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Irish Pub
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Irish Pub
Plac Solny 5

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Editor's review

Forget a well-oiled democratic political system, smooth-running bureaucracy, reliable emergency services, extensive transport links and a sound market economy. A city needs only two things to achieve modern civilization: a McDonalds and an Irish Pub. Have you ever been to a city without them? We haven't and we've been all the way to Novisibirsk in Siberia - a case of one pint of Guinness coming right up! Wroclaw's version is everything you have come to expect from these ubiquitous havens, and serves as home away from home for the town's expat community.

Editor & Wroclaw Local


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John Zoe

Worst waitresses ever. Besides the mediocre Guinness from tap, all other beers, for example pils, were quite old and hideous. A lot of verbal abuses from their staff, so - whatever floats your boat mates.

Reply Jul 5th, 2017

Ok so look ,

I've given this place another shot , cause let's face it

There's no where else to go during the day just for a pint

New bar man this time ,

And please , I ain't looking for no red carpet just cause I'm Irish

But seriously this guy is


Converstation ??!!

Forget it

He also speaks English perfectly well

If your in the Irish pub business

By your own free choice

At least learn how to be happy in your own skin

And at least try make the punter feel welcome

In fact , I would imagine that principal applies to any hospitality business in any county ?


This place , to be honest

I don't know why they even bother

Reply Apr 19th, 2017

I paid 25zl for a cigar

Bar man asked for the matches back

Dingy smelly place

Staff don't help either

Not friendly at all

Major chip on the shoulder

Though this seems to be a polish phenomenon in fairness and not just exclusive to bar tenders and waitress in this place

I'd happily not go there again

Reply Apr 18th, 2017

Nie warto , nie szanują ani klienta ani pracownika . Po wejściu grupy pijanych w sposób chamski zachowujących się Anglików , przesiadująca przy barze pani manager znikła na zapleczu , wyszło z pubu też kilka innych osób .Całkowity brak reakcji ze strony obsługi na to co dzieje się w lokalu.

Reply Feb 8th, 2016

After order a beer I said "Sláinte" to the bartender,

he did not know what it was. "irish pub"?

but... great bar, nice people

Reply Dec 20th, 2015
Michele panizza

what kind of irish pub don't show rugby games???? WTF

Reply Feb 28th, 2015
carl smith


Reply Apr 28th, 2014
carl smith

i think you lot writing bad reports here are jumped up and expect a red carpet rolled out just cos your irish. as for the others, its irish themed. not a place in ireland. its called trying to get it right and if you cant appreciate the effort gone into it then dont go back cos you aint wanted. i go every year to wroclaw and i think this bar is great.

Reply Apr 28th, 2014
Karen Connolly

That is so unfair and maybe somewhat judgmental. Whom are you putting into this bracket. Obviously when travelling we want to find links to different culture but it is still nice to spot an Irish bar and check it out if convenient. I've been to many an Irish bar across the world , entering with an open mind and no real percieved expectations . I wouldn't say low expectations but being Irish we would not spend time dwelling on what a pub might be like inside etc, rather than just go in and check it out *for the craic. They all vary so much and its nice to see the local take\twist on the Irish theme. It is bit disappointing when the only thing Irish is that Guinness is served and overpriced at that.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion as long as its clean and approptiate.

Reply Sep 15th, 2021
United Kingdom

suprised this place is still in business,if it was out of town it would allready be bankrupt..had to ask for my change,otherwise i would not have received it....also well overpriced and staff are so so rude...

Reply Jan 8th, 2013
Mary McWilliam
United Kingdom

Worst pub we visited in the whole of Wroclaw! Ordered 2 whiskies which cost an absolute fortune and a gin and tonic. Before I even had a chance to lift the gin and tonic, I knocked it over by accident and the barman just looked at me - did not even offer to replace it, I even mopped it up myself! The place was dark, dingy and smelly - I would not recommend this pub to anyone and certainly will never visit it again!

Reply Oct 7th, 2012
Marguerite From USA and Berlin
United States

Terrible place. Dank inside. No wonder it was empty at 7:30 pm on a Friday night. The barkeep was surly. Even a Yank knows how a Guinness is poured, or more to the point, NOT poured correctly. Thankfully I opted for a Kilkenny. Was overpriced so I was one and done.........

Reply Aug 4th, 2012
Maggie malone

If you want to be treated like a second class citizen, this may well be the bar for you. Over priced beer and staff with shed loads of bad attitude.

Reply Aug 2nd, 2012

We were there several times over the past couple of days and whilst it may lack the "local" expat crowd, for me it was Irish enough to call it our home for 3 days ! Guinness very good and cheaper than in Warsaw, food up to scratch and owner and staff very friendly.

