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Link Language School
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Editor's review

If you plan on being more than a casual tourist in Wroclaw then learning to speak Polish with Link School of Languages will be a very rewarding experience. Not only will their expert teachers (all Polish Philology graduates from Wroclaw University) guide you through the tricky in and outs of this beautiful Slavic language, but signing up for a course can also be a great way to meet people and integrate into the local culture. Classes are arranged with maximum flexibility on an individual or group basis, and, apart from being very reasonably priced, also take place right in the centre of time on Plac Solny.

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Maria Khan from Pakistan Reply Sep 21st, 2017

I learnt Polish classes for 3 months, I got the info from internet and found the perfect School for foreigners..Love the environment. Marta being a teacher is so friendly and I love the way she teaches. Before taking class I was not even able to say hi in Polish..Now I can communicate easily when I go for shopping...The best part is that i feel Marta so nice and never get irritated if we ask same question many times and always give better advice...i strongly recommend link to other foreigners who want to learn Polish...Thanks Marta

Clara from Netherlands Reply Sep 9th, 2017

I had spent many months searching for the perfect foreign language school to brush up on my Polish. I finally found Link, and signed up for 2 weeks of private Polish lessons with Marta. I loved it so much, I signed up for an additional 2 weeks... and I am so grateful that I did! I truly feel more confident in my language abilities after taking lessons with Link.Thanks Marta

Emmanuel Ogba N Kalu from Nigeria Nov 4th, 2017

I will like to learn polish language, can you assist me with how to go about it

Christina from Netherlands Reply Sep 7th, 2017

Since I started taking individual classes at Link in November 2016, I have been very satisfied with everything. During class I have great possibilities to ask questions of every kind regarding polish language and culture. The level of teaching I well adopted to my own level and there is a good mix between different kinds of exercises. I love the people here also. Welcoming, funny, friendly.

Duffy from United States Reply Sep 6th, 2017

I am very happy with my polish teacher at Link. She explains things clearly, gives good useful exercises to help me practice and is very friendly and encouraging. Polish is hard for English speakers, but I am happy with the progress I am making and quite satisfied with my lessons, which are not only useful but enjoyable.

Sheryl from United States Reply Sep 6th, 2017

When I moved to Wroclaw learning polish was top on my list of priorities. Fortunately I found Link. It’s a great school. My teachers are efficient, helpful (not only concerning learning polish but also helping me get by in my day to day life in Wroclaw), well prepared and they structure their classes around my personal needs and requirements. Now, after a short period of time I’m becoming confident and have begun to speak polish thanks to super teachers and a wonderful school!

Emmanuel Ogba N Kalu from Nigeria Nov 4th, 2017

Hello Happy to read through your experience. I also have interest to learn polish language and culture but I don't know how to go about it

Jason and Mary from United Kingdom Reply Sep 6th, 2017

Thank you very much. we were very pleased with the amount we covered in class. The teaching was excellent. We will definitely consider doing another week next time we are in Poland

Yaroslava Reply Sep 6th, 2017

Yaroslava Когда приехала в Польшу и услышала этот говор, думала, что никогда мне не удастся понять, а тем более что-то сказать на польском. Потом на встрече жён программистов одна из нас сказала польскоговорящей девушке-организатору:"говори на польском, мы всё понимаем!" Но это было не про меня)) Сейчас и я тот человек, который все понимает и даже может поддержать разговор с польскими мамочками в школе и на танцах у моего ребёнка) Спасибо Марте!)

Tetyanm Reply Sep 6th, 2017

Teatyna Приїхала до Польщі з України. Вважаю: коли живеш в іншій країні, повинен знати її мову. Власне саме тому почала вивчати польську мову. Довго шукала школу, основним пріоритетом в пошуках була ефективність навчання. Друзі порадили школу Link. В лютому цего року приєдналася до групи Марти Геллер. Практично "з нуля" вже зараз можу виражати свої думки вголос "po polsku". Мені дуже подобається стиль викладання і спрямованість на результат. Відчуваю, що витрачаю час і кошти не даремно. І це тішить! Дуже раджу всім, хто націлений на результат.

Olga Reply Sep 6th, 2017

Olga Когда только приехала в Польшу, то боялась ходить в аптеки и магазины, где нужно говорить. Телефонные разговоры вообще вызывали фрустрацию. Благодаря курсам у Марты сейчас чувствую себя совершенно свободно и без проблем общаюсь и решаю нужные мне дела. И это все за довольно короткий срок 8 месяцев. Хочу также добавить, что учеба идет в приятной дружелюбной обстановке, не нагружает (что очень важно, ведь все мы занятые люди).

Olya Reply Sep 6th, 2017

Olya Для комфортной жизни в той стране, в которой находишься необходимо знать её язык! Я очень благодарна Link school за возможность получать знания в интересной атмосфере, используя разные методы обучения. Сейчас уже очень приятно слышать от поляков "a Pani dobrze mówi po polsku!". Dzienki bardzo Link school oraz Marta Geller

Natalia Reply Sep 6th, 2017

Natalia Навчаюсь в школі Link майже рік. Подобається що навчання проводиться в невеликій групі, лекції завджди цікаві і різноманітні. Дуже вдячна Марті Геллер за те, що допомогла побороти мовний бар'єр. Рекомендую всім хто хоче швидко навчитися спілкуватися польською мовою

Lynn from Russia Reply Sep 4th, 2017

Absolutely love it! Teachers are very nice, always try to find an approach to different students. Good balance of grammar, talking, listening and even games during the class. You never get bored! I enjoy the fact that teachers not only teach you the language, but also culture. Highly recommend!

