Berlin Hostels

The good news for backpackers traveling to Berlin, is that despite its capital status the city remains surprisingly cheap to lodge, live and let loose in. Footloose youngsters arriving in town will find a great variety of rooms and dormitories on offer at a range of top class hostels. Free internet and lockers, and good kitchen and bathroom facilities are the norm in Berlin, but despite the degree of luxury afforded by the city's best hostels you will still end up paying considerably less than you might in Paris or London for example.

With Berlin being such a big city your hostels location should be a big factor to consider... There's no one central district to Berlin however so a good location is dictated entirely by what you want to see. Mitte probably has the most to offer with Museuminsel and Alexanderplatz top tourist attractions, and trendy nightlife and shopping scenes. A bit more conservative is the prim and proper Charlottenburg district, which boasts high end shopping options, the Schloss Charlottenburg Palace and access to the splendid lakes in the West. Up-and-coming Schoneburg, Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg are popular with artistic types and offer edgier insights into the city. Take a look at our Berlin hostels directory below.

Take a look at our Berlin map to help you with your bearings, and whilst you're at it why not use our site to read up on eating out, weather reports, language tips and the best Berlin bars. The nightlife in Berlin is reckoned on a par with Ibiza so you can spend the money you saved on your hostel raving it up 'til sunrise!