The Krakow Group Exhibition // National Museum

Fri 27th
The Krakow Group Exhibition // National Museum

The exhibition tells the story of the short, yet vivid existence of the original pre-war Krakow Group, of the life and works of colourful and outstanding youths, whose intertwined fates were part of the history of Polish avant-garde. Wild, hungry and fierce. Not jaded by bourgeois manners and disconnected from Krakow’s Olympus. The exhibition will feature nearly 300 works: drawings, graphics, sculptures and paintings stretching across the genres. 


National Museum of Krakow - The Feliks Jasieńki Szołayski House

Plac Szczepański 9, 31-011 Kraków

This event happens in Szolayski House

Szolayski House
Plac Szczepański 9