Hala Targowa Flea Market

Sun 24th
06:00 - 14:00
Hala Targowa Flea Market

Hala Targowa means something different to everyone.

It could be where you find the freshest, crunchiest bread and the creamiest pastries or where you got to buy a new or used bicycle when the ice melts from the streets and spring thrives on the sidewalks.

It might be your destination after a few beers, when you want to chow down on the most famous kielbasa in town, or your favourite digs to discover art-deco puzzles from the 1950's, 700 year old coins, nazi pilots binoculars, ancient musical instruments or a renaissance lamp. 

Boasting a ton of pint size bakeries, bits-and-bob-eries, butchers, tailors & haberdashers, it's also home to a permanent maze of open air stalls filled with anything from tools, socks, books, clothes, bags & tupperware to vintage army knives, herbs & spices, CD's & vinyls. However on Sundays, the back half of the market blossoms with fruit & vegetable stalls while the fleamarketers fill every free space of pavement they can fit a taxidermy lizard into as Hala Targowa overflows with the absolutely unexpected.

A bit of friendly advice: This place is really awesome and you will find amazing stuff, just come prepared to haggle as the well-oiled market dealers sure saw you coming (& heard you, if you're American). You can get some amazing deals but you gotta use your street smarts! For instance, a man with a raggedy falling apart suitcase might try to charge you twice as much as the nice lady a few metres down will charge you for her similar suitcase in a fantastic condition which comes with a free box of matches from the 60's. This can be super fun, just make sure you play the game and take a good look around at all your options before you make any deals with any old devils.

This event happens in Hala Targowa (Flea Market)

Hala Targowa (Flea Market)
ul. Grzegórzecka 3

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