SG Warm Up Party 2018 ft. Somali Yacht Club

Sat 13th
SG Warm Up Party 2018 ft. Somali Yacht Club

Soulstone Gathering presents: Soulstone Gathering Warm Up Party, or an official warm-up in front of our flagship event - Soulstone Gathering Festival 2018 // 9-10.11 // Krakow, Zet Pe Te.


Somali Yacht Club [UA / LWÓW] Known and liked Ukrainian trio combines psychedelic rock with elements of space, stoner and post-rock in their music. Their advantage is the amazing space that they create with sounds and shoegaze expression. --- Well known and liked Ukrainian trio has the unique ability to mash up psychedelic rock with space, stoner, and post-rock elements. Their asset is the creation of a sound and shoegaze expression.

Only Sons [PL / KRK] A Krakow team playing a mix of 90's hard rock and metal. If you like Mastodon, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Corrosion Of Conformity or Baroness, then you should like them. The only Son is also one of the most promising debuts this year (not only!) Of the scene.

Only Sons - Love, Drugs, Treachery and Deceit:

PowerPlant [PL / SZCZECIN] A bit of grunge and more stonerka - interspersed with psychedelic doom metal under the sign of a green leaf. Their strong added value is the vocalist. Maciej is able to seduce the audience in a truly Morrison style, then to awaken from the trance and sing in the style of The Necromancers.

PowerPlant - ApolloJam

PowerPlant - Stoned Reaper

● Moontoy [PL / NAWA] Welcome cruise passengers to the nowhere and back. Fastening belts will not be necessary. Smoking on board indicated. We will make the journey pleasant with the help of music full of rhythm, spices and curves.


Date: 13/10/2018 Saturday
Venue: Alchemia Club

This event happens in Alchemia

ul. Estery 5