Kiev Hostels

The Kiev hostel scene... err what Kiev hostel scene? The Ukrainian capital might be chock full of fancy restaurants and upmarket nightclubs, and it can boast more than a few luxury hotels too, but when it comes to hostels the city is criminally lacking. Of course as any capitalist will tell you it's all a case of supply and demand, and as soon as travellers and no doubt the dreaded stag parties, discover that Kiev (also known as Kyiv) is one of the most exciting cities in Europe you can be sure that hostels will be spreading all over town like nappy rash. Only with much more pleasant results.

For the present however, those looking for budget accommodation in Kiev have limited choices indeed, but plenty of time to book... But no need to be put off. The fact that Kiev remains undiscovered to all but the most intrepid of travellers is one of its principal joys. Be amongst the first to discover treasures such as Lavra Caves, Independence Square, St. Sophia's Cathedral and St. Andrew's Descent, before Euro 2012 rolls into town and Kyiv becomes the next hot travel destination. Budding Casanovas will also relish the chance to try their luck with the lovely locals as they explore the infamous Kiev nightlife...

So embrace the spirit of adventure, book your room (doesn't hurt to be on the safe side) and announce "Kiev here we come!"