Irish Bar - Nic Nowego

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Irish Bar - Nic Nowego
85% from 147 reviews
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Editor's review

Nic Nowego (Nothing New) is a rather smart and comfortable modern Irish pub, beautifully appointed and with rather a refined and friendly atmosphere. The owner, who is from Ireland, can often be found here and is welcoming in a way only the Irish can be. The barman, who speaks English, mixes up a wicked array of drinks, and naturally there are a number of Irish ales as well. Open from 7 am until the last guest leaves, Nic Nowego also has a photo and art gallery, and a varied menu offering everything from an Irish breakfast(!) to seafood. With the recent addition of WiFi internet access, Nic Nowego is popular with visitors, students and businesspeople, making it well worth a visit.

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John fingerbottom from United States Reply Feb 19th, 2013

Really was not more than an average breakfast nothing in that put ever hit the heights of a real Irish pub

Justin from Poland Reply Aug 20th, 2012

Gutted to hear this news, best Irish breakfast you'll find anywhere....and I don't just mean in Krakow.

joan and anthony from United Kingdom Reply Jul 7th, 2012

great place spend most of our time in nics bar staff are amazing tom is always there to look out for you food is quite cheap and is amazing ask for most things and they will cook it for you have a good talk and laugh their till early hours of morning thanks tom

Tom from Ireland Reply Jun 10th, 2012

Come on Ireland. :-)

Billy Byrne from Ireland Reply Apr 16th, 2012

What a great weekend we had here, Tom sure knows how to pick his bar staff. Excellent work which kept us here for pretty much the whole weekend, once again a big thanks from us all to you and your crew :-) All the best Billy

David from United Kingdom Reply Feb 12th, 2012

Nice little bar cosy nice staff worth a visit

Harry and June from United Kingdom Reply Feb 8th, 2012

cheers Tom for a great night. That last shot that you gave us last night completely destroyed us the full Irish fry got us through the day:) be seeing you and the rest of the gang for saint patrick's day but please no more of them shots :-)

Lillian & Rick from Canada Reply Feb 5th, 2012

Fond memories of smoked salmon breakfasts, sitting out front in the sun in June 2011.

patsy and bill from United States Reply Jan 8th, 2012

oh my god!!!! What a place after been in this place with the friendly people and the crack i'm moving to ireland. A place that will always stay with me. Thank you tomek and gosia.

Tom from Ireland Reply Dec 27th, 2011

New years eve in Nicnowego, Free entrance, Party starts at 20.00 till late late late sunday morning, free champange at 24.00 to toast in the 2012. see ya's there:)))

aga from Poland Reply Dec 22nd, 2011

we had the best company party here tonight. All the best for christmas and the the new year from the whole team in last minute dot com

Tom from Ireland Reply Dec 4th, 2011

Mister delaney you must have been very lonely and sad there that nobody would talk to you!!

bill and charlie from United Kingdom Reply Nov 27th, 2011

had the best of the best time in krakow In this bar. We'll be back with the wives. Big thanks to tom and all his great staff.

Lee from United Kingdom Reply Nov 21st, 2011

Went here on a Friday night! It was fantastic! Any song we wanted got put on! Bay City Rollers, The Proclaimers Gina G!ANYTHING! We were there until about 5 in the morning with the best barman in Krakow Tomasz.

Mark from United Kingdom Reply Nov 15th, 2011

Aw poor poor pete :(

pete from United States Reply Nov 15th, 2011

Was here yesterday no Irish music when i asked for it they were not interested very gloomy for a irish bar!

Bill Womble from United States Reply Nov 12th, 2011

Sitting here and having a great time, I don't want my holidays to end, has to be the best Irish Bar in town

John shaw from Ireland Reply Oct 8th, 2011

Had the best breakfast of my weeks stay in Krakow this morning. I wish Ireland could have performed as well as the bar staff in this place and beat the Welsh.

Jenny from United Kingdom Reply Oct 5th, 2011

Me and my girls were there last weekend and we each had one of their fabulous breakfasts. They are enormous and such good value!

rob roy from United States Reply Oct 4th, 2011

now that is a great bar. The real deal

Michael from Ireland Reply Sep 18th, 2011

Great place, ended up there last night! Owner was a real gent and barmaids were nice. Crackin find! Really nice place! Even let us dance like eejits to B*Witched.

