16th Krakow Mountain Festival // 16. Krakowski Festiwal Górski

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This is one of, if not the most popular mountain/climbing event in Poland (there are many as Polish people are c-r-a-z-y for the mountains!) and one of the largest mountain festivals in the world.  Attracting incredible talent from all fields (rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, running, skiing, snowboarding, biology, anthropology, photography, film/documentary making, directing etc.), it's no wonder that every year, the Krakow Mountain Festival also attracts sell-out crowds.

The Krakow Mountain Festival and the peaks and valleys of the world which it celebrates are so incredibly diverse, as are the reasons people are drawn to them. This festival is a reflection of just how powerful a force of nature these voluptuous giants really are. Creating life slowly, yet often destroying it in seconds. A remote safe harbour for rare animals and plants. A catalyst for philosophical enlightenment. An artists muse. A challenger, a competitor and a partner in endurance. An enemy and a friend. A home. A lifestyle. God.

The Krakow Mountain Festival expresses the infinite influence of these ancient peaks on unique people through a variety of mediums. This is a forum for shared and individual experience with an eternal entity that can belong to no man.


The 16th Krakow Mountain Festival (Krakowski Festiwal Gorski) will include: Their mainstay, a huge, and trust us, totally brilliant mountain film festival with the International Film Competition & Polish Film Competition showcasing a diverse expert selection of deeply moving and often adrenaline pumping, heart stopping documentaries from around the world - Presentations from some of the best rock & ice climbers, alpine climbers, skiers, alpine runners and more, specially chosen for their incredible achievements, new and world-famous faces side by side - Great mountain books, including meetings with authors - Mountain photography - Art exhibitions - Workshops and discussion panels - The KFG Krak'em boulder competition - A market area with: exclusive shops, displays & stalls from all the big (and the little) mountain brands, selling the best clothes & equipment, books, photography & posters, displaying new technologies, stalls for climbing clubs, even games, testers & freebies.

A highly anticipated special premiere screening of 'Free Solo' from Dir. Jimmy Chin, Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi following Alex Honnold's ground-breaking ropeless ascent of 'El Capitain' will kick off the festival in Kino Kijow on Wed 28th of Nov. It's so awesome that tickets are already sold out.

This year's Polish & International guests include: Krzysztof Wielicki (very special guest), Dani Arnold, Frederic Degoulet and Hélias Millerioux, Laurence Guyon and Olivier Broussouloux, Jerry Moffatt, Dave MacLeod,  Piotr Hercog, Marcin Świerc, Petr "Spek" Slanina, Bernadette McDonald, Frank Kretschmann, Jan Simanek, Jérôme Tanon, Andrzej Bargiel, Adam Bielecki & many more

If you don't love mountains already, you certainly will after just 10 minutes at the Krakow Mountain Festival! Get inspired!


The 16th Krakow Mountain Festival will take place from Wednesday the 28th of November and run until Sunday the 2nd of December. Wednesday 28th & Thursday 29th are special KFG movie days featuring exclusive screenings while the main KFG festival days will take place between Friday 30th and Sunday 2nd.

This main festival takes place at the University of Economics, ul. Rakowicka 27. Just a short walk from Krakow Głowny or Stary Miasto.


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