MeetYT (YouTube Convention!)

Sat 12th
12:00 - 20:00
MeetYT (YouTube Convention!)

MeetYT Summer 2017 is the hottest and fastest growing event for the YouTube scene in Poland!

Thousands of artists, thousands of participants, every step of the way and a lot of fun - we will meet at the International Fair and Congress Center EXPO Krakow on August 12, 2017 and make this day the best memorabilia for every YouTube fan!

More information you will find on our fanpage meetYT!

Guest list: Gargamel, Ahus, Fun Generation, Fanggotten, Naked, Dibonk, BartekGM, Dealereq, SuperMWK, Doknes, Choklet !, Tristsus, Jacimozo, ... Klaudusiek, Livv, JustinsGlance, BertBert3000, Dochi, eeXt, Mafju, Dominik #ANDR, PNTCMZ Amadeus & Krystian, TrolleQ, Buzek, Milky, Letjulet, Luce, Swedish, Panda, Luka, Jedyy, Nicole Staniszewska, Qesek, Ola Sidorowska,, MaryGaming, Life in a Wheelchair, Czukasz, Lila Janowska, Plague, Ichabod, Stanley, Voter, Catch a Beauty, Malvina Kopacka, Vito Minecraft, qastrod, Oliwia Nincevic, Frothize, MichalF1, CDX, Pavia, Teo in Gameland, Hantaa, Akuma, Hesher Urbex History, Juju, Neeq, Jarek Guc, Dziio, wellosky, Niklaus Pieron, Luferek ...

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We are part of the Cracow Game Days Growing Fair! ->

This event happens in EXPO Krakow

EXPO Krakow
ul. Galicyjska 9
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