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Editor's review

This recently opened club didn't take long to find its niche, and its already become something of a favourite amongst young Cracovian partiers. Funky decor, thumping tunes and plenty of bright young things make this a sound option to check out on your late night adventures. Two dancefloors, three bars and a chillout room are all lying in wait, as well as a host of top Polish and International Djs. The club can hold as many as 500 merrymakers so head on down to Frantic and large it Polski style. Open daily from 6pm (from 7pm during the summer season). Popular and rightly so.

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Shut it down from United States Reply Jun 14th, 2017

Received a brutal beating from intoxicated bouncers(mostly likely some uppers). Had only had a few drinks with a clear memory of the entire night until a certain point. We were celebrating a girl friends birthday when there was trouble in the club with some other people and people were being dragged out. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time apparently, I was inappropriately escorted out by the bouncers. After being escorted by by a pack of men, each much larger than me I tripped on the stairs due to some shoving and yanking from both sides. This is when I started to get brutally beaten for what felt like an eternity. I was choked, stomped on, punched and verbally assaulted for not getting up on time while they were continually beating me. While I tried to get up to leave as soon as possible, they would simply curse at me and keep assaulting me. I left there bleeding, spitting blood for the next few days, with a concussion, black eye, bruises all over my body, stiff neck and a fracture to my skull. I was cooperative the whole time, with witnesses all around me telling them to stop since I was not fighting back or doing anything at all besides attempt to escape for my life. I am a pacifist and am unsure what made them do this. It appears that they might have been looking for a fight and I would not give it to them. I am disgusted with this deplorable institution on so many levels. What made these bouncers possible and this institution possible in the first place are the owners and management which ought to feel equally accountable. If you must come here and have no way out, please be very careful and stay alert as this is not what it advertises itself to be. In any other case, please trust me and avoid it all costs, as it will not give you the bang for your buck you are looking for.

Svetlana from Netherlands Reply May 3rd, 2017

Went there with three friends for three days in a row, had an amazing time. Want to party in Krakow? Go to van Plaggeren / Frantic

johan from Sweden Reply Jan 24th, 2017

Stans bästa klubb. Fantastisk musik på två dansgolv och fina tjejer.

Zhenia from Belarus Reply Jan 13th, 2017

the best club !!!!!!

Svetle from Bulgaria Reply Jan 12th, 2017

Best club in Cracow! Nice people and perfect music.

maciek from Poland Reply Jan 12th, 2017

best one

Karol from Poland Reply Jan 11th, 2017

The best in Kraków

Maciek from Poland Reply Jan 11th, 2017

The best club from Poland

Adam from Poland Reply Jan 11th, 2017

The best night club in Cracow!

Mateusz from Poland Reply Jan 11th, 2017

The best place for PARTY!

Asia from Poland Reply Jan 11th, 2017

The best club in Crakow!!

Marek from Poland Reply Feb 4th, 2016

Super klub, muzyka , dziewczyny ... Tylko te ceny...:/

Justa from Poland Reply Feb 4th, 2016

The best!

Maciek from Poland Reply Feb 3rd, 2016


Z from Poland Reply Feb 3rd, 2016

The best !!!!!!!!!

Anna from Ukraine Reply Feb 2nd, 2016


Magda from Poland Reply Jan 31st, 2016


Maciek from Poland Reply Jan 31st, 2016

Best place

Karola from Poland Reply Jan 31st, 2016

Best staff, Best place, Best music.

MN from Poland Reply Jan 30th, 2016


Tom from Germany Reply Jan 30th, 2016


Josh from United Kingdom Reply Jan 29th, 2016

Worst club ever! worst music and price at the bar

MW from Poland Reply Jan 29th, 2016


Sasha from Poland Reply Jan 29th, 2016

najlepszy klub EVER!!!!

Laura from Poland Reply Jan 29th, 2016

najlepszy klub w Krakowie !

Przemo from Poland Reply Jan 29th, 2016

My fav!

