

Reply Dec 17th, 2009


Reply Sep 4th, 2013
United Kingdom

Is the place all on the same level?

Reply Jan 18th, 2009
United Kingdom

Is there a bar you can sit upstairs and go downstairs for dances?

Reply Jan 18th, 2009
United Kingdom

WOW dave your such a man, bet you pull the women all the time, you sound like some 1960's activist, let bygones be bygones, altough its not my cup odf tea if people want to spend their money let them, like you spend your money on the net passing judgement on people!

Reply Sep 23rd, 2008
United Kingdom

this place has some great girls but very pretentious, show girls is less neon and not so showey but cheaper beer and when the girls are not dancing happy to spend some time chatting with you with out over selling every two seconds! ask any cabbie to take you its also 30pln to get in

Reply May 5th, 2008
United Kingdom

I am going to Krakow soon and want to know which club is better and why

Reply Mar 2nd, 2008
United Kingdom

GONNa check this shizzle out tonight, woop

Reply Mar 2nd, 2008
United Kingdom

Just worth noting - if you're planning on going here in January - don't - it's closed until the 31st according to the sign on the door as of saturday 26th jan.

Reply Jan 28th, 2008
United Kingdom

We didnt get ripped off at the door (paid the 30zl it says on the notice). The girls were good looking and fairly friendly. Drinks were around £3 a pint (expensive for crackow but cheap for strip bar). And the doorman was fine, even when one our group got carried away and jumped on the pole, the bouncer just laughed and the girls stuck a 1$ bill down his top.

You were allowed to touch within reason, but dont believe you get extra each session.

Reply Nov 3rd, 2007
United Kingdom

Cheap place to get in 30 Zloty (£6), drinks about £2 a pint. Girls very pretty except one. Would only dance as a pair, very nice, said would last for 15 mins but about 5 at most. Bad bit cost 200 zloty £40, told another 200 got you lots more but didn't. Just more of the same. Fun but expensive. You can touch briefly.

Reply Oct 1st, 2007
United Kingdom

Cant believe how much trouble you guys have had!

Loved that place, i think if you have a bad attitute ur gonna get done over!!!

They told us to pay 50zl on the door, so we paid without batting oue eyelids...u pay for strip clubs the world over, y should cracow be different??

girls are stunning, always smiling and are very friendly (obviously), we paid 70zl each for all 5 girls to dance for us 4 guys at once in the bar area, very funny!! was only gonna be 4 girls, but i felt sorry for the one left on her own so lobbed in another 70zl for her too, then 2 of us got slapped by her for touching her ass haha its easy to forget when they're that sexy!!

other than that 100zl for a private dance, had 2 of them each, we left bang on closing time after telling the club we were only leaving after we finished singing bryan adams haha no arguements either!! happy days!!

Reply Sep 14th, 2007
United Kingdom

brilliant night a must go to!

Reply Sep 9th, 2007
United Kingdom

7 of us went to this place on a sunday night to use up the rest of our polish money . like others have said buy drinks and have lap dances and your have no trouble . the girls are lovely the drinks are fair and the lap dances are around £25 quid each . that was the most expensive single item out in poland the beer and the food cheap as chips the hotel was the nuts . if anyone wants the details email me

Reply Sep 4th, 2007
United Kingdom

Went twice and didn't see any trouble on either occassion. Only saw the bouncer deleting photo's from another groups phone (it says no photos everywhere so that was fair enough) and nothing heavy handed. Maybe we got lucky or maybe if you behave yourself and spend cash on drinks and dances you don't have any problems I dunno.

Reply Aug 21st, 2007
Chairman of the Anglo-Polish Relations B
United Kingdom

Some comments below are nice and helpful but I have to take issue with Piotr and Robbiedoux - chill out you two. Not all Brits are morons, believe it or not. We are embarrassed about the "burberry boys abroad" image and do not condone disrespectful behaviour of any kind, though the facts are that the vast majority of British guys weekending in Krakow are good-natured and nice people. With over 1million Poles in the UK it is a similar situation - the vast majority are great, hard-working people who I have a lot of time for... and then (same as with our lager louts) there is a minority of gypsy pickpockets who no-one wants living next door to them. Try and have a balanced view you two and chill the fuck out.

