States of Mind Festival

Sun 10th
States of Mind Festival

"Different states of mind accompany us every day. We often don’t understand them and we don’t think twice what they might mean.

Distraction, boredom, sadness, lack of inspiration, nervousness, hypersensitivity, the need to isolate ourselves from people and run a Netflix marathon?
Or maybe hyperactivity, euphoria, joy, willingness to be with people, emotions, sense of identity?

Learn from each other, talk, listen to each other and develop our abilities. The point is to find a balance. Your way, in a way, to feel happy. And that's what we will do during the STATES OF MIND FESTIVAL!

STATES OF MIND FESTIVAL will allow you to understand how the diverse states of our mind affect your daily life.

During the event, there will be zones of: emotions, mind, spirit and body. Each of them will be devoted to different issues. The goal of SOM FESTIVAL is learning, which is why each lecture and workshop will focus on something else.

STATES OF MIND FESTIVAL is a full day of workshops and lectures, thanks to which you will discover many interesting, undiscovered, sometimes mysterious or completely ordinary things, such as: 

- the secrets of herbal medicine,
- holistic medicine,
- psychology,
- lectures on astrology,
- lectures on health and eco consumption.
- zero and less waste trend
...and many more!

Stay tuned! During our Festival you will also be able to get to know and talk with many producers in the trade fair zone. Our exhibitors will prepare for you many unique items that you can take home with you.

Throughout the day you will be able to listen to music that will cleanse your state of mind, body and spirit.

November 10
Forum Wydarzeń, Kraków

Holistic power! #body #mind #emotion #spirit
#holistic #zerowaste #eko #natual #slowlife #wege #psychology #health #astrology"

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