PAPERLUST Photobook Fest

Fri 24th
PAPERLUST Photobook Fest


Art and self-publishing as a tool for social change

by Fresh From Poland & Paper Beats Rock

24 May - 16 June 2019, Krakow

Paperlust Photobook Fest is a new biennial on the map of photographic events in Europe, stemmed from love to paper.

PAPERLUST programme is formed of exhibitions, talks, book signings, panel discussion, workshop, photobook fair, reading room (chill zone and library) and dummy review. We invite small publishers, makers and established artists to present their practices, ranging from self-made publications and zines to book objects, albums, and photobooks published by the established institutions. As a reoccurring event, the festival aspires to become a photobook hub in Central and East Europe.

The first edition of PAPERLUST Photobook Fest 2019. 'Art and self-publishing as a tool for social change' is focused on the Visegrad region and has been created in close collaboration with the festival’s partners from Slovakia, Czech, and Hungary. It intends to gather local institutions, publishers, non-profit organizations and makers together to increase the visibility and exposure of the artists using photobooks to tell their stories, as well as strengthen, connect and empower the local art scene.


Photobook. Storytelling

Photobook. Process

Photobook. Asset


Library & Chill Zone

Talks & Panel Discussions

Photobook Dummy Review

Photobook & ZIne Fair