Piknik Krakowski // Krakow Picnics!

Sat 1st
Piknik Krakowski // Krakow Picnics!

Piknik Krakowski is an amazing community picnic series, regularly held in some of Krakow's most beautiful parks. In the warmer months, the clever people behind this initiative encourage us to come out of our shells a little, leave our televisions behind and head to nature with nothing but a blanket in hand.

A delicious variety of food stalls & food trucks provide the food whilst local designers, stores & producers also sell their beautiful wares. Every picnic brings something new and different. Many charities also take the opportunity to fundraise in really cool ways.

Loads of fun activities are provided (usually for free) including various workshops and games such as soccer, yoga & meditation, So, bring your dog, your kids or just yourself and spend the day enjoying the sun and the trees!

Free admission cause everyone's welcome to spend their days in Krakow's magical parks :) 

Picnic Calendar 2019


1 June – Park Bednarskiego
2 June – Park Krakowski
8 June – Stacja Zabłocie
9 June – Park Decjusza
15 June – Park Jordana
16 June – Park Dębnicki
22 June – Park Zielony Jar Wandy
23 June – Park Żeromskiego
29 June – Planty Mistrzejowickie
30 June – Bulwar Inflancki


Saturdays - Park Bednarskiego 
Sundays - Park Krakowski 

July 28 - Nuremberg Picnic


Saturdays - Zalew Nowohucki
Sundays - Park Decjusza

August 24 - Ukrainian Picnic

"Every Saturday in July and August we picnic in Bednarski Park, and on Sundays in Park Krakowski, and to finish this year's picnic season we will host a retro picnic in Park Krakowski. Additionally, we invite you to two unique themed picnics:

July 28 - Nuremberg Picnic organized with the Nuremberg House on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the partnership. In addition to the standard picnic attractions, the day will be a presentation of German cuisine, a dance party and an outdoor cinema show.

August 24 - Ukrainian Picnic organized in cooperation with the Consulate General of Ukraine in Krakow on the occasion of Ukraine Independence Day and the International Fair of Folk Art. During this event, we will present a local Ukrainian cuisine, a dance party and an outdoor screening of the film.

If you would like to join the Picnic as an exhibitor or offer an additional program, please write to us: info@piknikkrakowski.pl"


park bednarskiego