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Accent School of Polish
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Accent School of Polish
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Editor's review

Want to learn Polish? This is the place to go! Accent has been established for the sole purpose of teaching Polish and offers a team of experienced and passionate teachers. Whether two-week intensive courses in summer, a monthly course throughout the year, or a quick Survival Polish course to catch up with necessities, Accent offers a broad range of courses to match your needs, and also Skype lessons, if you live permanently outside of Krakow. And should Krakow be your home, at least for a while, you're welcome to one of their semester groups to thoroughly develop your Polish skills. If you want something extra from your learning experience, remember that Accent is more than just a school – it's a place that prides in great atmosphere due to fantastic people, and guides you through all the ins and outs of Polish culture.

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Marian from Ukraine Reply Feb 4th, 2016

bardzo fajne nauczyciele, dobra atmosfera, najlepsza szkoła dla mnie. Dziękuje!

Ruben from Spain Reply Jan 22nd, 2016

Dziekuje wam bardzo, school is awsome!

Marina from Ukraine Reply Jan 22nd, 2016

Very good school and nice teachers, bardzo jestem zadowolone, dziekuja wam:)

Brock Ward from Canada Reply Jan 21st, 2016

Excellent school, bardzo dobre miejsce, fajne nauczyciele, bardzo polecam!

Vlad and Iryna from Ukraine Reply Dec 9th, 2015

Super School! Joanna super teacher ! A++++++

Olja90 from Ukraine Reply Dec 4th, 2015

Excellent School of Polish Language. The teachers are true professionals.

Игорь from Russia Reply Dec 4th, 2015

Fantastic school to study Polish language.

Marina from Ukraine Reply Dec 4th, 2015

Wow, this is Wonderful! Best teachers and great school of Polish language everywhere!

Станислав from Ukraine Reply Dec 4th, 2015

Excellent school, learned to be good Polish !!!

Lucie from Russia Reply Dec 4th, 2015

Best School. Polish learns easily and quickly. I advise to engage here.

Tanya from Russia Reply Dec 4th, 2015

An exellent school! My Polish is really great now.

Nadya from Ukraine Reply Dec 4th, 2015

I see I'm not the first who recommends this school. I need Polish for my job, that's why I should know it perfect! Thanks for the school I learned Polish well. Now I can talk to native speakers and understand them!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!

Julia from Ukraine Reply Dec 4th, 2015

Wonderful teachers , great school of Polish language

Goodman from Russia Reply Dec 4th, 2015

I liked this school. increased level of knowledge of Polish. I recommend

Dzhibi from Ukraine Reply Dec 4th, 2015

Successful school. Good teachers.

Oliy from Russia Reply Dec 4th, 2015

I never thought that I have a knack for languages, but your school could do I know its capabilities.

Natali from Russia Reply Dec 4th, 2015

Nice school. It is easy to learn Polish language at school like this.

Yuliya from Ukraine Reply Dec 4th, 2015

Good school! Interesting lessons, good and professional teachers.

elena. from Russia Reply Dec 4th, 2015

Great school, professional teachers! Polish language is taught from scratch. Taught for what was offered a job in Poland. Thank you teacher for this.

Oksana from Ukraine Reply Dec 4th, 2015

School is good, wonderful teachers! Polish taught to work. The employer is satisfied. Thank you very much for that.

July from Belarus Reply Dec 4th, 2015

I visit Poland very often. And one day i decided to learn Polish. After all searches it is the best variant for learning! Thank youuu! )

Andy from Russia Reply Dec 4th, 2015

It's cool. I'm one quarter Polish and studied it not long ago. This school is very useful opportunity for all.

Aleksandr Reply Dec 4th, 2015

good school on the study of Polish

Katy Reply Dec 4th, 2015

Education Polish passes easily and efficiently. The teachers are true professionals and wizards know their stuff !!! The Best School)

Юлия from Russia Reply Dec 4th, 2015

Excellent school, taught there Polish :)

Helen from Russia Reply Dec 4th, 2015

Greatest school! Good teachers and high level of studying, I really had an excellent time here!