Paul from United Kingdom Reply Sep 2nd, 2011

Always a good choice. Quiet but central location. Bar staff always friendly...

thomas from Ireland Reply Aug 12th, 2011

nice bar aint that irish but good beer and food

michael from Ireland Reply Jul 26th, 2011

i was there in may and i have to say that the food was great and the staff were very friendly, cant wait to be there again, thanks tom

Paul from United Kingdom Reply Apr 19th, 2011

I also tried the burger here yesterday. It was no more than OK - overcooked and dry. The food used to be a lot better here. I still want to like Nic Nowego, because the food was terrific a couple of years ago, but now seems to be slipping. Come on guys!

John Maher from Ireland Reply Feb 19th, 2011

What I thought was going to be a quite night in this little Irish Bar turned out to be the craziest night of my holidays in Krakow thanks to a meeting with an elderly Irish gentleman who lives In Krakow. Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pawel from Poland Reply Feb 11th, 2011

Have to agree about the last review about the burgers. Super duper delicious. And the same goes for the new bagel menu. christ it's like living back in Dublin. So Tom myself and Aga would like to say a big thank you for bringing Dublin to Krakow :-) pa pa.

Chico from United Kingdom Reply Feb 10th, 2011

Why does every American visitor expect people to speak English? Why don't they attempt to try the local language? Self-centered and arrogant, stay at home!

Big Jim from United States Reply Jan 28th, 2011

Had the cheese burger here,sorry mister Ronald and King you won't be getting any more of my money!!

hobo from United States Reply Jan 13th, 2011

God i came back here yesterday eva the barmaid is gone she was the only thing that brought me back here so now i can write the truth its the worst irish bar in krakow eva if you see this pls let me know where you are working i want to come see you xx

Paul from United Kingdom Reply Jan 6th, 2011

We tried the burgers today and they were quite good. Seems a lot of restaurants are offering decent burgers these days in Krakow, which is a good thing.

pawel from Poland Reply Nov 14th, 2010

no smoking;(

Phil from United Kingdom Reply Nov 13th, 2010

Just a great bar, good food, good beer, friendly service.

liz from United Kingdom Reply Oct 11th, 2010

is there anywhere that will be showing the celtic rangers game on the24th oct 2010

Colin from United Kingdom Reply Oct 5th, 2010

Does not look anything like an Irish pub. Has great food and low beers prices. I had a good time here although decoration is not the best, nice crowd for new year party.

Ronan from Ireland Reply Sep 21st, 2010

Not one for Irish pub's abroad but highly recomend this bar!Thank's for the hospitality Tom!This place is really clean and the staff very friendly especially (w)viola,the hottest barmaid ever! The Irish breakfast is a must! The Strabane lad's.

Bill from United Kingdom Reply Sep 14th, 2010

Great bar, friendly staff, good food. If it had a couple more different beers and some live music on it would be perfect.

Mary Byrne from Ireland Reply Sep 12th, 2010

Great Great Bar, We were so well looked after by the staff here!!! I want to marry the bar man Jack he's so cute;)))

Jake Sanders from United States Reply Jul 19th, 2010

Great Great bar, the girls here have to be the most amazing and helpfull that I have ever met in any european city, Keep up the good work girls:))) All the best Jake

Joe from United States Reply Jun 7th, 2010

I love the salads here, and it is very hard to find a good lettuce salad in Poland. It's my favorite bar in Kracow, but I like to relax, have service in English, and have a nice solid meal. Now, here's a tip for the guys, and Americans used to a lot of smiley service. Polish people don't smile if they are not overwhelmingly happy, it's simply not in the culture. So if your beautiful waitress is not hanging on every word you say, and has a blank expression, don't take it personally. One of the reasons I love Poland. If you want ridiculously enthusiastic service, come to America and go to T.I. Fridays.

jevon from United States Reply May 22nd, 2010

a really nice bar in krakow. will definitely return next time i am in krakow. service and smiles from ewa and wiola made the place great.

philip from Ireland Reply Mar 19th, 2010

strange mix for an irish bar and to be honest i dont think it works,food was only allright and i dont think they wanted to cater for a few irish guys who just wanted to chill out and have a beer.maybe aimed for a more upmarket crowd

Karen & Alex from United Kingdom Reply Sep 28th, 2009

Don't usually hang out at these places on holiday, but the promise of Full Monty breakfast proved too much. Delicious!

