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Casa de la Musica gullit: sucks, nice decoration, if you sit longer than 30 min with one drink, you got the bill without asking for it. very old music has nothing to do with salsa, maybe 2 or 3 songs, that's it , small dace area whatever up or downstairs .. Bed Club Maia: Sorry it does exist. In Berlin is few bars and hung out places just for Germans. They didn't let us in last year Mundo 71 Music Club Carla: Can somebody tell the DJs to play the songs more than 30 seconds? :-/ John Bull Pub Paulmc: Not EVERYBODY looking for an Irish/English bar abroad is SOLEY obsessed with such a place. I been out with my new Polish friends here to many authentic Polish places but for things such as football and just the banter you get from people of your own country I do find it nice. Of course you might not be able to hear me....that horse is quite high! Art Cafe Kalambur przygodzka: Bonsoir szukam mojej kolezanki z dawnego teatru "kalambur" Mira ciechowska; Pomózcie mi, prosze. Dziekuje aldona Speakeasy carl smith: cant wait to go back and drink a lech. one of the few places in wroclaw with lech Irish Pub carl smith: youre** Irish Pub carl smith: i think you lot writing bad reports here are jumped up and expect a red carpet rolled out just cos your irish. as for the others, its irish themed. not a place in ireland. its called trying to get it right and if you cant appreciate the effort gone into it then dont go back cos you aint wanted. i go every year to wroclaw and i think this bar is great. Exclusive Striptease Club LE SECRET Alfie: Best stripclub ever, beautifull girl ;) Schody Donikad Stefan: The best cocktails in town, excellent head bartender and the best atmosphere.

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