Anna and Sébastien from France Reply Aug 26th, 2017

The teachers from Link School are not only really professional and dynamic, but also very welcoming. Even if Polish is a difficult language, the teachers make you feel comfortable and enable you to improve your level quickly. So we highly recommend this school!

GUL from Saudi Arabia Reply Jun 5th, 2017

i've been searching for polish language school for long time and once i found LINK school i just easily liked it from all aspects (the school its self , the teachers ,the program , the students , the price ,the location ......all was perfect! ) , my personal experience was great , learning with fun and wonderful atmosphere.

Murad Reply Jun 3rd, 2017

Polish is a very difficult language but in link it becomes both easy and fun=)

Vincent from Germany Reply May 28th, 2017

Ich lerne polnisch im Selbststudium seit 1,5 Jahren aber erst bei der Sprachschule hier habe ich wirklich größere Fortschritte gemacht. Ich empfehle es sehr.

Myriam from Spain Reply May 28th, 2017

I highly recommend Link! Flexible timetables, adapted to your level, very friendly and proffesional atmosphere and you can improve your Polish in a short period of time :) :)

Katia from Ukraine Reply May 12th, 2017

Link has really improved my confidence with spoken Polish and gave me a lot of opportunity to practise it. It is great to meet so many different people from various cultures who all have the same goal. The intensity of lessons make you learn very quickly! An environment like this is definitely the best way to learn a language!

Roger Daniells from United Kingdom Reply Dec 30th, 2016

"Link Language school in Wroclaw brings you a completely different holiday break. They offer a wide range of courses in Polish, and are completely flexible about the programme. It is taylor-made to suit your requirements.So if you only have a few days, or even perhaps one day, Link will arrange a set of lessons for you in Polish, to suit your available time, and level of ability. They are patient and understanding, and gently encourage you to be confident in Polish. 
The team look like a cross between the Spice Girls and the Pussy Cat Dolls, but don't be fooled. This is a very professional set up, and they mean business. You will come away from a Link course having learned an enormous amount about Polish, Polish affairs, customs and traditions and their courses take you round central Wroclaw where you are introduced to real Polish living, and encouraged to engage with the locals, buying tickets, giving and asking directions, ordering meals, making purchases and coping in Polish. 
The team will assess your level of ability,and will provide every encouragement to be fluent. What's more they do not charge the earth. I survived a 4 day course in which I concentrated on my weaknesses - dates, times and numbers. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and my confidence in communicating in Polish was given a great boost. It is a very happy school, and they use fun and games, and novel methods to bring you along in Polish, and there's nothing quite like having a personal guide with you in the old town. The whole experience was excellent. I hope to come next year." Roger.

Jan and Rebecca from United Kingdom Reply Dec 30th, 2016

Thank you very much. we were very pleased with the amount we covered in class. The teaching was excellent. We will definitely consider doing another week next time we are in Poland.

Giovana from Brazil Reply Dec 21st, 2016

One of the best polish school of Wroclaw. I had a good improvement of my polish with them.

Velvet from Italy Reply Dec 1st, 2016

Best polish school (and best polish party!) in wroclaw! Definitely recommended, Marta is a great teacher

Svetlana from Russia Reply Dec 1st, 2016

It’s a real pleasure to be a student of such a great teacher as Marta Geller. Link is fantastic atmosphere, extremely interesting communication tasks and linguistic games. Each lecture is unique and absolutely amazing experience which allows you to learn more about Polish culture and everyday life. Tutoring style presents the language in the new light making you immerse yourself in it and see it differently. Marta is an author of a special methodology that inspires you to make greater efforts and helps you enjoy learning foreign language. Highly recommended!

Rebekka from Germany Reply Jan 24th, 2016

Last year I spend a couple of months in Poland and had private Polish lessons with Marta at Link school and I just can say that it was an absolutely amazing experience! Not only did I learn a lot by talking, listening and doing different exercises, but I also had so much fun with the classes. Marta is extremly helpful, motivating, patient and kind. Even so I only learned Polish for such a short periode of time and am now living in another country I still can understand a lot and it is all thanks to the intensive classes with her. I think that Link school is also good if you'd like to socialise since they organize events and evenings for their students. Absolutely recommended! :)

Kateryna from Ukraine Reply Dec 3rd, 2015

Has my Polish improved studying with Link? Yes, absolutely! Link gives me the chance, not only to study Polish, but knowledge about this country, this city and also other nationalities. I’ve been learning how to live in a foreign country. The course addresses all issues including grammar, vocabulary building, pronunciation, language games, pair-work, correction, communicative activities and so on. The teachers are very good, kind and helpful to the students. Highly recommended :)

Daniel from Ukraine Reply Nov 29th, 2015

Super school. I really adore making home tasks and visit lessons. Marta is the best polish teacher for Ukrainians ever.

kelvin from Ghana Reply Nov 22nd, 2015

A wonderful and superb school to learn polish language. If you ask me,I would give it a 10/10 . I am really impressed on how fast I am learning the language.

Alejandra from Spain Reply Nov 21st, 2015

Really nice atmosphere and teaching method. Teachers are not only native but they now how to explain the grammar and make it easier to understand. I had two different teachers, Kasia and Linda, five out of five for both of them. The improvement is soon noticed.

Eduardo from Spain Reply Nov 21st, 2015

After 2 years living in Poland, trying to learn polish on my own in a intermittent way without almost any progress I decided to try out at Link. After my first trimester, I couldn't be happier with the results, I feel I'm finally doing some progress and what's best, doing it in a enjoyable atmosphere and learning through most enjoyable methodology. All in all, if you are one of many who are not able to learn this easy language on your own, do not hesitate to join Linc, because it is surely the boost you need.

