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Editor's review

This brand new joint has an almost Kazimierz-like feel to it. The smoky, laid-back interiors remind you of the days when it all started. Naturally, the big advantage is you don't have to walk all the way down across Dietla St. to enjoy it. (Much appreciated in the colder months...) Moreover, Caryca (Tsarina) is just outside the Planty park - making it, by most accounts, outside the Old Town realm as well. The effect: you get to chill out in a cool locale and not feel like a tourist. Of course, those tacky orange pants you're wearing and your incessant camera flashes might give you away after all. All in all, a cool place. And right next door (literally) you'll find more joints to explore!

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Guest Reply Nov 17th, 2014

Some of the best parties are happening here, and those who know are keeping it all to themselves! Best club in Krk - no question!

Mike from United Kingdom Reply Aug 20th, 2013

Bit of a way out (down in Kazimierz and not close to the main action). Seems to have a small but devoted following - they might just be the sort of people you are looking for. But then again, they might not. Worth checking out at least once - to its credit, it is genuinely different.....

Ola from United Kingdom Reply Jun 26th, 2013

very nice garden space !!!

Roberto from United Kingdom Reply Jun 26th, 2013

was there last saturday, my best place in Krakow, very cheap drinks and very nice croud of young people.

Greg from United Kingdom Reply May 24th, 2013

fantastic !!! best place in poland, i was there many times in last month and love it !

Benny from United Kingdom Reply Sep 11th, 2011

Not like:(

biz from Slovak Republic Reply Jun 27th, 2010

the best place in krk! had good time here!

stuart from United Kingdom Reply Jul 30th, 2009

I think this is the one we went to. Loads of clubs one on top of the other in the same building. All seemed to blur intoi one but the general verdict: big thumbsw up. Top night out!

odenan from Poland Reply Oct 16th, 2008

usually a great place but check what kind of music they will be playing before you go so you don't get surprised with some unwelcome hardcore techno!

dj silence from Poland Reply Feb 25th, 2008

always a great atmosphere at caryca! the best nights are their electro and IDM nights, with the small dance room getting packed with sweaty twisting bodies - good times!

Oliver Abbott from United Kingdom Reply Dec 13th, 2007

very surprised to see that a reggae dub night here. we went and it was laughable what music they played, still very entertaining watching the worst dj and faux hip hop crowd rocking out to shaggy and Mr boombastic.

Anka from Poland Reply Oct 26th, 2007

Caryca is a great place to go when you're sick of Lubu being overcrowded and playing the same tracks every weekend. And that decor - that's called character! At least it's not yet another "modern" bar full of Ikea furniture, and the music and people are better than a place like Prozak any day!

Steve from United Kingdom Reply Oct 25th, 2007

Don't bother- a dirty and smelly club where you will feel threatened. Decor awful - very disappointed- go to alchemia or singer instead

veryfunny from United Kingdom Reply Feb 25th, 2007

very funny ,very funny Caryca very funny

david beckam from United Kingdom Reply Nov 14th, 2006

me and my wife Victoria went there last night,owesom place! i want to buy this club !

kocha from United Kingdom Reply Oct 23rd, 2006

tousends of people here ! great party,very polish style,beauty decor,loved this place CARYCA

Marty B from United States Reply Sep 8th, 2006

Fantastic, fantastic! No posers here - just a friendly, laid-back crowd without any pretension having a good time. There's Lubu-Dubu Club next door which is also really cool.

gochasky from United Kingdom Reply Apr 19th, 2006

big party on WIELOPOLE ! for next 8 days...

dElay from Norway Reply Mar 29th, 2006

dwie wary!

Steve & party from United Kingdom Reply Mar 23rd, 2006

Great place! We partied hard here until very, VERY late (or very early!) Great crowd, friendly and not stuck up.

buli from Norway Reply Feb 8th, 2006

i saw the most beautyfull girls in this place ever,music good ,special on friday DJ,atmosfere great ! vodka-excelent and cheap,and.....not to many tourists here : )

maria from South Africa Reply Jan 26th, 2006

caryca is back !!!

