Meeting in the studio of Michał Sroka


24-11-2017 Starting at 19:00 Ending at ul. Wrzesińska 4/1

We invite you to take part in the cyclical tour of artists' studios, participating in the exhibition "Łaska pańska na pstrym koniu jeździ" ("great men's favours are uncertain").

On Friday, November 24 at 19:00, we invite you for a tour of Michał Sroka's studio.

We will meet  participants in a designated place (around Nowy Kleparz) and together we will go to the artist's workplace.

Participation in the event is free. The number of places is limited.

Please contact us at

Michał Sroka

Born in Rzeszow, he now lives and works in Cracow. In the years 2009-2014 he studied at the Faculty of Painting at Cracow's Academy of Fine Arts, having previously graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Cracow University of Technology. He was also an assistant in the studio of painting Prof. Andrzej Bednarczyk. Michał's main area of interest is painting, object drawing and photography. He has participated in dozens of exhibitions, numerous competitions, workshops and assistance in organizing exhibitions, conferences and film shows. He deals with painting, drawing, wall painting, workshop graphics, photography and design. He also participates and co-organizes artistic and artistic-social projects. Cooperation with the Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw and the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Member of the Transporter Culture Foundation.

Meeting in the studio of Michał Sroka

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This event happens in Henryk Gallery

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