Also... Olivia in Prestige is a doll. She is to this strip club what Steve Gerrard is to Liverpool. Viva Olivia!!

Reply Aug 15th, 2007

this place as usual is tops best dancers in town full on dancing not like they other places and in regards to been ripped off i go there often with groups we never had problems.

Reply Aug 10th, 2007

Great to see English yobs getting ripped off in Kracow. You guys are trash and get everything you deserve. Shit places like these clubs exist to fullfill demand of primarily yob tourists.

Reply Aug 1st, 2007
United Kingdom

A select few are going to write the wrong of the british govenment by drinking this place dry,.look out the ssc super weight are on their way.

Reply Jul 20th, 2007
United Kingdom

I found polish people not friendly at all. they all think about one thing MONEY, and they can do any thing to get that from u. some young people very rascist as well. I regret why British goverment let all these polish cheap labourer come to UK and take advantage of us.I am a traveller and have been almost all corner of Europe but didnt find such unpleasant people elsewhere.

Reply May 6th, 2007
Zebbe the diktator

This is very hot, im going with my friends

Reply Apr 26th, 2007
The Blond God

I visited the prestige with some friends. We asked and payed for a private dance, some kind of erotic lap dance, with two girls.

The girls went crazy, and danced really horny with my friends.

All my friends got some. Expect for me. In one way or another, they passed me without giving me a good treatment. I think it is because I sat on the wrong side of the table. My friends suggest that there must be some other reason...

Reply Feb 14th, 2007
Edward Parker

This bar was good! I was just was sad that it was only naked women in this strip club! I would have loved to see some big naked polish men who were up for anything! I havfe a dirty mind! very dirty as my boyfriend ali knows!

Reply Feb 13th, 2007

Reasonably good

Reply Dec 27th, 2006
Diddy Bar, Two Kebabs & Touch Cock

Nice Club. Bouncer was blonde pony tail and arms bigger than all 11 of us standing together brought us up on the lift. We had to pay 50 zl each to get in. Sunday night and we were the only ones there. Ladies Not bad looking apart from Mike Tyson!!!! There on a stag!!! Pints were 15 zl which is expensive for Poland but you expect that in that sort of place. All the lads enjoyed the experence, private dances werw 120 zl behind closed doors

Mish Mash

Reply Oct 10th, 2006
Cock Nose & Popcorn Teeth.

Sunday night so the night life was very quiet. We were advse about club Prestige by a enger punter who was there the night before. Met outside by a freakily hugh bouncer who bought us up in the lift. He could have taken all 12 of us I'd said!!!! Feckin Huge! Small club but empty on Sunday night. Four pints were 60 zl which is expensive for Poland but cheap in comparison to back home. Most of the women were extremely good looking bar one. Some sort of pimp or employee hangs around the bar and when you enter first he starts slipping nots into the g-string of the dancers on stage. This is the ploy of getting us all to do same. Didn't work!!! Private dances are 120 zl in a private room. One toilet in the place and seating room for about 30 persons. We were the only ones there at the time so sitting wasn't a problem. Ladies take turns dancing on the stage. Bottoms stay on!!!! I believe in the private dance, this is not the case. Didn't have one myself. We did pay of two lads to dance at our table in front of all of us which cost 240 zl but that may be because no other groups were there. Nice relaxed atmosphere with a balcony view of Kracow Castle. Word of warning. Taxi men wait outside on your departure, trtying to coax you into a lift to a brothel. They actually tell you that they'll take to there and even if you don't want to go they'll try and pressure you into going. they must be on some kind of comisson from the brothels. All 11 of us had a good time including the stag. Roosters, Salsa, Drink.............

Reply Oct 10th, 2006

Of my 8 day stay in Krakow, this was my best night out. After paying 30zl to the enormous guy at the entrance (we were with 4 men) we were allowed in. If I knew about the excellence of this club I would easily have payed double the entrance fee. All the five girls were astonishing beautifull. And all of them very natural. They could have been models one by one. After we were in for a minute or 15 one of the girls sat next to me and told me that a special dance for just the four of us would cost 70zl. and a private dance (where you would be 1 on 1 and she would undress completely) would cost 120zl. We took the special dance. While I thought she would dance on the table in front of us, she was giving us a _very_ nice lapdance one by one. She started with me and in her enthausiasm she pulled my shirt of and rubbed her back onto my chest. She took her time for every one of us. I also took a private dance with another girl. It was nice. But the special dance I got earlier on, was just as good. Whereas the experiance of a private dance is a totally different one and I would certainly recommand it! Especially with these pretty ladies. I don't think I'm ever able to find a stripclub with better looking girls than in the Prestige. If you have the chance, go there! But do make a reservation. We were very lucky to get the great seats right next to the podium.

