Queerowy Maj

Fri 1st
Queerowy Maj

In this month-long festival, composed of an endless variety of LGBT, activist, environmental and other growing as a humanity themed events such as meetings, workshops, film screenings, parties, art, exhibitions, debates & discussions, music, etc. — the main event is also the best of all: a colourful and time-honoured LGBT street parade! The Equality March takes place on the 23rd of May and everyone is invited to come along and encourage peace and freedom by having a really great time. This moving street party and the month surrounding it is not only tons of fun and filled with the most open-minded and interesting people around, but it’s also an important time to spread awareness and cultivate new practices about the importance of equality and compassionate treatment in work, love, life and law for all peoples.

When: All Throughout May, Equality March on the 23rd May

Where: Various locations

Links: Official Website // Facebook // Equality March FB