Anja from United Kingdom Reply Sep 24th, 2009

the food and beer are very tasty in Nic Nowego : )

David from cork from Ireland Reply Sep 8th, 2009

Well here it is i just got back to Cork :( Krakow is much better I went to all the Irish bars in Krakow and this on was always very quite pity its a nice bar a bit small i agree with the last review its a far cry from a irish pub all it has is flags an cider that aint even Irish! Food is average owner a nice chap never bought me a drink even though i bought him plenty???!I wont be going back thr again!!!!!!!!

johnbhoy from United Kingdom Reply Sep 6th, 2009

An Irish bar!!! Yeah rite who are you trying to fool! just because they fly a tri colour outside and serve bulmers cider doesnt make it a Irish bar! They dont play any Irish music, their hospitality is the poorest ever ive had a better welcome at ibrox!!!!!!!!!!! Irish people and Irish pubs is what makes my holidays the best but not in there i would have givin it a 0/5 but alas it had to b a 1/5 if you dont take my advice take rennies with you! you will thank me

brien from United States Reply Aug 19th, 2009

I've always had great service and good food at Nic Nowego. Perhaps the choice of modern decor, large windows and outside seating implies a lack of authentic Irish grit to some. But, the food and beer are tasty.

Paul Northland from United Kingdom Reply Aug 19th, 2009

I dont see what all the hype is about this bar is average an the people behind the bar are afraid to speak with you?Why? Went here for some dinner and to be totally honest it was nothing special to write about let alone brag?????IT had mabye 5 clients an 12 staff took me 10min to get served tiny bar 20people an its packed i would give it a 2/5 It is not a Irish Bar

Liam from United Kingdom Reply Aug 9th, 2009

Posh bangers and mash and a pint of Guinness - perfect!

percy from Ireland Reply Aug 2nd, 2009

very hot bar girls.. Wish wehad the same in our local in ennis

Stuart from United States Reply Jul 30th, 2009

A cheeky pint turned into a cheeky five. Tasty tucker. Massive English breakfasts. Recommend it

louise from United States Reply Jul 28th, 2009

salads to die for.. But tom can you change the menu because i know you can come up with even better salads.. Waiting.:-):-):-):)

burt from Botswana Reply Jul 20th, 2009

i want to marry all the bar maids here.. Gosia your the best. All my love.:)

savvy from United States Reply Jul 14th, 2009

was the best irish bar i visited in town.:-)

paul hughes from United Kingdom Reply Jul 10th, 2009

gosh this place really saved me with it,s irish fry ups thehotel i was staying in hadn't a clue how to make breakfast. I have never been served boiled willies in my life as a replacement for sausages.

richie from United States Reply Jul 8th, 2009

had a brilliant weekend here. Tom the owner is the perfect host.:)

Kasia from Poland Reply May 28th, 2009

irish bar. I love this place it,s reminds me of my time living in dublin. All the best k.:-)

maria kas from United States Reply May 19th, 2009

well worth a visit. ReallY Sexy bar maids working there'. Wish i could spend more time here.:-).

peggy jones from United States Reply May 7th, 2009

brilliant the best irish bar i've been to in such a long time.. Tom when are you getting the bulmers in..

simon lefter from United States Reply Apr 26th, 2009

loved this irish pub.. It was the best the town had to offer pub wise.. No hesitation in recommending this pub to any body who reads this.. Shame we have to go home..

sally leone from United States Reply Apr 19th, 2009

thanks thanks and thanks for such a fantastic weekend in your bar tom'.:-).:-)..

john whelan from United States Reply Apr 15th, 2009

Irish pub ?

pawel from Poland Reply Apr 14th, 2009

great place to watch football.

