The Great Dragon Parade 2019

Sat 1st
The Great Dragon Parade 2019

You may notice some funny-looking bones chained to the wall by Wawel Cathedral. These in fact belong to a dragon who terrorized the city many moons ago.

Needless to say, the dragon was slain by a valiant cobbler who came up with the cunning plan of filling a sheep's carcass with smouldering sulphur and leaving it by the beast's cave. The dragon gobbled up the carcass and promptly exploded. The hero was rewarded with the Princess's hand in marriage. Every Polish child knows the story, which has inspired the fun-fest that is the Great Dragon Parade.

This celebration runs from 1-2nd June and includes markets, food, drink, family picnics, colourful costumes, and the grand finale along the Vistula river where thousands of people line the banks to get a good view. The parade takes place on colourfully decorated boats as the drive past with the incredible and strange gigantic inflatable dragons of all shapes and sizes while a simultaneous firework display takes place. Get in early cause to save yourself the best places (really, it gets super crowded and you don't want to miss this seriously crazy display. All organized by Krakow's Teatr Groteska.

It's free to sit on the banks and watch with a picnic but you can also buy tickets for a VIP view! 


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