Reply Jun 7th, 2012

Can we stop calling this an Irish bar! This is NOT an Irish bar. Green furniture and the ability to purchase a particular product does not make an Irish bar. No atmosphere.

Unhelpful staff. Ridiculously expensive. NOT an Irish bar. For the record, there is no Irish bar in Wroclaw so stop looking.

Reply Jan 21st, 2012

felt more irish at buckingham palace no decent cider no irish staff n they said u cud smoke upstairs but they wouldnt let me upstairs

Reply Nov 21st, 2011

Dieser Ort ist schrecklich und sehr viel teurer als andere Bars in Breslau.

Reply Oct 26th, 2011

great bar , great crack , lovely staff ;) 100percent come back . cant leave the place goin there again in a min .Swaaann

Reply Oct 23rd, 2011

i am in wroclaw for 2 weeks work,we found the guinness pub soon enough and we go drinking there everyday.the atmosphere is excellent and the staff are very friendly and a great laugh.GO ON the giunness pub ill defo come back again for holiday.

Reply Oct 23rd, 2011
United States

Lame! Totally lame place.

Reply Oct 19th, 2011
sarah mitchell
United Kingdom

please please stay away from this pub my husband is irish and we wanted to watch the football on tuesday 11th of october 2011 but was told we could not watch this has they didnt have that channel what a load of rubbish all so they dont do half pints of larger or beer only pints and wine is extremely a total rip off.dont go into this pub.

Reply Oct 15th, 2011
United Kingdom

It's your typical 'Irish pub but not in Ireland' venue. Waitresses were efficient and the live band we saw on Saturday night were excellent. But the prices are naughty; you would pay less in England. If you don't HAVE to drink Guinness, there are other places nearby at less than half the cost.

Reply Sep 14th, 2011

visited last xmas! a total rip off!going back to wroclaw in july but staying clear of this place! ignorant staff!not a good pint of guinness for the price!its far from an irish pub!

Reply May 18th, 2011
United Kingdom

Terrible place! Avoid at all costs. The beer is expensive compared to all others in the area and the staff is lazy. Also, there are usual only a few people there during the week who are complete bastards.

Reply May 9th, 2011
United States

This place sucks! There are a few regulars who are total a-holes and the bar staff is lazy. Don't go here!

Reply Mar 21st, 2011
United Kingdom

rip off city , the pub i mean

you cant smoke downstairs , but you can upstairs..where the prices are double

furthermore you cant bring a drink from downstairs upstairs.....dont go unless you have money to burn

my wife is polish and so we spend a lot of time over there....the price of beer in the whole of the town centre is inflated....but ok its a lovely place to have a drink....accepted

but this place really takes the can get a lovely pint , well a bit more than a pint , for a quid even in the rynek if you look yiou really want to come to poland and pay expensive prices for a 3 quid for some tatty english bitter or poorly kept guiness...or might it not be better to have a nice drink in one of the many bars in wroclaw that DONT aim to rip you off

have a great time in wroclaw its lovely , but unless you are loaded dont visit this establishment

Reply Jan 2nd, 2011
United Kingdom

I've been to many places in Wrocław, and this place is the worst. Rude service, poor beer (especially for the price) and terrible music while the football is on. Seriously, all foreign tourists would do a lot better to check out from Polish places where the beer is more likely to be good (especially if they don't just have the boring standard brands like Warka) and the people are friendlier.

Reply Nov 15th, 2010

Not an irish bar and im irish when i walked in it became more irish than probably its been all year and not everyone in ireland listens to enya or that country rubbish

Reply Oct 18th, 2010

good pub good location good atosphere deffinatly reccomend bunch of english tools saying "fenians in an irish pub" big headscratcher less english the better

Reply Feb 6th, 2010
United Kingdom

Possibly the worst pub in Wroclaw, complete tourist rip off. One price for Polish a higher price for others with a rubbish atmosphere to boot. Best avoided.

Reply Jan 8th, 2010
United States

Very nice place! Been to Wroclaw quite a few times this year and always go here. Very nice staff and you always meet interesting english speaking people.

Reply Dec 15th, 2009
United Kingdom

the bar was good a bit pricey but so is most irish bars and as for uk loyal and dicky dick rock if u dont like fenians stay out of poland U.D.O.B

Reply Nov 19th, 2009
United States

I may not be Irish, but for me, this place is a decent Irish-inspired bar.

