David Lynch: The Art Life Special Screening


21-11-2017 Starting at 19:00 Ending at 20:30 Rynek Glowny 27

DAVID LYNCH: THE ART LIFE (directed by Jon Nguyen)

special show // special screening + Tuesday, 21 November 2017, Cinema Pod Baranami

David Lynch, director, painter, composer, practitioner and spokesperson for Transcendental Meditation, will be visiting Poland this November. He is the creator of the cult classic series "Twin Peaks", which has just opened after 25 years and is the owner of one of the most iconic hairstyles in the film world. From 12 November, he will be able to admire his paintings, drawings, photographs and audiovisual works at the exhibition at the Center for Contemporary Art in Toruń (Exhibition / David Lynch Silence And Dynamism within the 25th Camerimage Film Festival). On the occasion of this visit, we invite all the admirers of Lynch's dreamy work and those who are just about to discover what life is like after "Mulholland Drive" for a documentary film showing the darkest spots in his subconscious.

The documentary "David Lynch, Live the Art" directed by Jon Nguyen was made four years from the material that the crew recorded during the 20 conversations with the director. The Golden Palm winner, two Caesars and many other film awards, including four Oscar nominations, talk about the experiences that have influenced his vision of the world and shaped him as an artist. On the screen - apart from the title character - there are fragments of Lynch's early films as well as drawings and paintings. Everything that came to his feature debut was "The Head to Wipe Out" (1977), and thus the most surrealist period of his work.


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dir. Jon Nguyen, USA / Denmark 2016, 88 '(in EN with PL subtitles)

✩ Master of Art Film Festival 2017: the best documentary about art and photography ✩ Venice 2016: Venice Film Award for Best Documentary on Cinema ✩ IFF London 2016: Grierson Award nomination

A white, hairy haircut that is as iconic as Salvador Dalglish's mustache. Plagued by age, but with a cheerful face. An eternally lit cigarette and smoke puffs that create intricate, maybe prophetic designs. David Lynch is working in his workshop. Cover the canvas with images of deformed characters, leap from the mass to shape the growth, bend the wires and make knots from them. It's so focused that it's autistic. In a scathing voice, he talks about years when he was not the greatest surrealist living man and the exemplary man of the Renaissance. The young passion of painting developed from an early age. About the epiphany, as a result of which he came to the conclusion that he wanted his paintings to start moving. And about dark and intense moments that might have affected his imagination: recurring attacks of anxiety, spending time in bad company, or meeting with a naked woman wandering the streets. Filmmakers such as "Mulholland Drive," "Lost Highway," and the cult classic "Twin Peaks," take viewers on a journey that has shaped him as a man and an artist. From an idyllic childhood in a small American town down to the dark streets of Philadelphia, this fascinating documentary captures the life of one of the most enigmatic film directors. It allows you to better understand his unique vision and imagination by reaching for Lynch's art, music and early filmmaking.


David Lynch: The Art Life Special Screening

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This event happens in Kino Pod Baranami

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