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Thanks to Zagreb Life's interactive map, you can now get a better sense of the city than ever before. Click and drag the map to view different districts of the city, zoom at will, and use the satellite feature to literally see the lay of the land. And we'll be adding tags to all the restaurants, hotels, bars and attractions in city to help you find the exact location of all your favorite places - just choose one of the fields on the left and click the tag for more info. It's that easy!

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Hey, where is the centre of Europe?


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FAISANT from France Reply Jun 9th, 2012

je suis à la recherche d'un plan des lignes de bus ZAGREB centre ville - banlieue merci

matej from Slovenia Reply Feb 6th, 2012

The map is here: Regards, Tej

matej from Slovenia Reply Feb 6th, 2012

Hi, If I may add - might be useful for turists traveling to Zagreb: Zagreb bus map plan Regards, M.

Dijana -Cro Behar from Croatia Reply Dec 17th, 2011

Site is great, has lots of good information

maggie from Singapore Reply Oct 1st, 2011

great site to get familiar with any city

todd from United States Reply May 30th, 2011

I need to use it this first time to comment

alan from Australia Reply May 28th, 2011

cant find zabreb railway station or Best Western hotel

claudia from Chile Reply Jul 2nd, 2008

I'm still not found the street simicilasova or simisiklasova , I'm trying to go to the Chilean embassy end this is the name of the street on line I want to find the way from the bus station to the embassy so I guess I will ask to the taxi driver thanks any way The map is very good thought thank

Fiona from United Kingdom Reply Mar 11th, 2008

When will you be adding markers to this map?

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