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Lviv may not be swimming with swish Western styled shops, but on the other hand, treasure after treasure can be found in the region's traditional arts and crafts. Whether it's hand-painted 'pysanky' eggs, lacquer boxes or linen shirts, finding something with quality will be a pleasure. And besides the shops dotted around the Old Town, visiting a market is a must. In this respect, haggling is very much par for the course. Stall owners will certainly not turn away a fist full of dollars, but bear in mind that you may be playing the Father Christmas role by paying five times the local price.

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Top rated shopping in Lviv

Folk Art Market

Folk delights near the Opera

Market     Old Town


Running shoes and other sports gear

Sporting Goods     City Centre South


Supermarket west of the city

Supermarket     Further Out

Letter Bookshop

Excellent bookstore just off the square

Books     Old Town
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