Dmytro from Ukraine Reply Nov 19th, 2015

Це безперечно найкращі курси польської мови у Вроцлаві. Головний фактор для мене, що я переборов свою невпевненість і страх коли намагався говорити польською. Післю декількох тижнів навчання можу спокійно вирішувати різні побутові проблеми, в тому числі піти самостійно без перекладача до місцевої адміністрації і розвязати різного роду питання з документами. т.д. special thanks to Marta

Anil from Turkey Reply Nov 19th, 2015

Although I missed some classes and will surely miss more in the future, I'm totally happy that I enrolled in your classes. I don't have any suggestions. Linda's work is great, I'd say she has a natural talent for keeping up interest. I even don't understand how time passes. She manages the time very well too. Long story short, I'm very happy and I made progress. I can understand some stuff going on around me. I get the feeling that Polish is not that hard after all.

Anil Dursun from Turkey Reply Nov 19th, 2015

As a "professional" language learner for years, I give 10 points out of 10 to Link. Don't think twice, choose Link!

Andrea from Germany Reply Nov 19th, 2015

I joined a class at Link language school two months ago and can absolutely recommend this school. Nice atmosphere, smooth organization and most important - a great teacher. Linda can even make Polish grammar exercises feel like fun.

Gerd from Germany Reply Nov 19th, 2015

The classes are really good, especially since Linda is doing such a great job. I might have quit some time ago if I would not enjoy going there and I feel like making a progress. Some time ago I recommended this class to Julian. But I Probably would not recommend it to more people since the class would be too crowded otherwise. ;-)

Moe from Japan Reply Mar 30th, 2015

I have been learning Polish with Marta, one-to-one lessons for 3 months. Marta has been greatly helping me out with understanding the Polish grammar which I wouldn't have managed by learning on my own. Always tries to find the best possible way to make me understand. Lessons are with encouraging and friendly atmosphere with good laughs. Thank you Marta!

Adam from United Kingdom Reply Mar 27th, 2015

I have been leaning Polish at LINK school for 9 months and I have to say that I always enjoy my lessons. Marta is a great and patient teacher (she needs to be for me!!) and understands the need of her students. She also has an excellent team of teachers. I definitely recommend it if you want to learn Polish.

Cyril from France Reply Feb 15th, 2015

Thank you Marta to teach me Polish, you're so patient . Always smiling and so professional. You can count on Marta if you want some explanation about Polish life (culture, politic...) and administration complexity. Marta find the good mix between knowledge and teaching. In one word if you want to learn Polish ask for Marta's lesson. Merci à Marta de m'apprendre le Polonais, elle est si patiente. Toujours souriante et professionnelle. Vous pouvez compter sur elle si vous souhaitez avoir des informations sur la vie en Pologne (culture, politique...) et résoudre des complexités administrative. Marta a trouvé le juste milieu entre le savoir et la transmission. En un mot, si vous souhaitez apprendre le Polonais, demandez les lessons de Marta

Sebstian from United States Reply Jan 30th, 2015

The most personal and interactive foreign language school I have been to. Keep up the great work. Highly recommended.

Mags & Steve Andrews from United Kingdom Reply Jan 27th, 2015

Link is a very Professionally run Language school, with friendly Teachers that make learning Polish fun. Polish is now officially the most difficult language to learn!

Guest from United Kingdom Reply Jan 26th, 2015

Very friendly school

Fabio from Italy Reply Jan 26th, 2015

Marta is simply the best language teacher I've met in my life. Thanks to her I learnt to speak polish in a short time. Now I can live and work in Poland using polish language. But not only... She organized her school like a friendly home where you can meet a lot of friends. For my integration in Poland Marta has been a milestone. Polecam serdecznie!

Ricard from Spain Reply Nov 17th, 2014

Certainly Marta knows how to keep the balance between enjoyable time and concrete lessons, pushing, always with a smile in her face, till you will get what she wants. Very experienced staff with clear understanding if the difficulties of the language, and making it digestive for everyone.

Julio from Spain Reply Aug 20th, 2014

Durante mi mes en Breslavia tuve la suerte de asistir a clases con Marta y Tomek, ambos fueron muy buenos profesores, adaptándose a mis preferencias en cuanto a la forma de dar las clases y preocupándose no sólo por mi aprendizaje sino por hacerme aprovechar mi estancia en la ciudad. Definitivamente me gustaría volver a tener clases con ellos.

Julia Laslett from United Kingdom Reply Aug 17th, 2014

★★★★★ I really so enjoyed studying Polish at this school, my 2 week course there was both fun and very beneficial. I came to LInk via a recommendation and my contact was absolutely right. The teachers are highly qualified, well-prepared, motivated and energetic - sadly this is not always the case in other schools ...Marta and my teacher Kasia were always happy to help with anything. I would certainly recommend this school - and it's right in the centre of a gorgeous city:)

Jolene Elisabeth from United States Reply Aug 13th, 2014

★★★★★ Coming to Poland has been a life-long dream, and I couldn't have asked for a better experience than I had in Wroclaw and at LINK! LINK was perfect for me! Small and personalized, I felt Marta met my needs as a language learner. She was honest, encouraging, and generous. She loves people and teaching, and she is an extremely talented professional. I felt accepted and encouraged here. I would HIGHLY recommend this school to others looking to learn Polish. I have every intention of coming back again in the future!

Student of M.D Galler from United Kingdom Reply Jul 10th, 2014

When I took My first lesson with Marta ,I felt how hard to deal with Polish , If you really wish to learn polish ,just ask Marta,she can persuade you with her Smile and her speech to Jonie Link the best ever in The world,Marta keep on !! I V § mush § mush so that is why I V U r M .

