Alameda Duo


27-11-2017 Starting at 20:00 Ending at Plac Szczepański 3, 31-011 Kraków, Poland

For the first time in Krakow will play the youngest of Alamed. Alameda 2. Alameda Duo. We cordially invite you. Betel & Alameda Organization. The Lominous Guitar Craft of Alameda Duo. Jakub Ziołek and Mikolaj Zieliński decided to compose the material in the duo. This time, their main point of reference was not krautrock, psychedelic rock and metal, but the music of ancient Greece with its specific divisions and thinking about the rhythmic melodies. The second inspiration was American primitivism, folk music and blues outsiders like John Fahey or Robbie Basho. These influences are already visible in the selection of instruments - the musicians are willing to use a 12-string acoustic guitar or traditional Greek buzuki. Alameda Duo's debut album "The Luminous Guitar Craft of Alameda Duo" was released in late August and early September. Bartosz Nowicki on the last Alameda: "I try not to be arbitrary, but the longer (with ever increasing pleasure) I listen to" The Luminous Guitar Craft of Alameda Duo "I increasingly seriously think that it is the most consistent and complete of all musical life Kuby Ziołka is definitely the best band of the band, it is a harmonious combination of traditions, Greek, American and the latest from the music of Bydgoszcz. At the same time, liberating, without pretending to be blatant. "

Alameda Duo

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