Jewish Culture Festival

Fri 21st
Jewish Culture Festival

One of the biggest festivals of the year (and that's saying a lot considering how many massive festivals Krakow puts on), the Jewish Culture Festival is part artist, part gourmet, part philosopher, part historian & total party animal.

In essence, a "culture" encompasses every aspect of life & the Jewish Culture Festival reciprocates that aim with a full & diverse program of events. Expect everything from intimate concerts to street parties, from amphitheatre presentations to group discussions, from street food bites to gourmet feasting, from unknown hermited poets to world-famous painters

When? 21st to 30th June 2019
Where? Taking over the city
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Shalom on Szeroka Street concert, 2018, photo: Bogdan Krezel

"During the upcoming festival, we will refer to one of four elements constituting the world: the earth. We would like to show how it brings people together and how it divides them, how it influences our fate and makes us who we are. We will show the earth / lands that have created the festival and have shaped it for more than three decades: Kazimierz and Israel.

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Tickets are available online on our website

Official hashtag of the upcoming festival: #29FKZ"