Sebastian from Germany Reply Jan 30th, 2014

When I first came to LINK, I hardly knew any Polish words, nevertheless, Marta encouraged me to try and speak Polish from the very beginning, which is the best and most effective way to learn the language. I can highly recommend this school, the atmosphere is very personal and motivating; Marta has an incredible amount of learning materials and really cares about you and your personal needs. And - you always will be offered a coffee or tea ;)

Alease from Puerto Rico Reply Jan 6th, 2014

Wish you all the best in 2014!

Janna from Germany Reply Dec 17th, 2013

Marta helped me to find the best possible solution for the short time of 2 weeks and put together a good mix of individual classes, as well as some group classes. Marta and Asia were both my teachers and both are highly motivated and want you to learn as much as possible. I am sure that there is no way that I could have learned more in these two weeks. Thank you especially to Marta, who tried to motivate me all the time and always had some friendly words.

Kim from United States Reply Sep 12th, 2013

I had an awesome experience here at LINK. The classes were enjoyable, sometimes really funny, with a good pace and always pushing me. The teacher really made the difference!

Antoine from France Reply Aug 17th, 2013

I had two wonderful weeks of daily Polish lessons at Link. Very interesting, useful and fun so I hardly recommend Link for anyone looking for polish lessons in Wroclaw!

Andrea from Italy Reply Jul 27th, 2013

i had few months of polish lesson at LINK and was very effective, fun and not boring at all. if you want or you have to learn polish is the right place to go! good job!

Anna from United Kingdom Reply Jun 25th, 2013

I undertook individual Polish language classes at LINK School of Polish in Wrocław and was lucky to have Marta as a teacher. She tailored the classes to the requirements of my job adjusting them to my personal speed of learning. The supporting materials she was using were lively and really interesting. Marta possesses an exceptionally reach vocabulary, which enables her to explain new words by precise synonyms or relevant examples. Marta is also a very amiable and friendly. She was not only teaching me Polish language but was revealing a whole new world of traditions, culture and history. This helped me to better understand the country and its people. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a teacher to any foreigner who is willing to study Polish language.

Elise R Wanger Zell from United States Reply May 1st, 2013

WOW. WOW. WOW Moje wykłady o skoła LINK są świetnie; oni są najlepsza część dnia. Każda dzien, o pracy, myslę tylko “Kiedy mogę mięc moja lekcja o skoła Link?” haha…Jest problem, bo zawsze chcę być w wykładu. Czytamy ciekawe teksty, słuchamy piosenki, oglądamy filmy fantasticzyne. Z LINK, jest dobre bilans między ćwiczenia i gry, więc nigdy nie jestem nudna. Marta zawse znaduje zadania które mnie interesuję. Nawet czasami chodzimy około miasto—jeden raz, chodzimy do szczyt catedralu. Bo LINK, już czuję się comfortowo rozmawiać z nieznajomych na ulica. Mogę zamowić potrawy w restaurancji, bilety na pociągm, ubranie…wszystko. Oczywiscie, mam jeszcse uczyć się, ale nie mogę się doczekać. Przyjechałam w Polsce we wreśniu, bo otrzymiałam stypendium amerikaninem żeby robić badania z universytet wrocławia. Kiedy przyjechałam, widziałam jeden słowo w polskiego: dzien dobry. Jest trudne wierzyć z teraz, mogę napisać recenzja po polsku! Myślę jest najlepszy dowód z skoła LINK jest wspaniały. Wykłady o LINK są godny inwestycji. Naprawda wart! My lessons at the LINK School for Foreigners are truly fantastic—the best part of my day. Each day at work, all I can think about is when I get to return to my Polish lesson. I love learning about the culture and language of Poland, and Marta always caters the content of our material to my interests regarding poetry, theater, film, politics, etc. We use a diverse range of media to master this difficult language : film, music, writing, radio, etc., some of which I really enjoy and return to again and again after class. Marta always manages to strike the perfect balance between work and play : she sneaks in grammar lessons when I’m having the most fun with a song or poem ! And she is much more than a teacher : I have come to consider her my mentor and friend. She has shown me wonderful hidden gems in the city I would never have discovered without her guidance, and she’s always amenable to a joke or a story. I came to Poland in September, at the start of my Fulbright fellowship at the University of Wrocław. I was scared, and alone, and I didn’t speak a word of Polish. Now, after seven months of struggling in a strange place, I feel at home. I feel comfortable navigating the city, and have made many friends, and a lot of that can be attributed to my ability to communicate in Polish. For that, I owe LINK everything. Thank you guys!

Matias from Argentina Reply Apr 29th, 2013

I highly recommend Link School as I came to Poland 4 months ago and I thought that I will never be able to speak the language, fortunately I found this school and it has help me so much that I no longer have fear of speaking with people

Jon Zubiondo from Spain Reply Apr 26th, 2013

I highly recommend Link Language School as it is worth learning polish with them. Marta and Monika are very good teachers, exceptionally well prepared and their experience and teaching methods prove to be very efficient to learn basic and professional polish language. I've been learning polish so far in three different schools and no doubt Link is the best. You'll probably find cheaper schools but i'm sure you won't find a better place.

Jan-Michael Junell from Finland Reply Mar 18th, 2013

"I would highly like to recommend Marta and her Link School of Polish for foreigners in Wroclaw. Marta is an outstanding teacher with a lot of positive energy and inspiration that make the classes fly. Marta has a great ability to take all business and personal needs into account when planning the classes, this to get most out of the studies in a short time. The school has an excellent location in the heart of Wroclaw close to public transport. Thanks!"

Josh from United States Reply Feb 18th, 2013

I really liked LINK School because I have learned alot but not in a boring way. The location is really good and the price too. Thanks and see you next year!

