E-Tour 'Round Malopolska Museums

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“Malopolska’s Virtual Museums” is an internet platform dedicated to the presentation of Malopolska region's cultural trove, developed in cooperation with 35 museums and cultural institutions of the region.

The platform contains over 700 digitalised exhibits, previously locked up in museum showcases and warehouses, each of them carefully selected following consultations with the project Council of Experts.
 Owing to 3D imagery, detailed close-ups feel almost real, and the best part is that you get to know all there is about the item withouth fear of destroying a precious object or violating museum etiquette. A powerful search engine groups exhibits and mentions the museums they come from. Malopolska’s Virtual Museums challenges also to also a role-playing game, Time Defenders.

The website contains some unobvious links, inspirational contexts, and extensive educational and teaching materials, hence time spent on the Internet can be used productively. Also, a real treat of the Virtual Museum are cross-sectional presentations prepared by specialists or enthusiasts in a given field who recall numerous extraordinary stories concerning the collections. However, if in search of something more exquisite, though, the Virtual Museum website contains also proprietary collections created by people of culture and arts.


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