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iStyle MArchitect: Improved from previous experience, very helpful vendor Baker Street Lt Roger Wilco: Lovely shop with great selection of incredible pipes: was hoping to see something to buy. iStyle Jack: Arogant jerks at Andel shop. They dont have needed skills or knowledge about apple products. If they dont smell money from you they will give you poor service. First time I was there i was buying my macbook pro they would lick my balls and begging me to let them suck me. Other time when I had problem with it because it was not charging, they were literaly running away from me and making excuses that manager isnt at shop today and they are not authorized to accept claims against warranty. Needles to say, Ive called to apple support (still had 5months left on premium support) and theyve collected it from appartment and two days later I had "my" mac back again. Not entirely mine because it was brand new. Be aware they are not Apple but merely authorized RE-sellers. Im warning you rather, take your time buy a ticket do Dressden and buy your Apple product at certified Apple store. Country Life Nurul Alam: I like to go Prague and settle there how it is possible Tesco GEORGE PARRY: the best drink money can buy Baker Street Baker Street: The shop moved to address náměstí Republiky 656/8, Prague 1, Kotva department store. Large selection of cigars, pipes and accessories. Letnany Adam: Great shopping mall. Very peaceful. Manufaktura Rosemary: I love all the products, luckily my son lives in Prague so is able to bring me over what I like. Always visit the shop and stock up. My favourite is beer shampoo, shower gels and the best soaps ever. Great discovery! Have visited Prague nine times and have to shop at Manufaktura first chance I get. Manufaktura Virginia Marie: I just love this shop. I visited the one at Melantrichova 17 in May, 2015 and left with gifts for just about everyone on my list, including me! Lovely hand creams, cleansers, pottery, traditional Czech eggs, and more. Very helpful and accommodating sales staff. The cashier was kind enough to mention that I might wish to claim a refund on the VAT and provided me with the pre-printed paperwork so that I could more easily apply for the refund. I spend over $100.00 American so it was worth it. I recommend this shop as one which I believe you can purchase items that are truly made in the Czech Republic. Baker Street Mickey Rostoker: DO NOT GO THERE ... it was a very good shop, but it is now closed down.

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