LORIE from United States Reply Jan 13th, 2013

I also highly recommend Link School. Marta is very motivated, fun, funny and energetic. Asia also shares these qualities and I would expect that all teachers employed by Link are like-minded. My classes are tailored to my needs. Although commercially available Polish language learning books are used, often-additional practice homework is developed by Link which is relevant to my interests or current learning deficiencies. I like the common sense approach to teaching and am happy with the results. I also have experience at another language school and I appreciate that at Link, the teachers are accessible, they listen to my needs, adjust and re-adjust as necessary so that I can achieve my goals. Also, occasionally, Link sponsors informal get-togethers for Link students. This was a pleasant surprise to me and I have met many interesting and enjoyable people as a result. Thank you, Link!

Leo from Spain Reply Jan 6th, 2013

I always wanted to learn Polish but was scared to even get close to it. Finally I decided to try it for one time and wow,what a surprise. The teacher - Marta is so enthusiastic and she made it so easy and logical for me.Almost feels that learning Polish is easier than other languages;) The staff is very helpful and friendly as well.I am really happy I have decided to learn with LINK. I really like the approch of the teacher, variety of materials she is using during the class, and the way she motivates me to keep learning new words. I could not be more satisfied!

Julia from Russia Reply Nov 15th, 2012

"I would like to highly recommend a LINK school and great teacher Marta to everybody who are interested in learning Polish language or needed it due the business reasons. The individual approach used in the school according your requirements definitely bring great results in short runs. Intensive course which was developed for my needs allowed me to achieve the good level of Polish language only in 2.5 months! I am very happy about results and feeling very confident in new language. Thanks to school."

Susanne from Germany Reply Nov 8th, 2012

I can only recommend this school. Unfortunatelly I had only the pleasure for 3 months - however I enjoyed this time. I did not only meet a competent teacher but I think I can say that I made a friend. Lerning is fun and varied! (Ich kann die Schule nur empfehlen. Leider hatte ich nur fuer 3 Monate das Vergnuegen - allerdings war das echt Klasse. Ich habe nicht nur eine kompetente Lehrerin kennengelernt sondern eine Freundin gewonnen. Das Lernen macht Spass und es ist abwechslungsreich)

Susanna from Sweden Reply Oct 28th, 2012

After years of living in Poland I decided to give it a go and try to improve my language-skills. For 1 semester I took individual classes at Link Language school and during this time I developed from having a basic level of language to being comfortable speaking polish anytime. I had Marta as my teacher, which was great, She’s very involved in your learning, many times I wonder if she wasn’t even more involved than I was myself! Together with her, classes were always fun, inspiring, personal and directed at your own needs. She makes even the most dry grammarexercises something to look forward to. You learn alot, and you want to learn more ☺ I would recommend this school to anyone who’s intending on learning this challenging but funny and beautiful language.

Trudie from Netherlands Reply Oct 14th, 2012

It was for several days that I, being a teacher as well followed an intensive course Polish at Link Language School. And how pleasant surprised I was that my teacher Marta was very skilled in teaching, explaining the difficulties of this langage. Moreover she responded professionally on my wishes concerning learning the to me important issues of this beautifull langage !

Peter from Switzerland Reply Jul 24th, 2012

Hey everybody, everything they said is true!! I just finished a summer course of Polish at LINK and I had a great time. The course was very personal and interactive. The teacher listens, created a fun and especially informal environment. Because of that I made great progress in my Polish and I am very eager to continue towards the next level!

Catriona from United Kingdom Reply Jul 20th, 2012

I did a short summer course at Link school and I loved it! I made a lot more progress than I was expecting to in two weeks. The school is a very friendly place and the teachers are excellent; the classes were always very well prepared and the material was always interesting and challenging. Marta is very patient and she really encouraged me to speak, so I quickly felt much more confident and I really enjoyed being able to speak Polish in class. Also, she really paid attention when I told her why I was studying and what I was hoping to learn, so the course was perfectly adapted to suit me. I was very sad when the two weeks were over because I was making so much progress that I didn’t want to stop, so I hope I’ll be able to go back sometime. Thank you!

adele martin from United States Reply Jun 7th, 2012

I came to Poland with a bare minimum of Polish knowledge, and enrolled in LINK as soon as I could. The classes are small and manageable, giving everyone a chance to speak. The focus is definitely on being able to carry on a conversation, and I learned to speak with more confidence very quickly. My teacher, Marta, spoke English very well, and could explain complex grammar problems easily when we got lost. Her methods were varied, but very hands-on. I think LINK is a great option for anyone looking for a Polish school. Not only is the school a great place to study, but Marta and the others teachers make it a social hub for foreigners in Wroclaw as well. They have frequent school get-togethers, which makes meeting people in the city much easier. It is a great experience and really helps to make a newcomer feel welcome in Wroclaw.

Luke Falkner from Australia Reply Mar 14th, 2012

I have to say, Link is the best language school Ive been a part of, and Ive learned languages in several different countries. I thoroughly enjoyed every class I had with Marta, and what I appreciated most was that it wasnt all just stuff spewed out from a text book. It was full of many activities and just good old fashioned conversation, which is the best way to learn. While Polish is a pretty damn near impossible language to learn, i learned a lot in the 6 months I studied there.:-) A big thanks to Marta for being a great teacher, and friend. Dziekuje Bardzo!

