May 2006

Cracovians don't often do things by halves. If something catches on, it catches on in a big way. Take candles for example. Cracovians love candles, and this means that every table in every cafe will have a candle burning on it at all times. Sweltering summer mornings, arctic winter nights. - no matter - candles galore. And of course, Cracovians are crazy about cafes, there are literally thousands of them. Not to mention cake-shops... It's as if there's a cake-shop for every punter in this city. And we mustn't forget, besides cakes, the Cracovian's best friend is the dachsund. How many dachsunds live Cracow? How many craters are there on the moon....? You'll get an idea later in the year if you come to the cherished annual bonanza that is Dachsund Day. On that potty morn, thousands of sausage-shaped fellows will descend on the Market Square in fancy dress, owners in tow. It's a barmy thing to behold.

As May looms into sight (and what a sight if Mother Nature smiles upon us) there are all kinds of events on the horizon. We haven't mentioned yet that Cracovians love art. Suffice it to say that talented artists and poets are so commonplace here that after a while, you might long to meet such exotic figures as accountants or bankers. Not that we're complaining about any of the above - we love candles, cafes, cakes, dogs and art of many kinds - we even decided to live here. But anyway, we're straying from the point. Art is big in Cracow, and with this in mind, arty adventurers might like to investigate the 4th Month of Photography. Artists will commandeer virtually every cafe and bar in town, with things getting underway on May 5th. Some of the shows will be complete rubbish, but that's very much the charm of the festival. Nevertheless, the photo fest is just the tip of the ice-lolly for May's cultural events. Have a browse through our picks - if you're making a late arrival you might just catch the 46th Cracow Film Festival.

Where were we? Well, you'll need to find an accomodation in Cracow for the night. An increasingly difficult proposition given that some of the Krakow hotels are still being built... Brand new hostels include Zodiakus and Flamingo, whilst stalwarts of the mid-range scene number Wit Stwosz and Hotel Eden. For a bit of elegance, Wentzl and Copernicus are favourites, but if they're all booked up, why not try Karpinski Suite or Zamek Korzkiew?

Before you sign out, have a dive into our May lucky dip. Oliwka and Trattoria Soprano are always worth a try, whilst Turlej Gallery, ICC and Hipolit Townhouse are cultural gems that are easily missed. Enjoy May!


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