Krakow Delights, Cooking Tradition // Eataway

Tue 16th
Krakow Delights, Cooking Tradition // Eataway

"Be ready for an outstanding culinary and cultural jamming in Cracow style. Join me in my kitchen for a cooking class full of flavours, history and fun, combining typical for Cracow, Galician delights and great company. I would like you to experience a multicultural cruise, off the beaten tracks. We will meet at my apartment, right above the local market and together prepare one of the legend of polish culinary - PIEROGI <3 I'll guide you step by step through the preparation process, we will try to learn how to fold it and what to put inside. In the meantime,‚Äč you will have a chance to taste delicious polish homemade‚Äč snacks. After cooking, we will enjoy the meal, tasting our freshly made pierogi and some other homemade delights. I have selected a natural local beer to accompany our delights." - Sabina

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About Eataway

Shared meals in Poland are a magical affair. Families gather together to prepare and consume feasts of customary dishes, to experiment with new cooking ideas, to laugh and make memories.

Polish people adore to grow their own natural produce in their gardens or on their windowsills, to forage in the forest for mushrooms and herbs or to haggle with the village grandmas at the farmers' market. Whether you are a tourist or a local, the best way to immerse yourself in Poland’s true spirit is to experience this magic of fresh produce and friends first hand. This wonderful community are encouraging you to do just that!

Eataway is the international family of food lovers (both creators and eaters) you need in your life. So, pull up a chair. You are invited to experience the joy of Springtime in the warming sun with new friends and family, not to mention a table laden with a delicious meal!

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