XVIII Podgórze Open Door Days

Fri 27th
XVIII Podgórze Open Door Days

Krakow's fascinating Podgórze District takes its name (literally meaning foothills) from the gorgeous limestone cliff and ancient mound laden hills which shelter it. Most of the buildings here were constructed by the Austro-Hungarian Empire with the idea to build a rival city for Krakow, which was at that time had been divided into another country, separated by the Wisla River.

Especially for all you special visitors, 20+ doors, many of which are usually closed to the public, will open to invite you in.

Doors will open from Friday, September 27 until Sunday 29th. There will be special walking tours of the neighbourhood, exhibitions and many more exciting activities

A program in the form of a brochure is available at the Podgórze Museum and at www.podgorze.pl.

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More details will be available soon.