Glamour and Misery. Germany and Poland Between the World Wars

Mon 1st
Glamour and Misery. Germany and Poland Between the World Wars


"Devoted to pre‑WW II Germany, this exhibition rounds out a series staged at the ICC Gallery that has dealt with the architecture of independence

in Central Europe (2018–2019) and the avant‑gardes of Central Europe (2019), illustrating the cultures of the young countries that emerged in
our part of the continent after 1918. The show to come will take the viewer to the Germany of the years 1919–1933 and, through photographs, tell of
the trials and travails of building a new state in the aftermath of a lost war. The glamour and misery in the title are the two faces of the Weimar
Republic: on the one hand the overwhelming longing for normal life and the Golden Twenties, which brought relief from the atrocities of war, and
on the other a society of the defeated, the experience of the economic crisis, and the growing tensions that raised Hitler to power. A valuable
addition to the German photographs will be Polish pictures, which will foster comparisons of the two countries’ experiences of the same period.

Organised in partnership with Landschaftsverband Rheinland. The works on view will be drawn from the collections of LVR‑Landes Museum Bonn, F.C. Gundlach Hamburg Foundation, Deutsche Fotothek Dresden, and selected Polish collections.


Curators: Lothar Altringer, Jens Bove, Adelheid Komenda, Sebastian Lux, Natalia Żak


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Rynek Główny 25