O_KAZ. Literature about Kazimierz, vol. 2


23-10-2017 until 20-11-2017 Starting at 10:00 Ending at ul. Jozefa 36

Cheder presents the second edition of the project "O_KAZ. Literature of Kazimierz". This time together we invited Wit Shostak, Julia Ain Krupa and Urszula Palusińska and Michał Mądrackiego. Your stories inspired by Kazimierz will be available at the end of October and November in Cheder and in cafes, bars, shops, restaurants, pharmacies, cultural centers, cinemas and other places in the city, especially in Kazimierz. To take free and read! Premiere of the first O_KAZu - illustrated story for children - October 23! About the project: Literary portraits of cities or districts are not so much documents that deal with the history of a place, but more texts that create the climate. Urban fiction allows us to better understand the space in which we live, but also gives us the opportunity to invent it again. Slip off the famous stories, get lost and wake up in front of a building we did not see before. What can XXI century literature say about Kazimierz? How does it treat it? Is Cracow's main hero, lost character from the second plan or rather the background of events? We invented O_KAZ to be able to tell about it. In the first edition of the project in 2016, we invited three writers: Weronika Murek, Łukasz Orbitowski and Dominik Słowik and asked them to treat our questions as a base, a starting point. In this year's second edition O_KAZu will be attended by Julia Ain Krupa, Urszula Palusińska & Michał Mądracki and Wit Szostak. Jewish Culture Festival and Cheder Café were established in Krakow's Kazimierz, inspired by its history and culture. More than a holiday we try to be a process - a process of change in thinking and perceiving Jewish culture and changes in Kazimierz itself. We are interested in creative work in the district and with the district, especially as it seems to be a bit lost today and less and less friendly to the residents. The project is co-financed from the funds of the Municipality of Krakow.


Starts @ 10:00 AM - CHEDER, kazimierz

O_KAZ. Literature about Kazimierz, vol. 2

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This event happens in Cheder Cafe

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