Kj from Poland Reply Jan 29th, 2016

Great place !

k from Poland Reply Jan 29th, 2016

The best

anna from Ukraine Reply Jan 29th, 2016


L Reply Jan 29th, 2016

best of the best

Maciek from Poland Reply Jan 29th, 2016

absolutely sexiest chicks from cracow

Mateusz from Poland Reply Jan 29th, 2016

best club and best chicks ever ;)

Michael from Poland Reply Jan 29th, 2016

In my opinion it's the best club in KRK

sandy from United Kingdom Reply Jan 24th, 2016

cool place

Jason from United Kingdom Reply Dec 13th, 2015

One bit of advice to foreigners, a rule that has served me well over the years and I've clubbed in Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia etc etc is if a bouncer ever turns you away or refuses you entry just walk away, it's as simple as that, don't start playing the question answer game, there are plenty clubs in krakow, I've been to so many of these clubs and the bouncers are polite and respectful towards me, I do dress to the nines so that may play a part but please " no confrontations " just walk away from any problems

Jason from United Kingdom Reply Dec 13th, 2015

I'm Pakistani brown skinned from London, I've been to frantic approx 15 times in last few years, yes it can be expensive at the door but I don't drink alcohol and the bartenders never charge me for water so it balances itself out, I've never been met with any racism at the door from bouncers or from other clubbers, I have seen several fights there amongst other clubbers over girls or spilt drinks etc, I've been told as a rule of thumb in all krakow clubs expect to see a fight between 2-4am that is the kick off time lol. Next door to frantic is a club called shakers please google the following "Sikh guy shakers racist attack" a couple of weeks back a Sikh brother was attacked by a bouncer becaus of his turban, the bouncer thought he was a terrorist, this is the thing that pisses me off with a lot of poles, they are brainwashed by the tv, what bunch of bell ends.

Darko from Croatia Reply Dec 2nd, 2015

The best club in Cracow!!!!

Jean from France Reply Jun 12th, 2015

Very expensive ! A glass of vodka = 33zł ! it's daylight robbery!

Antonio Jun 30th, 2015

Next time take bill. by the way its not possible, the most expensive vodka cost 30zl for shot and im sure you didnt take it :)

monica from Italy Reply Jun 8th, 2015

we were there on Saturday, Club was crowded but the music was amazing. "Must see" during your stay

Guest Reply Jun 8th, 2015

superb club! For sure best in Cracow!

alexander from Austria Reply Feb 18th, 2015

the most beatuyful girls in krakow! High prices , good music especially EDM ( main floor) , hard to get inside after midnight.

peter from Czech Republic Reply Feb 1st, 2015

too much people inside :/ but music best in town! Definitely must see..

Karolina from Austria Reply Feb 1st, 2015

Great music, great atmosphere. In my opinion it's the best club in Cracow

SS from Netherlands Reply Jan 30th, 2015


JJ from Albania Reply Jan 29th, 2015

Best place ever !!!

flower from Barbados Reply Jan 28th, 2015

Frantic Club is f****** awsome !!

Josh from Poland Reply Jan 28th, 2015

It's ok ;)

john from United Kingdom Reply Jan 28th, 2015


dave from Costa Rica Reply Jan 28th, 2015

I spent 3 weeks in Cracow, checked a lot of places and all i can say it's: great place to have a party! if you are nice and know how to dress for the clubs like frantic you are always in!

kaka from Poland Reply Jan 27th, 2015

the best club in Cracow for me! I like that the selection of the club because it has a high level, best music, good price, nice personel. Highly recommend! ;)

Zenia from Belarus Reply Jan 25th, 2015

The best place for party in Cracow !!!!!

B. from Poland Reply Jan 23rd, 2015

It's a really great place, fantastic staff and amazing atmosphere! :)

Candy from Poland Reply Jan 23rd, 2015

Haha Natalia

natalia Jan 24th, 2015


natalia from Poland Reply Jan 23rd, 2015

This club is just terrible. I'm a student from Kraków, so I've spent quite a lot of time going out with my friends and Frantic is a club, where local people don't go (unless you are a snobbish girl looking for money or 40-something guy looking for those girls to **** them in a toilet). Music = awful, drinks = expensive, small rooms, always so crowded and the worst SELECTION. I know that every club has its own right to chose clients, but this is just over-the-top. They don't let you stay and explain saying "sorry" like normal human beings like elsewhere, but you can literally see the contempt from their eyes. AVOID.

Emanuel from Portugal Sep 11th, 2016

What is the right place to have a good time and some drinks?

ola from Poland Reply Jan 23rd, 2015

the best club

Michael from Austria Reply Jan 22nd, 2015

Bad only because prices, selection witch had been unkind and inside of club is to much light. In club should be a little of atmosphere and in this case it wasn't.

Seva from France Reply Jan 22nd, 2015

Music in this club is definitely the best in cracow! Nice girls inside.only problem- high prices:/

OlaB from Poland Reply Jan 21st, 2015

The best club in Cracow :)

Olaaaa from Poland Reply Jan 21st, 2015

The best parties, the best Djs & the best drinks! Highly recommend F!

Wujek from Poland Reply Jan 21st, 2015

Best place ever !!!