Lili1984 from Ukraine Reply Dec 4th, 2015

Polish the language you can learn easily and perfectly. Grateful to all the teachers for their support and knowledge

Elena from Ukraine Reply Dec 3rd, 2015

A wonderful language school! Here I learn Polish.

Olya from Ukraine Reply Dec 3rd, 2015

Very good language school, quality teaching Polish language!

Yang from Germany Reply Dec 3rd, 2015

If you want to improve your Polish language skills, you will go to this school! I have a really good teacher - Helena!

IRINA from Ukraine Reply Dec 3rd, 2015

A good language school. Experienced teachers. Intensive course.

Yuliya from Russia Reply Dec 3rd, 2015

I studied there. The lessons are easy to understand. I'm thankful for this language school!

Liza Reply Dec 3rd, 2015

Really wonderful school! The best place to get perfect knowledge of language. Recommend it.

Anna from United States Reply Dec 3rd, 2015

I like this school so much. It has helped me a lot! Thanks.

Svetlana from Russia Reply Dec 3rd, 2015

I am very happy that I found this school. Lessons are interesting. Thanks a lot.

Dima Reply Dec 3rd, 2015

very good school, kind and helpful teacher.

Anastasia from Russia Reply Dec 3rd, 2015

Excellent language school! Very good teachers!

ivan Reply Dec 3rd, 2015

It is the best school of English

Michał from Ukraine Reply Dec 3rd, 2015

Naprawdę polecam - uczę się tu - wszystko mi się podoba.

Elena Reply Dec 3rd, 2015

Lubię to, bo to jest najlepsza szkoła j. polskiego w Krakowie. Ma dobrych nauczyciele i cena kursów dość dobra.

Dmitrij from Ukraine Reply Dec 3rd, 2015

Accent is the Best!

Artem from Russia Reply Dec 2nd, 2015

Very passionate tutors and school management. Very well managed classes, convenient location, competitive prices. Definitely, the school to recommend.

Accent School of Polish from Poland Dec 2nd, 2015

Dziękujemy Artem za opinię!! Cieszy nas, że jesteś z nami.

Zilong from China Reply Dec 2nd, 2015

best school! best teacher! all the best for Accent school!

Accent School of Polish Dec 2nd, 2015

Thank you Zilong for the comment!

Accent School of Polish from Poland Reply Feb 3rd, 2015

Dear Students and Fans! Thank you for your comments! We highly appreciate an effort that you made :-D Stay with us and enjoy your adventure with Polish ;-)

Marc from Canada Reply Jan 30th, 2015

Very interesting classes and motivated teachers who can adapt their teaching to the needs of their students. Friendly and attentive personnel. I'd recommend.

Zoran from Serbia Reply Jan 30th, 2015

This is the best place where you can polish your english,german,french,spanish...

Becca from United States Reply Jan 27th, 2015

Accent is a great place to study Polish. Kasia, the owner, and her staff are attentive to the individual needs of the students and work hard at finding exactly you need!

Andrzej from Poland Reply Jan 27th, 2015

Honesty in life and in business is the motto of this school.

Genoveva Palkovits from Hungary Reply Jan 25th, 2015

Great ,interesting lectures, great teachers!

Martin from United Kingdom Reply Jan 23rd, 2015

Great School!!

Caroline from United Kingdom Reply Jan 23rd, 2015

Absolutely the best place to learn polish! Perfect blend of friendliness and professionalism.

Zoe from Netherlands Reply Jan 23rd, 2015

Highly recommended!

Renata from Poland Reply Jan 23rd, 2015

Great teachers, involved and professional

Yin from China Reply Jan 22nd, 2015

Teachers are so great ;)

Klementyna from Poland Reply Jan 22nd, 2015

Great, passionate people.

Accent School of Polish Jan 22nd, 2015

Thank you Klem! :-D

Sergii from Ukraine Reply Jan 22nd, 2015

Good school. Teacher is great.

