Printmaking as a Pair. Jadwiga Kaim-Otręba and Ryszard Otręba

Fri 1st
Printmaking as a Pair. Jadwiga Kaim-Otręba and Ryszard Otręba


"This exhibition showcases a selection of works by two celebrated printmakers who have been bound by marriage for 55 years and by their shared love of printmaking.

They both trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków under renowned tutors: Ryszard Otręba under Mieczysław Wejman, and Jadwiga Kaim‑Otręba under Konrad Srzednicki. While their art differs in technical and formal terms, the exhibition will seek to identify the references and experiences they share. The greater part of Ryszard’s professional and artistic life has been bound up with the Krakow Academy, and, as a professor, for many years he taught classes at the Department of Design, headed the Department of Visual Communication, and was Dean and Deputy Dean of the Department of Design. He also carved out a global career as a printmaker, and his works feature in the collections of high‑profile museums in New York, Washington, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, Cologne, Dresden, Paris, London, Vienna, Lisbon, Canberra and Tokyo. Following her spectacular debut, Jadwiga Kaim‑Otręba chose a more relaxed rhythm for her artistic career, finding satisfaction in motherhood and in supporting her family. The exhibition at the ICC is an opportunity to show this artist couple – partners in private and professional life – who have found a way to live their everyday life together and to balance it with an active artistic life, such as by going together on en plein air projects or sharing artistic friendships and contacts. As such, the exhibition will not be a mere presentation of their prints, but will also give a more private picture of the couple through family pictures, letters and mementoes.


Curator: Dr. Monika Rydiger"

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