Haade from Israel Reply Jan 21st, 2015

Best club I've ever seen

Karolina from Poland Reply Jan 21st, 2015

It's the best club in Cracow. The most elegant and stylish. Dj's are very selected so the music is really good. Every party end at the morning, people want have fun there so long as it possible. So i think there's no discuss that Frantic is the most wanted club to party in Cracow.

Gabi from Poland Reply Jan 21st, 2015

best club in krakow , great music and atmosphere

Paula from United Kingdom Reply Jan 20th, 2015

The best place if i ever been!!!!

Olka from Poland Reply Jan 20th, 2015

Amazing place with really great music and fantastic people :)

Matyjas from Poland Reply Jan 20th, 2015

Awesome place! Best polish DJ, so many nice girls! Hot party!!!

Kuba from Poland Reply Jan 20th, 2015

Best place all over the world!

Piotr from Poland Reply Jan 20th, 2015


Karolina from Poland Reply Dec 12th, 2014

Frantic is a really cool place. I enjoyed Ladies Absolut Night party on Wednesday. Me and my girlfriends signed up on special list at and got free entrance and open bar till midnight ! There were a lot of people and party lasted till early morning hours. Highy recommend for a party in the middle of the week:) !

Dida from France Reply Nov 13th, 2014

superb place! Beautiful girls inside , friendly staff and best music in Cracow . I can't wait for Saturday!

David from Turkey Reply Nov 13th, 2014

Only idiots and racist working there, the same about ppl going there

Ania from Ukraine Reply Nov 13th, 2014

The most racist club i have ever been! All security ppl ther are so rude! All stuff ther only want money from u ! U pay much more for drinks it actually cost! Music are shity like in cheap bar. Ppl there think that they are so famouse. Hate that place, the worse feelings

Wojtek from Poland Reply Nov 13th, 2013

Great place to be, a little bit more expensive than others in Cracow but for sure worth it! Nice people inside, firendly stuff, best bartenderes I ever met. Good Job Frantic! //Wojtek from Warsaw

fareedah from United Kingdom Reply Jul 2nd, 2013

Great nightclub and amazing atmosphere :)

Bera from Sweden Reply Jun 29th, 2013

Forgot to mention, I will be in Kralow for a short vist 5 to 10 jul

Bera from Sweden Reply Jun 29th, 2013

I will see if the guys are racicts. I am Swedish but of mixed color. My parents are from Brazil. I can go to any inn place here in Stockholm, so it will be fun to check out how baouncers behave else where. Why bother, there are many alternatives in life.

from United States Reply Mar 2nd, 2013

And Roger, you should also stop thinking that no club has the right to refuse you just because you are black. They have the right to refuse everyone for any reason, even you. From their pictures you should know they don't refuse every black, so you probably looked like you were drunk or on drugs. Or maybe they already had many foreigners inside and don't want to be a club for foreigners only. I don't understand why malvin and roger are allowed to damage the best club of Krakow with their stupid comments. Frantic is not a racist club. If white people may get refused by the bouncers, then blacks may also get refused. Deal with it!

from United States Reply Mar 2nd, 2013

Frantic is really a cool place, tonight i will go again and i am glad that they have face control. And malvin, i have been rejected by other clubs in the past and i am white. So bouncers have the right to refuse everyone, including blacks. So don't cry malvin and please stay in Norway because nobody will miss you.

malvin from Norway Reply Feb 18th, 2013

i would definatly not advice anyone of my norwegian friends to go there unless you really look european. we were there last weekend and didnt get access (they told us that they had a guest list.) we went out(to black norwegians but they didnt know this)and sent in to of our mates that were native norwegians. they went right in. after a few minutes they came out and told us that they had asked about the guest list but the guys at the door had just laughed. FRANTIC lost like lets say 11 people who spent like 500zt each in another nightclub multiplied by 4 nights thats like approximately 22000zt just coz of the idiotic selection.Urge all my norwegian buddies to spend their money elsewhere. im black and coming back to krakow and sorry to say that frantic will loose more money if they continue with this.i run a firm in norway and will continue going to krakow to experince polish inhospitality in frantic.

Frantic Club from Poland Reply Feb 4th, 2013

One opinion, posted by Roger, came as a huge, unpleasant surprise to us. Dear Roger, in your review you are not citing any event in particular so it will be difficult for us to relate to your accusations. The only thing we understood is that you weren't let in to the club. Calling it an act of racism is an ungrounded, ridiculous claim. Quite to the contrary, our selection criteria are the same for everyone no matter what your skin color is or where you are from. The application of the policy can be rather easily seen on the photos from the club portraying people of various races and origins having a great time together. Before you start a scandal think what could have been the reason for not making it in as, let us assure you, it was not your skin color. Because for us, it doesn't matter what it is - as long as you're rude and disrespectful you are going to be denied entrance. Best regards.

