Workshops for foreigners


19-10-2017 Starting at 17:30 Ending at 20:30 ul. Kącik 6, 30-549 Kraków, Poland

We kindly invite you for series of workshops for foreigners living or staying in Krakow. All workshops are free, but you must register at:

17:30 (5:30 pm)

"From Polish to... Polish". Advanced language-adaptive workshops

The workshops are designed for foreigners living in Cracow who already understand Polish and speak Polish (a little bit). During the workshop you will learn how to understand Poles in unofficial situations, what young people are saying (and why you do not understand them), what Polish proverbs mean and how to use them. There will also be time to "translate" selected (and authentic) Polish documents... to Polish. All of that so that you can better understand the Poles and feel at home in Cracow.
Trainers: Urszula Legawiec, Mariusz Czech

17:30 (5:30 pm.)

"Polish ABC". Language-Adaptive Workshops for beginners –R-
The workshops are designed for foreigners living in Krakow who do not know the Polish language yet. During the workshop, you will learn (for example) how to spell your name and briefly introduce yourself; when we say "good morning" and when "hi"; how to understand how much things cost and how to order a taxi. We will also learn how to ask for directions when we do not know where to go. We invite everyone who is not familiar with Polish language and it worsens their day to day life. Our workshops will surely help you feel more comfortable in Cracow!
Trainer: Barbara Sosnowska-Babik

19:00 (7:00 pm.)

"How to stay legal in Poland?" - workshop for foreigners -R-
During the workshop we will discuss the major reasons enabling temporary and permanent stay in Poland, all necessary requirements to fulfill and documents to submit. Institutions, deadlines tips'n'tricks - all will be explained and made clear. We will notify you also with major threats and traps to avoid while staying in Poland - a country with quite strict migration laws.
Trainer: dr Adam Bulandra, legal counsel

Workshops for foreigners

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