Night of Poetry // Noc Poezji

Sat 6th
Night of Poetry // Noc Poezji

Poland seems to have an endless list of reasons to celebrate and we are definitely not complaining! If you've never experienced of these country-wide 'Noc ..' / 'Night of...' then you better get your ass into gear this time - you've been seriously missing out. There's been a Night of the Museums, Night of Jazz, Night of Theatre most recently a Night of Science and a Night of the Temples... this time it's a night of POETRY!

This means that in loads of completely different types of locations across the city, a whole lot of different things will occur! Countless workshops, special exhibitions, guided tours, concerts, film screenings, performances and every other kind of activity you can think of... plus a bunch you never even knew existed! The way that the participating bars, clubs, restaurants, museums, cinemas, institutions, schools, galleries, theatre groups, musicians, writers and city government interpret this theme can be abstract or right on the nose.

Some of our favourites:

Join a Wyspianski themed interactive theatre walk/game

Make your own Poetry Print Bag 

Documentaries dedicated to Krakow's Poets 

An evening of poetry and astronomy

T.S Eliot Reading on his 130th Birthday

Outdoor performance of Stanisław Wyspianski's famous play 'The Wedding' by Teatr KTO

But there is so much more and it's ALL amazing. We really recommend that you read the full program

Click here for interactive map & full program

Having difficulty with the text only being in Polish? You might need the help of Google Translate! To translate full pages, you can also download the extension/app for free. Especially if you live here or travel often - it's a lifesaver. They aren't paying us a cent to say this but we use it religiously.