Accent School of Polish Jan 22nd, 2015

Thank you Sergii! :-))

Marcin from Poland Reply Jan 22nd, 2015

Best place, best people

Accent School of Polish Jan 22nd, 2015

Dziękujemy Marcin! :-)))

Will from United Kingdom Reply Jan 22nd, 2015

Just coming to the end of my first semester and really happy with the course. The teacher is passionate and motivated and the lessons are always fun!

Accent School of Polish Jan 22nd, 2015

Thank you Will! Looking forward to seeing you next semester! :-)

Pawel from Poland Reply Jan 21st, 2015

The Owner of the school is a friend of mine and I can confirm that she's trustfull and reliable person. Therefore I have no doubt that the school is led professionally and with high level of teaching.

Accent School of Polish Jan 22nd, 2015

Dziękujemy Pawle! :-)))

rob from United Kingdom Reply Jan 21st, 2015

Great teachers.

Accent School of Polish Jan 21st, 2015

Thank you Rob :-)

Salva Reply Jan 21st, 2015

Great Polish school!

Accent School of Polish from Poland Jan 21st, 2015

Thank you Salva! :-)

Yin Chen from China Reply Sep 29th, 2014

Bardzo dobrze zajęci i miłe nauczycielki :)

Accent School of Polish from Poland Jan 21st, 2015

Yin, dziękujemy za komentarz! Cieszymy się , że ciągle jesteś z nami :-)

Nuri from Turkey Reply Sep 24th, 2014

Awesome atmosphere, great teachers

Gloria from Switzerland Reply Sep 27th, 2013

I just did a two week beginner's course at Accent. It was excellent. The teacher was very good and the staff is very friendly. I would do it again. This was my first time to Poland and my first time learning Polish.

Alexandra from Ukraine Reply Aug 28th, 2012

Bardzo dobra szkola, polecam. Nauczyciele sa fajne, wesole, bardzo madre pedagogdzy. Zajecia zawsze interesujace i pelne nowej informacji. Zostali tylko przyjemni wspomnienia. Dziekuje!!! :)

Hannes från Öster-Tyskland from Germany Reply Feb 20th, 2012

Jag glädjer mig att kommer till Krakow i påskas och läser polsk vid Accent School of Polish. I fjol växlade jag språkskolan och är mycke belåten med Accent School of Polish i Podgorze. I skolan är bra lektioner, snälla lärare också behaglig, trevlig stämning. Skolan ligger i närheten av gamla stan och är bra anträffbar med spårvagnorna. på andra sidan av Weichsel är gamla judiska stadsdelen Kazimierz med många trevliga restauranger var du kan lyssna klezmer och andra livemusik. Jag hoppas vi träffas oss i skolan eller i Kazimierz vid klubbarna till exempel Alchemia med sin musikkällare. Hannes från Eberswalde hälsar

Hannes Sturm Eberswalde from Germany Reply Feb 14th, 2012

Druga wersja moja sprawodzenia: byłem w Krakowie po raz dziewiąty i zmeniłem szkołę. Nie pożałowałem moją decyzję. Ta mała szkoła znajduje się na Placu Bohaterów Getta naprzeciwko Każimirzu w pobliżu Starego Miasta nad Wisłą i jest szybko osiągalny tramwajem lub pieszo. Nauczycielki i dziewczyny w biurze pomogały grzeczny i niebiurokratyczny. Na lekcjach mieliśmy zawsze przyjemność i mimowolny nauczyliśmy. Dla tego cieszę się na następny pobyt w Krakowie. To będzie na Wielkanoc w tym roku.