Roger from Jamaica Reply Feb 4th, 2013

I wouldn't recommend this club to anyone. I am reading reviews where even whites feel completely discriminated so I don't even know what to say as a black male. I feel embarrassed for all the great people I know in Krakow when I think of the way I have been treated at the entrance of this club the times I have been there. Ladies and gentlemen, don't be fooled, the Polish folks are great. The owners of this club and especially the muscle bound gentlemen operating the entrance really need to know that they are creating a very bad name for themselves worldwide. I am shocked that they are allowed to operate in this manner especially in 2013, without penalty or severe discriminative consequences. For the people who actually got in and eventually had a good time I'll say this: I'm happy that U had a great time because that's what going out in a new country is about BUT.... but U are a minority. I have no clue why this particular club treats foreigners like this but I'm at a point where I almost want to start a protest in the media about them, to expose their horrible entrance policies and hopefully maybe force them to treat foreigners the way most of Krakow does, with some degree of human dignity. I can't even believe I am writing a review against discrimination in 2013 about a silly club!!

Bill jones from United Kingdom Reply Jul 16th, 2012

Sh#t if you are english save your money and time and go somewhere else. Drinking your own piss would be better than this club!!!

Ola from Poland Reply Jun 10th, 2012

David from Italy, who I met in Frantic on 05/06/12, please text me.

Joseph from Italy Reply Jun 10th, 2012


Cokonut from France Reply Apr 8th, 2012

I was told that some of the best clubs in Poland belonged in Krakow, the Frantic being one of them. First thing first, that assumption is complete bullshit, I have never seen a dreadful club such as this one. These douchebags at the entrance let polish people enter for free while foreigners have to pay (a measly 5zl but still). The whole place is filled with drunk assholes, almost no girls to be seen. Don't get tricked by the flyer guys outside, they'll tell you that electro music is playing but there's nothing else but lousy rnb mixes. Don't waste your time there and avoid this club like the plague, warsaw is a much better place for clubs.

ZAKARIA from Morocco Reply Mar 21st, 2012

i like so much Frantic , last Saturday 18/03/12 i meet someone special but for some reason we didn't keep contact , now i would like to find this girl who im still thinking every time :)

diego from France Reply Mar 6th, 2012

"none of the girls will even look at you" hahaha

Pat from United Kingdom Reply Mar 3rd, 2012

To all the english people out there...DONT got to this club. They charge you double to get in none of the girls will even look at you and we were told they are simply there to keep you in the club so you spend all your money but will automatically reject you if you go near them. It is a complete con. All the other places we went to the polish girls were really friendly and down to earth. I think most of the attractive girls are being paid to be in the club. The rest are either boyfriends of bar staff, bouncers or the djs....waste of time, money and one of our 4 nights in krakow. Avoid this club like the plague.

richard. from United States Reply Nov 10th, 2011

hot girls

Mario from Germany Reply Oct 9th, 2011

Great atmosphere in the basement, with both hip hop and house music offered. prices are slightly higher than in the usual Cracow club, however, therefore, you get a decent crowd with nice girls. To me, it is the best club in town!

adam from United Kingdom Reply Sep 15th, 2011

let polish people in for free and charge tourist. But other then that was a good night, decent music, hot girls but extremely stuck up!!!!!

Robson from Brazil Reply Aug 12th, 2011

They are racists!!!!Why polish people can get inside for free and foreigners can't? Ohhh there is this one more thing, i was there yesterday and most girls are fake.Barmen's friends or Dj's ones....

Antonio from Philippines Reply Feb 6th, 2011

Place was OK... Crowd was nice but not like "heaven" or not alll hot chicks and what not like what most people say... Here's the thing that spoils the place... The hip hop and R & B dance floor played the oldest hip hop songs! 4 years old?! Come on now?! You can do better or more recent than that to get the crowd pumping even more!

Ben Dover from United States Reply Nov 23rd, 2010

I'm stationed out here in Poland and I really like the look and vibe of the Frantic. I also heard DJ Yooter from New York is gonna be there December 10th. Man, it's gonna be like being home for one night. Can't wait!

Mike Diesel from United Kingdom Dec 28th, 2014

When is dj yooter going to be back in Poland again?

william from Italy Reply Sep 15th, 2010

my best club in Krakow :) fantastiiiiic :D

anastasia why=) from Russia Reply Jul 27th, 2010

our favorite place in krakow! we are frantic-addicted damn will be back for sure! and one of the guys from the staff is amazing)

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