JC from France Reply Feb 18th, 2012

Si vous désirez apprendre le polonais dans une ambiance agréable, détendue, tout en ayant un suivi personnalisé et professionnel, je ne peux que vous recommander LINK ! Quelles que soient vos envies d'apprentissage, vos contraintes d'horaires, l'école s'adaptera à vous et vous permettra de progresser rapidement dans la connaissance de cette belle langue....mais très difficile, il faut l'avouer ! :)

Paul from France Reply Feb 7th, 2012

J'ai décidé d'améliorer mon polonais quand j'ai appris que j'allais travaillé ici en Pologne. Un ami m'a recommendé LINK pour leur profesionnalisme et la bonne ambiance qui il y a pendant les cours. Je ne regrette absolument pas ce choix et j'ai même pu constater des progrès assez rapidement. Si vous voulez apprendre le polonais dans une ambiance bon enfant, avec des résultats à la clé, je vous recommande chaudement LINK. (oh; et le 9/10 c'est parce que rien n'est parfait ;) )

Aleida from Spain Reply Feb 2nd, 2012

Hola a todos! Escribo aqui para recomendar esta escuela :) Yo lelvo aqui unos meses y estoy muy conteta!! he aprendido mucho y la clase so muydiertidas. En la escuela se adaptan a tu nivel, tu horario y tus necesidades de aprender el idioma. Si quiere aprender polaco no lo dudes y contacta con Link!!!

Aleida from Spain Reply Feb 2nd, 2012

Hello eerybody!! Im Ali and im learning polish in Link Language School, I strongly recommend it!!! Lessons are a lot of fun and after few months here i can already get by :) The lectures are provided up to your level, your schedule and your needs :) If you are searchig for a language school do not hessitate and contact Link!!!

Martin from Austria Reply Nov 9th, 2011

"I really can recommend LINK. The classes are in a relaxed atmosphere with a nice teacher and you can learn a lot in short time. It'S the most efficient language course, which I have ever done. Don't hesitate to choose LINK!!!"

C. Grodzki from United States Reply Oct 12th, 2011

If you are at all interested in learning Polish, go to this school!! I took courses during my stay in Wrocław and learned so much each and every time. My instructor, Marta, is not only an amazing instructor, but a great friend. Marta helped my girlfriend and I with many issues that we would have otherwise had tremendous difficulty overcoming. I look forward to seeing everyone at Link soon! Miss you guys already. Cody P.S. Marta, could you please ask Seb and Pablo find me on Facebook? Thanks!

Simone from Germany Reply Oct 10th, 2011

In September I took a three week individual class at Link language school in Wroclaw, and I don´t regret my choice! Learning Polish there was great, I had lots of fun with the teacher, I enjoyed the classes and learned a lot. Compared to two other language courses I took before, this was definitely the best school, where I made the best progress in learning this hard language! I plan on coming back to Wroclaw next summer – and of course I will again take classes at Link language school!

Gerdien from Netherlands Reply Sep 23rd, 2011

Hello everybody! If you want to learn polish, I advise you to go to LINK school! This summer I took an individual course for 3 weeks and I've learned really a lot there! The time flies when you choose to go there, because the lessons are fun and the teachers are really nice!I think they teach you polish in a very efficient way and on your personal level!

Willem Glasbergen from Netherlands Reply Sep 2nd, 2011

Last summer I followed a 2,5 weeks intensive course at Link in Wroclaw. I really enjoyed all lessons and learned Polish very fast. The teaching method at Link is never boring which helps you to stay focused during the lessons. The teachers are very enthousiastic and patient and they can adjust the lessons to your needs and preferences. I also liked the activities next to the classes to get to know your fellow students and experience Poland (Acrobranch was great!). I would recommend this school for anyone who is looking for a good school to learn Polish!

Aidan from United Kingdom Reply Sep 1st, 2011

Last month I had the great pleasure of taking a two-week course of one-to-one lessons at the Link School of Polish in Plac Solny, with the aim of consolidating and developing what I have learned while studying in the UK. Marta compared learning a language with swimming in an ocean and with her help, encouragement, good humour and a bit of chivvying, I have been able to take a few more steps into the water. At least I now have the confidence that I won't drown! Studying Polish in its home country was a marvellous experience, and my only regret is that I was unable to stay in Wrocław for a little while longer. Now back in the UK, I feel more motivated than ever to continue learning Polish, fortunate in having excellent teachers both in Poland, and here in England.

Kåre A. Lie from Norway Reply May 22nd, 2011

Å lære et nytt språk er som å gå tur i fjellet. Du starter nederst nede, blant busker og kratt, der alle detaljer er nye og du mangler enhver oversikt. Langsomt arbeider du deg oppover motbakkene. Du hører fremmede og skremmende lyder i krattet – er det en uregelmessig komparativ som knurrer bak den busken der, tro? Eller ligger det en perfektivform på lur bak den steinen? Men har du en trygg og god veileder som kjenner terrenget og kan hjelpe deg i motbakkene, begynner du snart å bli fortrolig med landskapet. Snart er du kjent med de vanligste stubbene og steinene, og du blir ikke lenger redd når du hører en levende akkusativhann utstøte sine paringsrop inne i buskaset. Og snart åpner det seg utsikter og sammenhenger du ikke har sett før. Du ser at veien til toppen fortsatt er lang, men du kan allerede glede deg over den vakre utsikten, og dette gir oppmuntring og krefter til å fortsette. I to uker foretok jeg en slik ekspedisjon gjennom det polske språk, fire enetimer daglig, under kyndig veiledning av de dyktige lærerne Marta og Krysia, og takket være deres vennlige og tålmodige veiledning var jeg aldri redd for å gå meg vill. Min kone, Tove, var også med, men hun ville heller forbedre sine kunnskaper i russisk. Studere russisk i Wroclaw? Nie ma problemu! LINK skaffet henne den dyktige russisklæreren Dorota, så Tove var minst like fornøyd med oppholdet som jeg var. Vi håper vi kan tilbake til Wroclaw neste år og ta flere timer hos LINK! Learning a new language is like taking a walk in the mountains. You start at the lowest level, among shrubs and bushes, where all details are new and you cannot see very far yet. Slowly you struggle uphill. You hear new and scary sounds in the bushes – could that be an irregular comparativ snarling behind those bushes? Or is that a perfective verb lurking behind that stone? But if you have a reliable and good guide who knows the terrain and can help you during the ascent, you will soon be more familiar with the landscape. Soon you get to know the more common of the shrubs and stones, and you are no longer scared by the mating calls of a live, male accusative. And soon views and contextes open before your eyes. You see that the road to the highest peak still is long, but you are already able to enjoy the beautiful view, something that gives inspiration and encouragement to go further., For two weeks I undertook this adventure in the Polish language, four one-to-one lessons a day, expertly guided by the very competent teachers Marta and Krysia, and thanks to their friendly and patient guidance I never feared to get lost. My wife, Tove, also took part in this adventure. But instead of Polish, she preferred rather to improve her Russian. Russian studies in Wroclaw? Nie ma problemu! LINK provide the excellent teacher Dorota, so that Tove was just as pleased with the stay as I was. We hope to be able to return to Wroclaw next year for more lessons at LINK!