Hannes Sturm Eberswalde from Germany Reply Feb 14th, 2012

Bei meinem zehnten Sprachkurs in Krakau hab ich mal die Schule gewechselt und es nicht bereut! ! ! Ganz nah am Szeneviertel Kazimierz und der Altstadt; mit der Tram gut erreichbar ist die kleine Schule am "Platz der Helden des Ghettos". Ich bin prima aufgenommen worden. Alle Formalitäten wurden unbürokratisch und schnell erledigt und ich kam in eine zu meinem Level passende Gruppe. Der Unterricht war abwechslungsreich, lustig und hat Appetit auf mehr gemacht. Also werde ich Ostern wieder in meiner Lieblingsstadt sein und weiter fleissig polnisch bei Accent School of Polish lernen. Ich freu mich drauf!! Unfortunately this program cannot support polish letters, but i learned it in Krakow and cannot use it here.

Glen from United States Reply Feb 3rd, 2012

I've been studying at Accent School of Polish for about 3 years and have been really very happy. The classes have been great and I feel like I've made a lot of progress. But also, the atmosphere of the school is really wonderful-always very welcoming and helpful. It's a pleasure to go every week.

Raphaël from France Reply Jan 24th, 2012

I took 4 months of Courses and i was not disappointed ! Teachers were efficient and courses adapted to the level and my wishes. I recommand this school !

Florian from Germany Reply Jan 22nd, 2012

I took a one-week intensive course in December 2011 and was very happy with it. Very nice atmosphere and committed teachers. I feel that I learned a lot in this one week. Thanks!!!

Katharina from Germany Reply Jan 20th, 2012

I am now at this school and I am glad to be there.The teachers are very good and more like friends. And even the secretaries are nice, because if it´s cold you will get a hot coffe or tea =)=)

Kevin G. from United States Reply Jan 20th, 2012

Super-friendly place, great teachers are extreeeeemely smart and well-educated. And a really nice vibe--moving to Krakow from California has been pretty intimidating, but the Accent culture is so welcoming and supportive whenever I walk into their building I feel like everything's going to be ok.

Paul from Netherlands Reply Jan 20th, 2012

Great school! I've been to different language schools in a number of countries, and this one is definitely one of the best. The teachers are very kind and patient and know how to make learning a language fun. I also really appreciate the small groups and the attempts to find a right group (both schedule and level-wise) for everyone. The activities they organize are fun too :-) I'd really recommend this school to anyone.

Basil from Poland Reply Jan 20th, 2012

Accent is a great school. Everyone who works there is friendly, the classes are paced perfectly, the teachers are experts, and the location is great. Highly recommended.

Hugo from United Kingdom Reply Jan 9th, 2012

Course was okay, alot of useless grammar, teaching methods seemed out-of-date. Nice instructors, although sometimes unprepared and really stuck to the books, nothing creative. I have taken Polish in 4 different schools, this one was the worst. Good location.

Christian from Germany Reply May 27th, 2011

Było super ! I really appreciated Ewa and Kasia. Wonderful teachers who are really making their best for their students.

Luis from Mexico Reply May 12th, 2011

Dziękuję !

Robert from Italy Reply Apr 21st, 2011

I had a lot of fun there. My teachers were experienced and very patient with me. See you next summer !

Jenna from Canada Reply Feb 16th, 2011

Loved it!!!!!

Herve from France Reply Feb 14th, 2011

Very good school. I'm learning a lot there and the teachers are cool!

Lynn from United States Reply Jan 28th, 2011

I am an Intermediate level Polish speaker. I took 4 weeks of classes at Accent one summer and they were the best Polish lessons I have ever had!

godlove sanje from Cameroon Reply Sep 1st, 2010

i love to study plish because i have always had a passion for polish languge so how can i enroll?

ndika derek from Ukraine Reply Aug 2nd, 2010

i ever had this dream to study polish language,am look for any fomaus school.

sabum elvis mukom from Ukraine Reply Apr 30th, 2010

how do i apply for the summer session of the polish language course

Stefan from United States Reply May 22nd, 2009

Am thinking about doing the summer language course. Is this a famous school?

Justyna from Poland Reply Jul 26th, 2007

fajna szkola, dobrzy lektorzy :) wiedza czego ucza :)

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