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VIP Night Club XXX Olga: potrzebują pracy. ponad 10 lat doświadczenia barmena Irish Pub John Zoe: Worst waitresses ever. Besides the mediocre Guinness from tap, all other beers, for example pils, were quite old and hideous. A lot of verbal abuses from their staff, so - whatever floats your boat mates. Coffee Planet Ian: The worst service & drinks in Wrocław. Waitresses were drunk, 15 minute wait for 2 of the most watered down cocktails I've had the displeasure of tasting. Shocking. Avoid unless you like being ripped off Coffee Planet Joanna: Wlasnie wyszlam stamtad, zaplacilismy 48zl za czekanie 20minut na deals drinki ktore podaly nam pijane kelnerki, przy nas pily alkohol, nie polecam nikomu, rozwodniona bloody mary I strawberry daiquiri... Szkoda pieniedzy Niebo Cafe Guest: gooood Exclusive Striptease Club LE SECRET Darek: Totwierdzam Irish Pub Roy : Ok so look , I've given this place another shot , cause let's face it There's no where else to go during the day just for a pint New bar man this time , And please , I ain't looking for no red carpet just cause I'm Irish But seriously this guy is monosyllabic Converstation ??!! Forget it He also speaks English perfectly well If your in the Irish pub business By your own free choice At least learn how to be happy in your own skin And at least try make the punter feel welcome In fact , I would imagine that principal applies to any hospitality business in any county ? Anyway This place , to be honest I don't know why they even bother Irish Pub Roy : I paid 25zl for a cigar Bar man asked for the matches back Dingy smelly place Staff don't help either Not friendly at all Major chip on the shoulder Though this seems to be a polish phenomenon in fairness and not just exclusive to bar tenders and waitress in this place I'd happily not go there again Exclusive Striptease Club LE SECRET joe: ganz übler laden. hässliche dicke alte frauen die nur geld wollen aber nix dafür machen. betrüger diebe. vorsicht Cafe Targowa Kordian: Must be the best coffee in Wrocław :)

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