Martin from Canada Reply May 12th, 2011

I was a student at Link for more than 8 months and I loved it! I was meeting Ania on an individual basis every week and have been able to increase substantially my confidence in speaking Polish. Comments from friends and relatives confirmed that my proficiency in Polish significantly improved. Right from the start, instead of imposing a one-size-fits-all program, Ania wanted to know my objectives and was able to adapt the agenda, topics and home-works to my personal interests, mood and time availability. Though I believe a small group class is what beginners need, there is a point where it is wiser to invest a little more in the process and take individual lessons. I do not regret my decision and I strongly recommend Link Language School and, first and foremost, my teacher Ania!

Martin from Canada Reply May 12th, 2011

J’ai suivi des cours à Link pendant 8 mois et j’ai tout simplement adoré! Chaque semaine, sur une base individuelle, j’avais rendez-vous avec Ania pour ma leçon. Ania a réussi à beaucoup augmenter ma confiance à parler polonais dans la vie courante. Au surplus, plusieurs de mes amis et proches n’ont cessé de me complimenter sur mes capacités en polonais. Dès le départ, plutôt que d’imposer un programme tout fait d’avance, Ania a su modifier son approche pour faire du sur-mesure. Elle a voulu connaître mes objectifs et cibles et elle a su adapter le partage du temps, le contenu et les devoirs à mes intérêts personnels, mon humeur et le temps que je pouvais consacrer hors cour. Bien que je crois tout à fait valable de suivre des cours en petits groupes au moment de la découverte de la langue polonaise, il arrive un moment où il m’apparaît plus judicieux d’investir un peu plus dans la démarche et y aller de leçons individuelles. Je ne regrette pas du tout cette décision et je recommande fortement Link Language School et, par-dessus tout, mon professeur Ania!

I.B.A. from Gabon Reply May 10th, 2011

Thanks a lot to Link. I have learnt polish for several months and got no complains. Recomemded.

Dag from Sweden Reply Apr 14th, 2011

Kan varmt rekommendera en kurs i polska hos Marta pa Link. Tog 10 lektioner i en grupp pa 3 personer a 90 min och gjorde snabbt framsteg fran nyborjarniva. Marta gor lektionerna roliga och lattsamma samtidigt som hon hjalper dig att halla koll hur man tar sig fram i den polka grammatikdjungeln. Skolan organiserar aven aktiviteter for alla elever som gemensamma fester samt rundturer till Wroclaws sevardheter. Att skolan ligger lokaliserad mitt i centrum gor slutligen att det ar en ideal startpunkt for dig som ar ny i Wroclaw.

Carsten from Germany Reply Apr 7th, 2011

Recommened. You learn easily Polish here, even the language is not easy ;-)

Renato from United States Reply Mar 24th, 2011

My wife and I have been students at the Link School for six months and we are so happy we signed on at the beginning of our time in Wroclaw. It's great! Our teachers are native Polish speakers and university grads. They deal easily with any level of the language: business/professional, neighborhood/convenience store, or street slang. As any teacher needs to be, they are congenial: grammar and pronunciation go down easier when they come from a friend who is genuinely interested in our progress and willing to take as much time as we need to understand a new concept (Polish has a lot of those). Link's flexibility is wonderful: when our working schedules changed, our class schedule changed. When we must miss a class due to business reasons, our teachers schedule the equivalent time later. It doesn't hurt that the School is located in the center of Wroclaw's beautiful Old City. Getting off the tram after a day's work and walking into the gorgeous Gothic/Baroque square actually feels like going back in time and leaving our everyday work issues behind for a few hours. My wife and I have developed the habit of having a light supper in town following our classes. Polish can be a very romantic language when practiced by candlelight and looking out on the medieval City Hall!

Marta Geller from Poland Reply Mar 23rd, 2011

Hello! This is just to let you know that we start a new group for beginners in April. Please contact us if you are interested!:) Marta

janice deitner from United States Reply Feb 27th, 2011

I would highly recommend Link language school to anyone wishing to learn Polish. Marta and her staff are incredibly helpful every step of the way. They evaluated my level carefully, and placed me with a group that has both challenged me and supported me. They really pay attention to my particular needs, both in regards to learning the language and in regards to my crazy schedule. More than all this, they make you feel like you are part of a family. Personal attention and support, what more could you ask for?

