Epistemia - Ewelina Małysa


20-10-2017 until 20-12-2017 Starting at 19:00 Ending at ul. Sławkowska 14

The opening of this lithography exhibition will be held on 20 October (Friday) 2017 at 19.00 

Module 1/6, 2017, lithography, 56 x 56 cm 

The emotions that Ewelina Malysa has provided us in recent years discreetly reveal the latest exhibition titled " Epistemia". After a definite conquest of graphic space, which has not so long amazed us, the artist has currently limited herself to a smaller format of work; Most of the pieces were created in the current year and form a compact group. The laboratory conditions for the experiment provide this unchanging square format. Still growing lithography. The exhibition covers 3 cycles under the common title Modules. The repetition of forms in cycles is accompanied by variable color. Module 1 is diagonally overlapping circles, which deepens the space of the composition, and also highlights the phenomenon of transparent forms. Inward energy emanates rotated squares of a surface shared by color, sometimes as brilliant as the facets of the diamond, while occasionally evoking the illusory op-art effect (Module 3). A more flat, though still dynamically composed, is the work of the Module 2 cycle. This time, the new form is created by expanding, "budding" phase phasing decreasing circle. Although we still have to deal with modularity, as well as sharp and precisely cut shapes, geometry enters here into an alliance with more biological and decorative forms. [...].

Ewelina Malysa has an intuitive and emotional approach to form and color with an attempt to systematise, scientific, would say, shots. In this way, the traditions of geometric abstraction in contemporary art are often different. It is not the pursuit of others, but its own contribution to modernity. Especially when the sensuality of painting solutions present in its earlier lithographs is associated with the sterility of the closer computer graphics, which he looks with care recently. This sensitive play of theory and practice, as well as a deepening of the workshop's awareness for many years, open the field for further artistic experiments. (J.F.) Ewelina Malysa is a Diploma in Copper and Lithography Laboratories of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow (2002). Laureate of the Krakow City Scholarship (2004) and Minister of Culture and National Heritage (2005). She won the Grand Prix twice in the competition for the Graphic of the Year (Cracow 2003, 2005), as well as numerous awards at the Krakow Best Picture Competition and the "City and Man" Competition (Poznań, 2003). At the Polish Print Triennial in Katowice, she won the " H. Chrostowska (2006, 2012), as well as a distinction in 2009. In the same year, in the International Print Triennial in Krakow, L. Mianowski in the Grand Prix of Young Graphic Design Competition in Poland. Exhibition titled Epistemia is already the third individual show of the artist's work at Jan Fejkiel Gallery.

Jan Fejkiel Gallery,
ul.Sławkowska 14, 31-014
tel.12 429-15-53,

Epistemia - Ewelina Małysa

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This event happens in Jan Fejkiel Gallery

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