Toni J from United Kingdom Reply Dec 24th, 2005

This place is awesome!

Micky Fox ( . ) ( . ) from United Kingdom Reply Dec 6th, 2005

Superb! This place is what it’s all about! (Oh…... sorry for spewing up on the arm chairs, floor and coffee table) Think I may of spilt a drop on the stairs too)

Lawman from United Kingdom Reply Dec 6th, 2005

Fucking amazing place. Where else can you buy 30 shots of vodka for everyone in the bar???

Dawid from Czech Republic Reply Aug 29th, 2005

Hey, totaly bloody cool place!!!!! We had much fun there.

Juanan & Jesus from Spain Reply Aug 16th, 2005

A different bar, kitsch; you don't feel a tourist more; superfunny; you go back in time and the waiters and clients are very friendly. We live an unforgettable night thanks to all the friends that we knew. Very hospitable.

Piter from Poland Reply Aug 8th, 2005

Caryca naprawde zachwyca. Najlepiej isc z piatek, a jeszcze lepiej w sobote. Jest wtedy organizowana muzyka klubowo/taneczna, gdzie nie brak fajnych ludzi. Piwo Zywiec po 6 zl, Warka po 5 zl, drinki od 8 zl. Milej zabawy!

maggigi from Germany Reply Aug 8th, 2005

czesc moze mi ktos powiedziec co to za club dakldnie jest?jakie partys tam sa i wktore dni?jakie ceny itd. poniewaz przyjezdam z chlopakiem do krakowa i wogole ni znamy krakowa

ola from Poland Reply Jun 14th, 2005

well,well,good fun! czesc Iwonka : )

Gerald M from Australia Reply Mar 31st, 2005

Brilliant! Lots of other clubs in the same building, but we found this to be the best - funky and laid-back.

Tomek from United States Reply Jan 11th, 2005

Pozdrowienia dla Carycy z Czchowa - z niecierpliwoscia czekamy na pozostawiony przedmiot :o) pozdrowienia !

karola from Poland Reply Jan 4th, 2005

Simply THE BEST!!!!! New Year Party i ever had!

Harry Bradshaw from United Kingdom Reply Dec 21st, 2004

Great place! We had lots of fun here last weekend - give it a go!

Maura from Poland Reply Dec 13th, 2004

This weekend at CARYCA change my life forever,i found my love!!!!!!!

Alexander...(Ole) from Norway Reply Dec 9th, 2004

A great place. cool music... friendly staff..and good Vodka.. i like it...goto go there again someday...and i hope to meet more off my friends then... Highly recommended..

Ena from Canada Reply Nov 28th, 2004

Nice place to go. I recommend.

Paulina from Poland Reply Nov 22nd, 2004

Jak na razie bylam tylko raz w Carycy, a to z powodu koniecznosci wyjazdu. Na pewno jednak tam wroce i sprobuje odnalezc atmosfere spotkana podczas pierwszego pobytu. Jest to miejsce, gdzie mozna relaksowac sie na rozne sposoby, a to z powodu kilku, jakby niezaleznych pomieszczen. Namawiam goraco do odwiedzin nie tylko turystow, ale i samych krakosow, do ktorych i ja sie zaliczam.

Rico from Brazil Reply Nov 21st, 2004

We had great party at Caryca Bar last night! excellent service and beautiful music.Would recommend this to everyone for fun in Krakow.

Sebastian Bird from United States Reply Nov 18th, 2004

Great place to spend unforgetible nights!!!!! Great interior design and cool atmosphere. I trully belive that you should come to this club.

lena from Austria Reply Nov 18th, 2004

HI guys,well done with your job,i realy like this place.Very interesting people and great atmosfer,you could have a better music,but otherwise is tip top!!!!

mania from New Zealand Reply Nov 17th, 2004

Caryca,Caryca zachwyca,great place! Well done to the owners,ho manege to open a original club in Krakow,very cool a very new place,funky and warm!!!!!!

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