Certified Mindfulness Training Course in Cracow

Sat 19th
Certified Mindfulness Training Course in Cracow

On 19th May 2018 we begin our Certified Mindfulness Training Course in Cracow. We invite you to join us and register for the four weekends of the course, which also serve as the first part of our Mindfulness Teacher Training pathway.

Certified Mindfulness Training Course is the entry point to our Mindfulness training pathway and introduces the core Mindfulness practices, while moving towards cultivating kindness. It is also the prerequisite for entering our Mindfulness teacher training pathway. It takes place over 4 weekends over 9 months.

Participants will be taught progressive skills in Mindfulness through presentations, guided practice and smaller group sessions. A strong emphasis is placed on experiential learning, and for this reason there are home assignments between weekends that include regular mindfulness practice, daily life exercises and journal writing.

The whole course – four weekend meetings are the first part of the Mindfulness teacher training pathway. Without this course you will not be able to study the following parts of the teacher training path. More information about Certified Mindfulness Course – http://en.mindfulnessassociation.org.pl/certified-mindfulness-training-course/

More information about Mindfulnes Based Living Course (MBLC) Teacher Training Pathhway http://en.mindfulnessassociation.org.pl/mindfulness-teacher-training-pathway/



19-20.05.2018 Module One: Settling the MInd

30.06.-01.07.2018 Module Two: Working with Distraction

08-09.09.2018 Module Three: Self-Acceptance

03-04.11.2018 Module Four: The Undercurrent and Observer 


Angie Ball and Anna Zubrzycki


Ogród Harmonii, ul.Stanisława Przybyszewskiego 13, Kraków http://www.ogrodharmonii.pl/


The course will be led in English with translation into Polish.

The fee/charge for the first module is dependent on the date of payment:

Promotional offer – payment by 30.03.2018 – 800 PLN

Payment by 30.04.2018 – 850 PLN

Payment after 30.04.2018 – 900 PLN

The fee for further modules is 850 PLN. Deadline for payment is one month before each successive weekend.

Please make your payment to:

Account holder:

Fundacja Voices

ul. W. Roentgena 10/14

50-362 Wrocław

Account number: 

29 1240 4025 1111 0010 6239 9853

BIC Code / SWIFT Code Bank Pekao S.A. - PKOPPLPWXXX 

IBAN - PL29124040251111001062399853

Payment reference: 

“MA module 1”, your full name and email address ( without the @ - please make a space in its place)

Numbers are limited.



Completing the Certified Mindfulness Training Course is the beginning of the MBLC (Mindfulness- Based Living Course) teacher training pathway. Completing the above mentioned course does not entitle you to a 8-week MBLC course.

The next MBLC teacher training module: The Introductory Teaching Skills and Retreat for Future MBLC Teachers will be held in 2019.

ul. Stanisława Przybyszewskiego 13, 30-128 Kraków, Poland