Salvatore Vitale // Elusive Noise: Unfolding the Virtual // Krakow Photomonth

Tue 15th
Salvatore Vitale // Elusive Noise: Unfolding the Virtual // Krakow Photomonth

The Swiss-based visual artist Salvatore Vitale has taken up an attempt to represent the world of digital data by the means of photography. In the virtual reality, every piece of valuable information in binary form, before reaching its goal, is temporarily stored and modified. Vitale is interested in the mysteries of cyberspace, the ubiquitous online service and social media – as they all require constant awareness and man’s trust in the machine.

The photographs presented in the exhibition 'Elusive Noise: Unfolding the Virtual' showcase the inconspicuous appliances on which digital materials are stored. Vitale succeeds in gaining access to a comparatively new branch of the Swiss information industry. In recent years, the companies in this sector have turned the country into a prosperous haven for storage and protection of data from around the world.

The installation presented at Krakow Photomonth is part of the larger project entitled 'How to Secure a Country'. This project examines the digital flow of data and tries to comprehend the rules of how the relevant technology and infrastructure work. In Vitale’s presentation, such terms as “malware”, “data hosting”, “hacking”, “supercomputers”, and “servers” are illustrated by concrete objects. The installation’s audiovisual materials and interactive elements provide the viewer with a direct experience of the workings of the network to which we daily entrust our private information.

This exhibition organised as a part of the Krakow Photomonth 2018 Festival

This event happens in MOCAK

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