Aga from Poland Reply Apr 13th, 2009

I love this place.:-):-):-):-):)

paddy byrne from United States Reply Apr 11th, 2009

loved the food here.. Not too sure about the all day irish music.:)

big john from United Kingdom Reply Apr 6th, 2009

big thanks to to tom and his team for looking after us for the weekend.. Just been to my doctor today after the weekend and my doctor said if ya keep eating tom's irish breakfast's i'l be dead in 6 months.. F**k him.. Be seeing ya in the future mate.:-)

sam& petal from Ireland Reply Mar 29th, 2009

hi there was a little bit worried about ending up in an irish bar for the weekend seeing that most of them are complete rubbish outside ireland. Was nicely surprised when we found this one. Best weekend of 2009 will be back

michelle drake from United Kingdom Reply Mar 19th, 2009

hey, just a quick note, thank you tom for a wonderful st pat's night. we were the last ones standing!! shame we never got to the after party!! take care love michelle and jen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

mike jones from United States Reply Mar 12th, 2009

hi tom.. Wont. Be able to make it over this year for st patricks.. But will be thinking about you in the the big apple.. All the best big mike..

cathleen murphy from Ireland Reply Mar 12th, 2009

i'll be looking for ya johnny.:) i hope your rocket has lots of explosives for me.. He he.:-)

johnny rocket from United States Reply Mar 12th, 2009

can't wait for my annual st. Patricks day mayhem in the best irish bar in town.. Girls look out for me.:) i'll be the one downing the biggest amount of guiness and will be waiting for your loving.. You know where to find me.:).

rob flowers from United States Reply Mar 5th, 2009

have to say it was the friendliest place i found in town.the first time i have been in an irish bar outside new york and it was like been at home.. Good job.

mickey from Ireland Reply Mar 1st, 2009

just wanna say cheers to tom and his staff for a great weekend.. Hope we weren't to loud and the coppers did give ya any more trouble.. The clare stag lads.. Will be back.:.

from United Kingdom Reply Feb 27th, 2009

found this super little irish bar on my last night in krakow. Wish i had came across it earlier as i found it had the best atmosphere in town and service.. A must visit.

from United Kingdom Reply Feb 27th, 2009

found this super little irish bar on my last night in krakow. Wish i had came across it earlier as i found it had the best atmosphere in town and service.. A must visit.

patrick ryan from Ireland Reply Feb 20th, 2009

had the best breakfast of my my stay in this cool irish bar. Who ever owns this place should give up on the idea of this place of a bar. It is the best place for food.:-)

dan marks from United States Reply Feb 17th, 2009

swell little diner. Will be back.

Craig from United Kingdom Reply Feb 2nd, 2009

You're right David. You're totally entitled to your opinion. We'll have to agree to disagree. I've been coming here for years, and spent a large part of my stag do in there, as well as many other unforgettable (or is that forgettable?) nights there! Next time you're in Krakow I guess you'll have to try the other 'Irish bars', of which I myself am not the biggest fan!

david from United Kingdom Reply Feb 2nd, 2009

whats your problem craig did i hit a nerve? I think i can review it as i wish the pub should not be here if people dont have the right to a true review right or wrong ?i did not enjoy myself here at all so no need to get stroppy craig its just a review

Craig from United Kingdom Reply Feb 2nd, 2009

David, are you sure you went to the right bar? Nic Nowego is a legend in it's own right! This place is not a restaurant and has never said it was so what sort of menu do you expect? The food you'll find, if you tried it, is fantastic! The owner is a chef himself, and there's not a bad thing on there. All good wholesome food. As for the staff, they all speak English, what's the problem? You're in Poland mate! Why don't you try a bit of the local lingo?! Not busy? When were you there? It's always busy! Love this place, and long may it remain in this beautiful city!

david from United Kingdom Reply Feb 2nd, 2009

Hi just back in the uk this bar was nice but the service come on? The menu is not anything special at all the place itself 8 to 10 people thr never busy nice staff though no irish behind the bar the music thr was very very boring i would not go back sorry for being honest!

mack jones from United States Reply Jan 31st, 2009

couldn't agree more with the previous review.. Love the place:) keep up the good work guys and gals.

