Movies presented by Natives

Thu 6th
Movies presented by Natives

During this meeting a foreigner who lives or just stays in Kraków presents the movie from her/his own country. with Eng sub of course. 

Each time when Pawel presents his usual Fri Polish movie and watch the people's eyes he couldn't help feeling jealous. When he see foreigners and Polish people who heve never heard about the presented film before, impressed that someone carefully picked this particular one, explained and anwered questions he wanted very much to be one of them. That often leads to discussions websites sharing to find more about this story and above all to sharing Polish culture experience.

Recently many people watch movies in huge numbers like fast food, in the bed on laptop, one after another without time to think about it. It's also impossible to watch them all, so it's way different when someone will select it for you. The idea for presenter is to have some reasons to show you this particular movie, share background story, will make this screening personal and enables learning more about it by asking questions as well.

All above allow you to get into national cinematography you might have never experienced or didn't understand really well. It can actually give you an opportunity of soaking in that culture. Is it not an extremally open-minded traveller experience? :) All movies we do for FREE - just come buy some beer, watch the film and join the discussion.

Take a part in this extraordinary unique event. We show all the movies for FREE, just come buy some beer, watch the film and join the discussion. Learn more about people, the culture that has influenced them and integrate with people interested in the topic over a good Polish beer or... a juice ;)
May the good movies and cultural variety be with You!

Every 2nd Thursday Movies presented by natives.
Every 2nd Friday Polish film presented by PaweĊ‚ & Friends
Every 2nd Friday Party
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