Reply Aug 5th, 2009
Philip o Byrne

Not an Irish Bar. just a Polish bar that serves Guinness with a few Irish pictures on the wall. Painting a pub green with a Guinness sign outside does not make it an Irish bar. No Irish Tv channels so no good if you want to watch a GAA match.Waiter was veryfriendly. No complaints there.

Reply Aug 3rd, 2009

It is a big grimey, but I think some expats are just in love with this place. I can't really imagine why, but I guess it's a good place to dream about home...

Reply Jun 28th, 2009
John D
United Kingdom

Not a good place. Avoid! There's plenty better places in Wrocław for beer. The service is indifferent towards the patrons, poor in fact. I guess that the staff has changed since other reviews have been written, as they're not lookers at all. That's by the by though. I think it's the worst Irish pub I know, and for the games AVOID this place and go to Sports Bar.

Reply Jan 20th, 2009
United Kingdom

Hmmm a bit hit and miss, this place. The beer is alright (there are better places for beer in Wrocław though) though somewhat pricey. The clientele can be OK, though you get the odd mouthy group. The worst is the service: they can disappear sometimes to smoke somewhere and you have to wait ages to get served. Not the politest of service (though that's typical in Poland) and beware if you want to watch football there, as while they may say they are showing a certain game, they may change their mind in the last minute so the staff can watch a game of their choice.

Reply Jan 16th, 2009
United Kingdom

very very good place, i was very very drunk, ask ola she will tell you ;-D

Reply Jun 26th, 2008

you don't have to be Irish to feel Irish - just take a sit outside and watch the life passing by...

Reply Apr 9th, 2008

Best place to drink Guinness in the town - can not complain for the service, place friendly for foreigners - stop for a pint and enjoy your time in Wroclaw!

Reply Apr 8th, 2008
d smith
United Kingdom

Hmmm,not too happy about this place at all i really have to say AVOID!!! AVOID,if your English you may be charged more for drinks as i was....and also was given very wrong change too on two seperate occasions,when i complained to the manager he was not at all if you dont want to get ripped off DONT GO THERE!!!!

Reply Jan 3rd, 2008
janek rybak

Next time i will order tabasco instead of a Bloody Mary:} jolly good bar with nice and friendly kelnerka.... c u in future...

Reply Jan 2nd, 2008
United Kingdom

Instinctively I would sooner step on an upturned plug whilst gargling cod liver oil than venture into any supposedly authentic ‘Brit’ bar, for fear of being surrounded by the very sort of gurning, booze-addled xenophobes who plague the streets of Blighty in ever increasing numbers to ever diminishing returns. Thankfully this joint appears to have more or less avoided any influx of said Neanderthals. Which leaves the more civilised patrons free to enjoy a particularly agreeable bar in relative peace. The dark green décor and furnishings are classy, the bar staff are unerringly friendly, there is plenty on offer to quaff and the menu is positively delectable. And scarcely a pot belly or unseemly leisure trouser in sight.

Reply Aug 30th, 2007
United Kingdom

Neither a fenian lover or hater, merely a good judge of bars hither and thither, I see this as a fine venue. Prop the bar, take a drink, light up a JPS and relax. Eye candy on one side of the bar, convivial chat on t'other. What more could a man on a mission want! See you in a month or so.

Reply Jun 14th, 2007
Mr. T
United Kingdom

Bit of a typical Irish pub abroad. Nothing special but if you want to meet some expats (not sure why you would) then go for your life

Reply Jun 11th, 2007
UK Loyal
United Kingdom

Fenians should be rounded up and put on a boat home!

Reply Apr 1st, 2007

Best Spot in Wroclaw with Bar staff who will keep the beer flowing as long as you want! Thanks Guys!

Reply Mar 22nd, 2007
United Kingdom

Irish pubs are generally crap IMO (as is MacDonalds) but Guinness is pretty good - 3 completely diffeent style bars on each floor, good mix of locals and expats and decent live gigs. Only downside is the staff who give the pubs a clique feel but Polish service is usually unfriendly anyway, bordering on hostile, so dont let that put you off..

A pretty stupid remark frmn the American guy - depending on who you ask a Fenian is an Irish soldier, a supporter of Irish independence duriung The Troubles, a Catholic (not true) or a Celtic supporter.

Reply Jan 13th, 2007
Mr. Mister
United Kingdom

what is a fenian? would someone please be so kind as to fill in this knowledge for me...

Reply Jan 10th, 2007
Champion Ireland

I fail to see the problem, Fenians are the finest of people. Please feel free to f*** off.

Reply Dec 30th, 2006
Dicky Rock
United States

Over-run with fenians. This place is a joke.

Reply Oct 24th, 2006
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