Dana from Poland Reply Jan 29th, 2009

Nic Nowego is a fantastic hang out both during the day for a quick bite at breakfast or lunch time, or for a late night Guinness. This pub is obviously run by people that really care! The most reliable spot in Krakow.

Yuki from Poland Reply Jan 15th, 2009

Just had poached eggs here (with bacon and spinach). Last time I had it, they were delicious. However, this time the cook decided to use WAY too much vinegar for poaching the eggs. A skilled cook does not need to use any vinegar for a good poached egg, and this was just too much - my eggs tasted disgusting and it affected the rest of the food in the plate as well. Don't order this dish!

Mark from United Kingdom Reply Dec 21st, 2008

Great value and delicious meals. Brought the family here for a late brunch yesterday, and I was very impressed.

J-P from Poland Reply Nov 22nd, 2008

two words; greek salad! this place is great to meet with friends, staff are always super and it's not pretentious at all.

odenan from Poland Reply Oct 16th, 2008

one of the most laid-back places in krakow - no a drop of attitude. food is amazing - really nothing to complain about here. well... i do wish they would put the music on random instead of playing full cds :/

Mark from Ireland Reply Sep 8th, 2008

Staff were a real let down in this Pub,I'd expect friendly staff in an Irish Bar but unfortunatly wasn't the case last Saturday night.

baz from United Kingdom Reply Aug 20th, 2008

I have been coming to this bar for a few years now and it still does the best breakfast in poland, a great start to the day and a great cure for a hangover, polite and helpful staff and a very modern bar.

Brian small from United Kingdom Reply Aug 15th, 2008

Smashing little Bar!!! wonderful food:)

michal from Poland Reply Aug 14th, 2008

Superb place! Nic Nowego is my second home! Ended up hear for birthday drinks and had a great time! A huge thanks to Tom and the staff! You will not find an Irish bar/cafe like this, with nicer staff or atmosphere in Europe, let alone Krakow!

markie from United Kingdom Reply Jun 17th, 2008


Michal from Poland Reply Mar 31st, 2008

I think it's safe to say that I am now a regular at Nic Nowego! A bar which in my opinion is way ahead of it's competition in Krakow. Whether you're looking for a bar/cafe or a place to eat some good, reasonably priced food, then this is the place in Krakow. I recently had the poached eggs, after the owner Tom, recommended them and true to his word, they were great! Thanks Tom!

Marta from Zimbabwe Reply Mar 26th, 2008


Ross McDonald from United Kingdom Reply Mar 21st, 2008

I thought this bar was ok but there are much better places around the old town. It is good for live sports as it has a large plasma tv at one end of the bar and has a good friendly atmosphere.

Michal from Poland Reply Mar 18th, 2008

Had to make the trip to Nic Nowego for the obligatory pint(s) of Guiness yesterday for St. Paddy's day, and what a night it was!! We had a great time! The craic was fantastic! Tom, the owner, was welcoming as always and we all enjoyed a fair few shots to make the evening complete! A great place, reaffirming the fact that this is my favourite place to eat, drink and be merry in, in Krakow! A fantastic bar/pub/restaurant/general hang out with superb staff and awesome food! A must for anyone in the city!

Ania from Poland Reply Mar 12th, 2008

Really works as a pre-party as well as for a lunch with parents. Great food, good staff, always clean and inviting, good choice of music and those pictures, love them....:)

Sean OMalley from United Kingdom Reply Mar 8th, 2008

Fly thoes flags high Tom, your doing a great Job, don't worry about thoes silly jelaous w*****s who would love to be in your position, great bar and food. be seeing ya for Paddy's.

fruity from United Kingdom Reply Mar 7th, 2008

perhaps there wasn't enough gum under your seat and smoke stains on the walls moby to make it irish enough. i like this place a lot - cheap and tasty food + a chill atmosphere makes it a great place to have lunch. great for an after work beer as well.

moby dick from United Kingdom Reply Mar 7th, 2008

Irish???????This is what a major city like krakow has to offer as the irish pub good joke take those flags down not deserved at all

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