Reply Aug 17th, 2006
Peter Pervert
United Kingdom

Topless only on stage. No table dances. Only one booth for personal dances (so be prepared to wait). Quite expensive. No touching.

Reply Jul 18th, 2006
United Kingdom

For my money, the better of the 'gentlemans' bars in Krakow. Beautiful, beautiful women. Saw the bouncer in work on one over enthusiastic Pole... ouch... play by the rules fellas! Very attractive brunettes. Unfortunately, alcohol abuse means I forget her name to give her full credit!

Reply Jul 4th, 2006
The Ipswich Don
United Kingdom

This place was awesome. Once you get past the big Polish dude at the door (with the little pony tail! GAY!) who fleeces you for 50z, the babes are worth getting in for! Get there about 9ish so you can get a good seat on one of their lush leather sofa's, and a good view. None of the chicks get their gash out on stage, so to see some fanny you have to pay. It cost 120z for a private lappy, and it was more than worth it. The babe on the website with a tattoo on her leg, check her out. Her name is Olivia and she is the hottest babe I saw in Poland. Her fanny looked so good, but I knew if I touched it, the Big Bastard from the door would throw me off the balcony, which is about 100foot up!

Reply Jun 14th, 2006
James (pops)
United Kingdom

I loved it. best club in the world. check out their website. i arranged a les show double dance. great value

Reply May 2nd, 2006

dacent gaff sham, the beurs are dacent feen, when i get my next dole i deffo going back

Reply Apr 5th, 2006
Shaun Tate
United Kingdom

Maybe its more expensive than London (they probably ripped you off because you're a visitor) but they girls are prettier than London girls!

Reply Feb 3rd, 2006
United Kingdom

A great night out with lovely ladies. The shows could have been longer but then everyone wants to stay in heaven a little longer. Atmosphere was chilled with friendly bar staff. A great night with far too much money spent !!!! exclusive club, great atmosphere and stunners - i cant wait to go back !!!

Reply Jan 23rd, 2006
liam fairclough
United Kingdom

the whole experience was gr8. but there wasnt enough **** 4 me.which i cant get enough of. they need to get some male strippers in there. gr8 weekend tho thanx liamxx

Reply Jan 18th, 2006
Paul "Racy" Tracy
United Kingdom

Dude!! Reckon I'll have to stop the car for this one!! Going be super-flying in from the West Si-eed on Fri - looks like me and the homies have found a joint worthy - reeeeespect! (nowaamsayin?")

Reply Nov 22nd, 2005
Matt Waller
United Kingdom

Dude, this place is awesome! I am definitely going to come back! The blonde bird is hot as fuck! If you get the chance... Go!!!

Reply Oct 28th, 2005

.. ... bang !

Reply Sep 5th, 2005
Ali J

girls look really sexy, especially the blondinka from wadowice!!, but we have to say that we enjoyed 66 more, observe the environment more! in a few months we are coming back to see the improvements! greets from amsterdam! ali J, J, L, and DJ

Reply Aug 3rd, 2005
Villstad Globetrotters
Federated States Of Micronesia

We liked it very much, especially the private shows...

Reply Jul 27th, 2005

not a gog-go place the way we know it in western europe. girls are pretty (nice), but atmosphere is still very eastern block. they can mprove a lot. prices are okay, 20 zl entrance.

Reply Jan 13th, 2005

crayzzzy croats are coming to visit your club...

Reply Dec 20th, 2004
oosterhout partypics

We gonna visit your place in the begining of next Year :D

Reply Dec 8th, 2004

we are sailor men and our ship came to Gidansk we went to cracow and found Prestige. Thats a very good place to enjoy. And Hi to Anna :)

Reply Dec 2nd, 2004
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