Joaquín from Spain Reply Feb 18th, 2011

If you want to learn Polish this is your scholl. Yes. You can be 100 years trying, and trying to learn this sooooooooooo easyyyyyyyyyyyyyy language;))))... that in Link -at last- you can see the light in the end of the tunel. The teachers are greate (i have Marta Heller) and the atmosfere very very good. Now there is no excuses to learn polish. I recomended absolutly.

amy from Netherlands Reply Oct 20th, 2010

I would personally recommend the Link School of Langugages if you want to learn Polish. I was looking for a week long intensive "crash course" to kick-start my Polish and found that not only was Link very efficient in planning and scheduling my individual classes, but also the classes were brilliant! Each class was tailor made to my own development pace, very interactive and enjoyable mixing very well some relaxed chats to get me to pratice the few polish words I knew, together with grammar points. All in all I find I have learnt a tremendous amount in the week I was there. Thanks again to Ania and Marta for being such great and enthusiastic teachers. Amy

William Shim from United States Reply Oct 14th, 2010

Great staff and was very flexible despite my schedule. Had a great time learning. I highly recommend.

Norbert from Romania Reply Sep 17th, 2010

"Hi, I would definitely recommend the Link language school. I've spent with Link almost a year and was very fond of their teaching method, study environment and professionalism. They not only teach you the language but also the culture, history and customs of this beautiful country. Have a chat with them, and I'm sure you will find what you are looking for."

Alex Milne from Canada Reply Sep 17th, 2010

I've tried taking various language courses in Canada but none of them are nearly as affective as Link in Wroclaw. Polish is an extremely difficult language to learn yet Link makes it surprisingly easy to grasp the Polish language. Well organised, structured lessons and a very fun and a creative approach to learning. Link is more than a school for me. Being away from my home country, Link is like a second home for me. I always look forwards to the next class and I've already been there for about a year; i'm just never tired of going there. It's just such a friendly and relaxed athmosphere to learn in! Marta is a hard-working amazing and teacher! Come meet her and I BEG YOU... in Wroclaw - one of Europe's hiddCOME CHECK OUT THIS SCHOOL!! It's money well spent and polish is an amazing language. It's a crime not to learn a bit of polish while you're staying in Wroclaw - one of Europe's hidden gems!

Miriam Parker from Canada Reply Jul 6th, 2010

After living in Poland for about six months; and making miserable progress with my Polish; I decided to look into Polish classes; this was in December 2010. Link was recommended to me by a friend; and going there was the best decision I ever made! Learning at Link is my first experience with learning a language formally through classes. I've always been an advocate of self study and "picking it up as you go along". Well, that's before I tried to learn Polish! Studying at Link is above all:: motivating! Which is so so important ! The lessons are tailored to your level and what days and times you have available; prices are completely affordable; and the school is located right in the middle of downtown; just off the rynek. Classes are simply; fun! What is better than learning while enjoying? The teachers effortlessly balance professionalism with friendliness; as an english teacher myself i appreciate how they are constantly attentive to your needs, strengths, and weaknesses; I have never felt so comfortable or motivated in a classroom :) If you want to learn Polish, I highly suggest Link being the place you try first, you won't regret it!

Richard Jeffery from United Kingdom Reply May 21st, 2010

I retired early from Oxford University in July 2009 and emigrated to Wroclaw for a better life a month later with only a very basic understanding of the Polish language. I have found that the classes at Link are very much tailored to the individual, and for a mature person like myself with no previous experience of speaking a foreign language this has been a godsend. One to one lessons mean that I can progress at my own pace and repeat aspects of grammar if I have not fully understood them first time around. In such a short time I feel that my conversation and confidence have improved dramatically.

Marta Geller from Poland Reply May 4th, 2010

Hello everyone! My name is Marta and I am the owner of LINK School of Polish for Foreigners.This is just to let you know we are still here in Plac Solny 13 so if you are looking for really good bunch of proffessionals who will help you to learn polish over a cup of your favourite drink- join us. In May we offer 10% discount for new studnets coming through Wroclaw-life!

Clara from Spain Reply Jan 21st, 2010

Polish language tips "hiya wot u up ta" terri United Kingdom Jan.13.2010 rates this page 5/5 "¡Hola!¿Algún recién llegado a Wroclaw? Si estáis buscando un buen sitio donde aprender polaco, os recomiendo Link. Es una escuela que está muy bien situada: en Plac Solny, ¡al lado de Rynek! Las profesoras son muy majas y el ambiente es inmejorable: grupos reducidos, con estudiantes de todas partes del mundo. Yo estoy aprendiendo rápido gracias a ellas. Además, las clases son muy dinámicas y divertidas. También está bastante bien de precio (depende del número de estudiantes por curso). " Clara Spain Jan.11.2010 rates this page 3/5 "Hi everyone!Are you new in Poland? If you are looking for a good place to learn polish I recommend you Link. Its a very nice school which is very well located in the city centre: in Plac Solny. Just close to Rynek! The teachers are great and helpful. So the students are. You´ll meet people from all over the world there ;) You´ll learn fast and the lessons are dinamic and funny. I´ve studied languages in another countries and this is one of the best schools! Price is also good: (it depends of the number of students). Pozdrowienie! "

Patrick from United Kingdom Reply Jan 4th, 2010

An extremely good and well located school. Very good rates and friendly as well (in fact i liked it so much I decided to actually get the effort together to post a review!!) Paddy

Pere from Spain Reply Jul 14th, 2009

The 3 hours of Polish lessons a week in link were one of the best moments of the week. It was very fun and I love the way they teach Polish to foreigners. The team of professors is very very nice and really commited to make you feel good whith Polish language. You will find for sure a group adapted to your level. And the price is very cool too! I STRONGLY recommend Link school!

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